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November 9, 2016
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February 12, 1999
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October 1, 1947
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affe United document contains informer ng t p>o > di .rd aces within the meaning of the Esp 32 as amen ge act9 50t U.:'.13. 31 and or the revels in manner f 25X1 A6 4 unauthorized. ter CENTRAL i CENTRAL I T LI Is prohibited by 1a COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Present Attitude of Communist Leaders -ItIGIN DATE. 25X1A6a INFO. 125869 EMST. '~ November 1947 PAGES SUPPLEMENT 25X1X6 1. Ricardo Fonseca, Secretary General of the Go uniet Party- of Chiles has reportedly- been relegated to a secondary position in the active direction of Comrunist affairs.. Gabo Gonzalez, Chief of Discipline and Control, has ac fined temporary cam-and of Com -unist activities. During what the Comn ists considered to be a crisis, Gonzalez has been bending every effort to prevent the Co swiiet Party from being declared illegal in Chile. 2. Carlos Rosales, Con iux ist Party leader, has ben in convorsati r n with numerous senators and congressmen. He has even approached legislators affiliated with political parties of the Right, seeking all possible assistance in preventing the Government from declexing the Communist Party illegal.. He tries to con-- vi..mce those whom he approaches that any declaration of illegal i ty of the Coraunist Party would be tantamount to the end of traditional democracy in Chile 4. 3. Cesar Godoy Ur rutia, a leader of the Communist Part, has e pr( ssod great concern to his friends and confidants over the possibility of repression of the Ct : munist Party in Chile. Its transmission nn of it cont - ent s e have not provoked this strike.. The coal strike is purely economic The workers are fighting because they cannot live on 30 pesos a days No, as Communists and as members of a party of the workers, are obliged to support the laborers in their petitions? Cur union leaders are under obligation to fight for better conditions. They were elected to their posts of leadership In order to accomplish such goals. The economic situation which brought on the coal strike will naturally be utilized by the Communist Party. The Par?l.:j will coordinate all that it has, learned from many years of fighting in order to gain for the workers that which they desire. Our leaders are not very intellectual,. They do not have university degrees, but they have learned through years of fighting how to gain a friw more centavos.. As Comunists, we cannot retreat now. We must stand firm. In any event, we must not lose what we have gained. If we lose now, they will persecute us.. It seems that they will -:oven kill w rather than either 3=_)rove the conditions of the. coal wworrkE who have been dying of hunger, or char,-e the deplorable conditions of the farm hands. Persecutions will only make us3 fight harder at the present l m Cornalim then criticized President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla a. nd described him as being ffcomplet ~i sdt`?mr.9 ~ ~d and confused.t Luis Corvalan, editor of the Communist newspaper Q &' , stated the following In direct personal conversation: ovecLforTre a 19WI WQA i RDP82-00457 R001000740005-8