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December 14, 2016
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March 6, 2003
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November 26, 1947
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11 00031 For R - RN f 13ENTlAL INTELUEE GROUP REPORT .. ~ F ' fG--+any (Russian Zone) wk BJECT R;4i1- r r T? i'flc at Halle 25X1A 25X1 _v .. F_____ ATE 1 WAf ! NAVY } JUSTICE R & "E 25X1X 25X1 A ATE: _ 2 Novem r= 1941 " LAMENT i... During the period I September to 25 September 1447, a total of 45~-206 ;C s of goods were handled by the Reiehsbashn bi.rektion in Ralte,, `rats toted in this total traffic were the follotuincr shftnnentsx `F;1 cars of reparations goods. 6,+O3 cm`s of military equipment. ;gig cars of dismantled equipment. ,I. cars of scram Iron directed to Poland. e reparations shipments cited in paragraph in may be broken down as 9es rintion of gapf. No. . of cars :roof ing paper 28 col'ing paper 1.3 roofing paper 1 unber 17 G event 62 C`er^ent 11 Broad -gauge rolling stock 109 Narrow-gauge rolling stock 4,6 Rubber x126 Bakery machines 19 a: ht lne parts 6 Cement cylinders (Zementtromrieln) 11 ?. ct Ines 7 i achines f{ chines 25 Uachinea 'f Containers chemicals Fertilizer f raffi;n 'r )dim n phosphate 1 This document is hereby regrad3 to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the litter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 I~p~i~u~f~a~on Wismar Wismar Brost-Litovsk Hamburg Wismar Perlin.Osthafgn Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovek Rostock Rostock Stettin Rostock Stettin '.Rostock Brest-Litovsk Stettin Stettin P r1in-Oathafen os c Rotstock 25X1 Approved Fo R001100330006-1 680 25X1A 25X1A FIDENTIAL'' Approved For C'177 JAI IYrT.E' ..LIG! "GY GROU P- -2- Dorcription of goods 'refabricuted ` ouses, mood i:ao13.n IItrl : ers earth (-on) Farr er 3acel'ancous goods 34 The r.-'litary equirrent shinr*ents rja ri(DFNT1 Destination ]rest-''.itovsk F_ar.,burg i'rest-'.i tovsk Bockwollerdorf Cottbus - FoEtock of naraprrmll la above ray be broken down into the following major !"errs: Deocr!!rt.ion of good?c "0. of cars .,.u4 o:rohiles 71 Vehicles 97 event 53 Bedsteads 12 Grc:n 35 Grain 39 iiycelianeous goods 52 Destination not stated Brest-I,i.towk Brett-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk orst Brest-i1 tovsk Brest-T.;tovsk 4,. Forty-sever carloads of cUsrant?ed Leunawerk materials destined for Brest- 4 4-ovsk were in Fall e or. I Eerl.erber. Or 16 S ertember fifty-ore carloads of iron bears were shipred to rrert-T,itovsk. This document contains information f23ct1ng the national defense of the ,;r:. .;Led States within the meaning of .. Lspionage Act 50, U.S.C. 31 and 32, .is vended, Its transmission or the .z:?,;. ation of its contefts in ax r manner "n unauthorised person is prohibited b, ltswo FI DE TIA L' Approved For 25X1A