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December 19, 2016
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February 23, 2006
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November 25, 1947
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t Apptoved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO01100420003-4 oMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION #FFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE to THE RESEARCH USE OF TRAI.N1 NITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF HUVILIGKNCE ANALYSTS, ESPIONAGE ACT. 50 U.S.C. 31 AND 32-AS ITS TF !tiSM I SS I ON OR THE Rs-V;?-I OF 1-11-5 IN ANY 3o"F1DENTIAL MAN Z < TO L:%, A0T'c,L. 1 7 F ERSO11 IS PROHiB:7 .? P'Y t :e. I' ...,Y NOT BE REPROO CE3 IN 4 .-: ;LE O'.2 IN PART BY 4 !~}'~"ELLJG i~"! 3 C OTHER HER EXCEPT WAR OR NA0C L 1N ? ENCE GROUP 'NT DIRECTOR OF CFNTRAL I NTH - ( I r cNCC INTELLIGENCE REPORT COUNTRY Cuba SUBJECT Soviet Propaganda 25X1 25X1 ORIGIN DISTRIBUTION JUSTICE R&E C&?)-Uenia DATE: INFO. DIST PAGES 25 November SUPPLEMENT 191+7 1. A vigorous propaganda campaign by the Ca Iunists against the United States and England was to be launched during the United N21, ations Co feConference on Employ- ment and Trade which opened in Havana, Cubat 2. The Soviet Legation is making wide distribution of propaganda material to printing shops in Havana, Editorial Paginas, a well-known Communist propagu da d . center, being especially favore The Huncarien Bulletin, suspended a few months ago, was to resume publication beginnix-g on or about 20 November 1947. Ilma Lukacs, a recent arrival from with 1'e, and mother of Paul. Lukaes, a Yugoslav have touchthe editor?se Russian Legation in Havana, is reported of the HMei rta Bul stirs for its immediate revival. ~. It has been observed that the Soviet Legation has been receiving iner sin&.Y large quantities of bulky packages by mail, especially from Argentine., Chile, and Brazil. This document is hereby regraded to I CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 Cc`o;;er 1978 from the Director of e-)tral Intelligence to the Archivist of t',D United States. Next Review Date: 2008 410 FIDENTL j!FRENGE CENTER LIBRARY f,i b P. PtrA , REFERENCE CENTER LIBRGk' ' Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457RO01100420003-4