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November 9, 2016
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February 9, 1999
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October 30, 1947
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)1119.ofix 18 17 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000480005-7 COUNTRY Chile Siggd, rt CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE' GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT SUBJECT Split in the. Communist Party of-Chile 25X1A6a This docurient is hereby regmd in scow CONFIDEtNi. dan letter of 13 October Director of Con, 25X1A2g TE: 25X1A6a INFO. 25X1A2c 122857 DIST 30- October 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT 25X1X6 1. has reported that there 25X1X6 en a's/ Committee of. the Communist Party of Chile. One faction is described as that of the ?intellectuals," and the other as thnt of the ?workers..' This division within the Party itself is o.id to he due to the baclegleemui of the individual directors. Some of the directors are professional nen with university educetioes, while others were tnemeelven at one time laborers, or have what is described. as a worker's back- ground. Inior to 19a, the so-cared intellectual group had control of the Communist Party, The leader of this faction was Carlos Contreras Labarese a lawyer who was aided and influenced considerably by his, wife, Ciaudina Acuna de Contreras, who was also a lawyer. 2. The so-called workers faction gained control during the Congress of the COMM/lie; Party. in 1946. This groups however, did not have a,sufficiently euelified candidate to lead the Party, so they elected one of the intellectuals, Ricardo Fonseca Aguayo, as Secretary General of the Communist Purty. This same workere faction still reintaire control of the Communist Party of Chile. The lenders within the faction includes acardo Fonseca Aguayo; Humberto Abarca Cabrera: Congressmen; Luis Peinoso Alvarez, Secretary of Organization of the Connunist Party; Luis Valenzuela V.r Congressmen and administration leader of the Party; Pernarno Araya Zuletae Secretary General of the Confederacion de Trebajadores de Chile (Communist faction) and a Congreswan.. 3 Leaaers of the intellectual group are as follows: Carie" Contreras Lebarca, Senator; Cesar Godoy Utrutia, Congressman and Chief of Press and Peopaganda for the Comunist Party; ;Salvador Ocampo Pastene, Senator, 4. Senator Elias Laferte Gavino, President of the Communist Party of Chile, is described as a mere figurehead. Gab o Gonzalez Diaz and Volodia Teitelbole Volosky are the most important and influential leaders of the Communist Party in Chile: and these two individuals reportedly receive instructions from Moscow. Gonzalez is the national Secretary of Control and Discipline of the Corruniet- Party:, while Teiteltoim is Commissioner of Education of the Comeunist Party and reputedly a financial expert. -0014ripct4TIAL; CLAS CATION Do ')ZH DEc .4 C C ss'. DD Auth: DLA Da tAP prPT cps7Fe I Os 9/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000480005-7 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000480005-7 c C1:10411, rdr-ILLIGIZ-C2, GROUP 25X1X6 5. 25X1A2g 122857 reports ttlat the spUt within the Communist Party of Chile hen become more accentuated during September. Several important menbers are said to be re- signing from the Party. Jorge Mario Quinzio is one such leader who resigned the second week in September 1947. Quinzio vas a leader of tLe Communist students for approximately ten years. He was later sent by the Communist Party to the provinces, in order to organize local Party leaders. Fe was especially active in Concepcion, Lots, and Coronel Provinces. Quinzio was graduated from Lew School at the University of Chile, and was one of the few intellectual and upper class Corrlunist Party leaders. He was closely associated with Communist professors and teachers, and was a personal friend and strong supporter within the Party itself of Carlos Contreras Labarca. 6. Carlos Contreras Labarca is at the present time in coMplete disfavor with those ruling the Communist Party in Chile. The only reason for Contreras not having been expelled from the Party is that the now-ruling Ricardo Fonseca Aguayo faction fears the resultant publicity train such an act. Contreras does not hold any position of importance within the Communist Party at eresent. He is a member of several connittees, but he is rarely called upon for any ad ice or opinion. He is becoming increasingly inactive within the Communist Party, iihis document tJontaina laZtirmati etrectlne the /vetiver:1. dei, the thrilizedS,k4teswitlid -'ng of the E4rUenage Atit 30, 4 31 and :3211, as amended. IGi L LO1 O tte re- Teiation COU'Olsiika la AL7 manner tboriard piCtdat la proUbited Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001000480005-7