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December 16, 2016
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May 4, 2005
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December 30, 1947
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Approved For Releasesaalgitad-RDP82-00457R001200040007-1 ,ktro 4.1Wo. 25X1 t,TEl r aica REP-Cf'0%17 Z.411'411..?I Orgo,nleal...7x1,1 co,n7,11.-rrt 25X1 OM IN 25X1 Teckriblir 19147 25X1 SUPPLEfEi.'1.17 r.,;t11-1tUt.r11311 IL t r 25X11. 25X1 The Wbin crand fr(All the loverroent to the Army is thyborth the departments listed lx11,77v! a. Liaizonofee; 1etwo-Q4he;',15semb1y aarl tho Armed Fore,3s, undAr tte 7i7-77.5T-q7rw General Webodre:7 Djvric. t. 7:11inio-k40-rOZMfnoet Under Tito. Among the morn impo memberc; are r.r.-"daVY377.-Vira,17iR; jov6,novio, 1vi, Aveic and triat:ro Kowtow:ie. Rueoien 1Ja1tary Mlesion: Betseen the Minietrr of Deforms and the General rarr-lirr115147517771itary gl,suiln, +Mitch 15 divided :into several onnoleim, ram (4: whioh aro 7ith the Gereral Staff; some attached o training units othrs vdth varlouu Army, Navy 40d Air Foroe headquatere. Among ite me:sheep aro: Oenorrao Money; Obraskov; Kisoljev, Lotorn: Oolosko (Ergineers): 00:keno3s Nikitin; Vetkov and Sidelnikov. a. Gonoral oat`f of the Ministry a Dorarvez ......,,..o.rAmt.mrs,,?1,yewg.g..,,,,,,{9,010,94,,01(0,11'.., Mr.1 kr,1,00,19.4.10PIROMMI.M.,,,,1010411..11. Chief of Stain Ohicifo Staff: F.ead of WrAntft: Oenaral Thom Popovio Lt Oeneral ita&tlf Frimorac ColonqI Poridar Lekio Tho1z taff is coltpocad of: (1) Ai1t cenal Staffs Arag fIt EMT: Colonei General Arco Jovanovic Lieut. General Peko DGpeevio (ales listed t.3 ChM of the Proletarian r;orps) Lieut. (leneral Ivan Ocenjak ? Major aenoral Svotomar VUkmarlovicOhmpo) aenerel Staffs ri,arz-Actral Sreek0 !Jena? ?::::Li,:?17-'1CATION MOP? For Release 2 00 1-Ns do.cumnt is hereby regraded in aecordance with the eUr uf '13 ?1373 from the Di.-ector inte!ligence to the Archiv;st oi rnyf p,j'n!W _2541 ELDENTIAL: 25X1 1 25X1 Approved n49)4el ow:goo 29004099714 CLTtL I CkJCi OILOU 1,4 - 2 - 0 a1 Zdon'Ao Ulopio Assiztant Chief of aaffs 2ajor (1.5.neral Doe? Lazarevi Thc follwinc offices, staffed by all three sorvicoes 25X 1 Orcanization and Iebilisotion - Col Zarko OtaneRi or Lt. Gen. Savo Orovic (*orations - Gen 'Ve/41co Kovacovio Intellicenco . col gnaw Irkret or Lt. Ocrw Bozidar nest/trio Training Cipher Historical War Production - Oen Darns Tramous Agit - Prop - :14,5. Can. Vitomir Vlahovic Finance - Colonel Vojo Todcrovic task of the Genoral Staff to study, experiment: prepare and organize Tucoolav Armed Forces and all plans dealing with Operations and mobilization4 instructions and orders are then passed on in the following WI t.hakrrv General Staff to: Hqs of the six Armlos Garrison licis TrainiA; Centers ;rout the 39115r Gener n. Staff to: Ilq of the First Armored Areet :tilitery Districts aval C-in-C admiral Cerni) Flout Commander (Com:ander Tomoic) Hqa-Sreja,..Soja-Igja and Rivor Fleet larine Infantry and Coastal Artillery Units (General lendic) Frau the Air General Staff (Areilt.teAkSitilf_of_Stati.sUst Air Wf... liqs of 5 Air Divisions Pilotet and Specialists' Training Centers Territorial Air Commands (VOK) HI Naval Air CPnnand he General Staff alms? controls the, following sections formed of the lige of all .)ranchos of the Services: Su lies; Commander: General Ljubisa !Adzi-Popovic (). This Section con ro s all lantern producing military stores, depots, dumps, workshops, etc. Tho Supply Service receives material and supplies (excluding weapons and ammanitio) produced in the country or obtained from abroad, for storage and maintenance or for consignment in accordance with instructions issued bythe General Staff. This branch also deals with rations, forage, clothing, equipnent etc, for all units of tho'Army, lavy' and Air Force. ores cmasander: Major General Djordjo liraeovic. Tinder co1Tm4nd are: Zncineors Hqs for fortifications and other work; two railway Enrinsare Bricades; Military Oeoc;raphica2 Institute in Bel;:rade with a on for the Navy at Lubrovnik. In matters of a technIcal nature 111 relle Approved For Release 20 25X1 25X1 -RDP82-00457R001200040007-1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/06/03 : CIA-RDP82-004t12Z5 V V/ CENTRAL Imam= pRoup - 3 - ar dealina vita oreanizationl it also controls 2nnineer units of Aruies ama Divisions in the Arm, 30:ay and Air. Force, which epecialise in bridana, field wor7s, demelition,and eabotaae. .44 : Germander: : or General Pavia Jakeic. Deputy Commander: ral Bezidar rvat. They comand and control: Artillery Ras and Division; the system of allotment, supply and repair of of the Arued Forcea through the technical service of the Artillery) the mpp3j of martunition for all nuns of the Armed Forces. Laboratories, ? worksh,-.)- atvl resoareh. centers. da -Anti-Air ,aft Defense: Commander: :lajor General Vlado Dapcevic. This oreanized. It controls an unknown number of zones vivre listenina and observation poets are being erected, Positive Air Defenee camouflage and bladkaoat measures. a. Gonmanications: Commander: Colonel VIndimirVodopivoc. This Section 7:..ttreri?etar-rmunicatione by means of all technical methods between all Hqp and formations of the Armed Forces. It Also ,trains the necessary apecialists. For technical and trainine matters it also controls the Arrair Cemslanications Driaadoo and subordinate unite with the other Services. f. Chemic Jar:fare: This Section gives courses in flame-throvinn, smeke and c. C.,eor:1-itarAdriinistrationt Commander: Colonel Brae? Struear. ha Trans rt Service: Coumander: General VUko Lopetic. . Its commands a =Mayrrat section and the General Staff motor pool. This peel ? appears to be composed of five Transport nerAments, which operates at the immediate revest of the General Staff. It appears almost certain that the Transport Service supplies all three services. k. of iilitarr Justice: Commander: 'General lAtko Krdzic or Colonel c. with all crimes corritted by military personnel or btcivilians subject to ailitary Lalff or crimes anainst the security of the state and of the Armed Forces. It is composed of a superior Tribunal of the General staff in Belgrade. This Court deals with the aero important cases e.g. General !Ilhailovic, and nevi= sentences passed by Army :Iiliteary Tribunals on service personnel only. A Unitary Tribunal is attached to each Army.. The Navy and Air Force also have a ailitary Tribunal. Uedical Co -Si Commander: General Gojko Nikolis. It has two distinct Z-Fgan za ne: (1) A territorial organization formed of military hospitals designated with numbers, special clinics, convalescent homes, rehabilitation centers for invalids and cripples. (2) A mobilized organization comprisine medical units, field hospitals and surgical centers at Lrmy, Division and Bride Mo. There are also disinfection centers, Tharriacies and schools or doctors and nurses. 1.'cal Education Section: Co:mender: General Vlado Ambrosio. This a-ZEE-Fiepaganda-M-sports culture 311 the Armed Forces on a wide scale with varioue competitions etc. It has subordinate offices as far down as Divisions. - Political Section: Zommender: General svetozer Vulmanoric-Torpo. Political control of ell tie. ArmedForces is effected by mesas of Political Commissars at Aroya Division, Brigade, Battalion and Coma* levels with trusted personnel of the Comuniet party and of SKOJ. This section also works with the Personnel section and controls the adnission of candidates to the Aeadelies and Military schools. Approved For Release 200 25X1 25X1 FIDENTIAL31 RDP82-00457R001200040007-1 Approved For Rel - CLIITRAL rar...,ILIGT.TE. GROUP ? 4 ? ? 25X1 25X 2g1(5,7R0012000 n. 71fare 8ection for Veterans nvalids Families of 7/ar deadi Commanders rrairTeneral---- :i1;1791 evio. c or evens, rehabilitates and helps cripples and inmalids and the fantliee of the dead. It also has temporary control of foreign Pea. o. Academies: Comander: Lt Gen Savo Orovic. They are . f e Ain c Office of the General Staff and partly by the Hes of all branches of the Services ehidh supply instructors, programs and material. As a general rule, courses last for one or two years and are attended by veterans of. proven political beliefs, selected by a commission composed of a Brigade eornissar, a Brigade Commander, and a Divisional ? C0'43issar. The findings of te?Commission are subject to review by the pelitical eeetion of the General Staff. Candidates must acres to remain in the Armed Forces for a minimum period of five years, which can be extu34ed at the discretion of the military authorities. The academies run two separate courses: one for older officer who have already attend:WV) school, who have distinguished themselves during their service andltb become regular officers) the second is for youths who desire to make their career in the Services, and who are selected after detailed investigation by the youth orzanisation to which candidates nust have belonged. (moa or sK0J). The first coarse lasts for two years and the second four 7uaxty followed by another two years of specialisation. This docuaent contains infori:f.t affect az,.; the defosne el' the United -iteten withIn the Lars',.11111,:,. f the .L.:3pi.),12...30 Let, 50, and 32 as a:Ts:idea. Its t.I.,ins..licalJn or .? the retvel tiori o: its contents ir any ..-aanner to an. ..maut.lorized .)eze*.,in is -.2eoh.1.1).7..ted ltiVJ ? Approved For Release 200 25X1 25X1 r IA-RDP82-00457R001200040007-1