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November 9, 2016
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February 11, 1999
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November 7, 1947
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)1 ; .LLOFAX 9 25X1A2 University Student Federation*; Social Youth (which follows the inspirations of the Partido Socialists Popular); Juvenile Commission of the Confederation de Trabajadores Cubans; Juvenile Section of the Casa de is Cultura (pro-Spanish Communist front organization); co Evangelic Youth; Association of Youths' Hope for Fraternity; Association of Arts and Professions School Alumni; Q; Juvenile Commission of Cuban Societies, which is composed of cc elements of the colored race (negros and mulattos); Cuban People's Party Youth (Orthodox); Other juvenile organizations (all offices located in the National University of Havana). 2.. The Comite Cubano Pro-Congreso de is Juventi:-d Latino-Americana is under the leadership of Wilfredo Hernandez. In February of 1946, Hernandez appeared at the Regional Workers' Federation at Sagua is Grande, where he reported on the World Youth Congress which he attended in London as a delegate of 4ie Cuban Youth. At this same meeting, Hernandez stated that he and Flavio Bra to, leader of the Socialist Youth, were jointly responsible for the success of the World Youth Congress program to unite all Cuban youths. On 18 July 1947, Hernandez also spoke at merioriel services organized by the Casa de la Cultura at the Workers Palace. 3. This committee declared itself against the sugar law passed tf the United States Congress at its last session in 1947. The committee represents a variety of tendencies in Cuban political life; however, it s:'iould be noted that all elements have a common policy of anti-imperialism? The definition of anti-imperialism in the minds of most Latin Americans, according to source, is synonymous with anti-Americanism. 4. It is further reported that the Comite Cubano Pro-Congreso Juventud :Latino- Americana will be represented at the Latin American Youth Congress which, it is believed, will be held in Santiago, Chile, during 1948.? The Latin American r 77 ~...f 4 ID, 7 a 7L YAL T-- r , 9 ~P82-0045TROG3QnAMMA-Al I Approved For Release 199*M1T*bFdF$2-00457R001000660 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP I_ _ _ __....: :--. _..T 125463 COUNTRY Cuba/Chile DATE: 25X1A6a SUBJECT Comite Cubano Pro-Congreso de is Juventud Latino-Americana (Cuban Pro-Latin American DIST? 7 _F November 1947 Juvenile Congress Committee) 25X1A6a PAGES 2 ORIGIN SUPPLEMELT 25X1X6 25X1A6a .etC'~LT Approved For Release %C8 P8 W457R0010 _2_ Youth Congress is a manifestation of this effort. 125463 Comment: Present leader of the University Federation is Enrique Ovares Herrera, previously reported by a different source as a member of the 1946 Council of the International Union of Students. affect document euntaius information United `'ta national defense of the in the meaning of 32 as amended. I s 25X1A2 -s-C. 31 and he revelation of its cozi ssion or 4.anner to an unauthorized persso prohibited by law. REfEkt`d~t lkiVi~n LIbtcPIKI in any Approved For Release 199 P82-00457 R001000660010-1