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November 9, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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November 10, 1947
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t?flllt Chile CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP IEC" C unists in Chilean Armed Forces k)RI N 25X1A6a 3. Hoak V4 ggSource's inform mants maintain that Raul, works directly with the Communist Party and with Congressman Dan1a-m Uribe. with organization of Communist units and squads wri.thin the Army., Valencia Is a retired Army colonel. He Is Es aid to have spent some time in Russia during which time he took an orientation course In Communist organization. Valencia 25X1X6 DATE: INFO} 25X1A6a X25s87 DIST. ',-November 1947 PAGES 2 SUPPLEMENT ~, & r o Communist Congressman Damian Uribe C a is said to be the Communist Party's chief contact man on all matters relating to the Armed Forces. He actually works with the military units of the Communist Party.- It is recalled that at the National Conference of the Communist Party . which was hold in Santiago in May, 1947, Congressman Uribe was mentioned as he delegate who presented a report on activities and c ntacts with the Armed Services. 2. ~~ {fir a ens Osvaldo Valencia. Z a is reported to be the man charged subofficial of the Aviation School,, works c}irectly under Osvaldo V cia, directs organizations]. activities, and is the actual leader of the Communist r'avement within the Armed Forces. Meetings are hold in Carterts homes at Calle Uinta in San Bernardo. Colonel Valencia himself is said to attend very few of the meetings, o In addition ' to the Army groups which uses the horns of Rani C their headquarters,. source claims that the railita yr move- mmtiont of the C fists has succeeded in penetrating the Federacion de Sub-- an Retiro, which is composed of a group of ex-Army subof!'icia1e and ax -police subofficiai :. This organization was riot founded by the I lommuniata, but by devious maneuverW( they have succeeded in gal ning a strong foothold with It. Captain Raul Chavez, retired, is listed as the Communist liaison man within this group. ,~e~t Ctz General Anibal Alvear Gam, retired police official, is reported by two separate sources to be a sympathizer and adviser to the Ccmz?numiiet Party in military affairs. He himself is not a member of the Communist Party, although he is said to be extremely active and irn erected in the organization of Communist cells within police and military units,,. Although considered a man of personal wealth, he is keenly interested in social welfare. cLassiemcATio;N REFEPENCE CENTER LIBRARY ?Q 3';S~nitizecJ:- oved F5s~ I-RDP82-00457 R001000740004-9 --Sanitized - Approved - DP82-00457 R001000740004-9 1FQ =7 V.... ?1~...a .L.._ .~j,. i i.... ~..u :.1. .~l~rl' -2.- 125881 His interest in pcverty-stricken: people ha:m Zeal hin to >:'+c,t iice with v.:rioue Corr uanict movenen'X. This s3'r,,,.thy- is saI d to hc-vo ;e a in 1939, when he t: s nlacoc in cha-r-e of relief oz ecrtiic,'z'1:a victins in co :iu itios Conce scion and Chiflan. 6. sic- The Carr?unist ert~; ti_a,l bco osr cially In the city of Santiago in tioir atto- - ,ts to procure sae: -Lcrs =-d :vain supporters within the loo;,irionto Win. The headcuarters of this 1r you tu.nt ...'.'! itrry .ost is said to ho located on the min roran, le