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December 14, 2016
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March 6, 2003
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November 26, 1947
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proved For e3? pFf 1?:E6 ND5F4*L7R001100330005-2 NFIDENTIAL CENTRAL 117TELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT 131700 COUNTRY Ger. any (Russian Zone) DATE: 25X1A INFO. SUBJECT Railroad Traffic - at Halle DIST. November 3.947 25X1A PAGES 2 ORIGIN SUPPLEMENT 25X1A 25X1X Between 26 ,. epternber rind 1Q Cetooe: 194" a total of 33,672 car"-_oads of P0068 were ii.Anujed b e C C 2 ( i 't)tilx'! 1rekL1r.1Y1 in Halieo 11he shiplflents consisted of 33,174 cars of fertilizers, and other , oods fuel,' etiemicz 1s, co:.ii, cattle, food? bn 444 cars of reper:.ttioris Foods c 162 cars of rliiit::iry equipment d.11 92 c"rs of dismantled equipment 2., The, most irn ort"nt items omont t'r,e a3v1'74 cars listed under porn Coal 28,228 carloads Fertilizer 1,32 c,rloada Cher^icols 81..9 carlo:,ds Various ecods 906 c4rlonds The "various cools" Lnc;1.uded 656 31 The break -d o vn of the is the following: Des(;ription of woods Rubber Iron parts Cement Machine parts Roofing paper Appel F e s)-Ii -merits mentioned Ila of cars 3C 71 3 19 1 140 32 14 13 4 9 FiDENTIq for Foland. under para lb "Wd ismar Rost ock Brest-Lit ovsk Harnbur e Stettin r'l is rr-u r Ste tt 'I 3tett Rosto G 'rrThis document is hereby regraded to `CONFIDENTIAL in accord?nce w'th letter of 16 October 1978 from iDirector of Central Intelligence to Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 REftRENCE CENTER LIBRARY tl~p We the CENTRAL n rELLIGk E GROUP FIDENTtAL 25X1A Description of r oc-ls Jestirn.atior; cr ilr-nsit St-ton Bro,d~ tav e r. - 11r?c ds 53 Nsrsov- u r._~ 9 1. rc~~.ds . ,v .utompbile p.rts 1 :'eat-Litovsk HLirdenixig gent 3 uuttbus Acids 3 Br'es 4-Litovsk Lacktarr #rer i,euna.-'4errke 4 iii?et--T itovsk Cerient drums 1 tettin Various ? ocds 10 Rostock The 92 zurs loaded wit;. disrn,,ntled ?gqui ;mcnt were shinned to Brest- Litovsk; 62 curs cont.-~ired r ai1ro.d tr,,c's;s drnd 30 iron bo ma This documant. contains information affrct1ng the national defense of the United `'fates within the _ meanigg of the Espionage Act 50, U. r. C. 31 and 32 as amended. Its transmission or the revelation of .its contents in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. N F I ur- Er"q'T I A L Approved For 001100330005-2