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December 15, 2016
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March 26, 2001
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January 16, 1948
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Approved For Release 2001 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE GROUP INTELLIGENCE REPORT (T uaai n Zo} ^ '#` art fl!der Of Aett a aMaw ,f. KIST. Z " 1543 PAGES SUPPLE LENT r ?mrani ass Born (R~ l5 October, but did not make their appearance on the north a.pj r. oac? es to Magdeburg or on the Lotzlinger Ftelde. graves. Construction material, replacement parts and similar items at Lets.Ingen V.53) and lillersieben (Y41) are being shipped to Biederitz (Y0) , (,ast of the Elbe r on 12 November! Russian troops and German police began requis' cattle in Kreis Yfialdenslehen In advance of the official requi! itioH tiny, for the first quarter of 194P. At Wedringen' (Y.51) , approxiralely 'fifty percent of the village cattle was taken up. The requisition. it g d1 f not spare new settlers, although these people were given reTlE cease ',ts in the form of weak, lower grade animals. Ra? erse &Mbg s (t66) German refugee camp, which has thirty-two tarrac1c ; , rra enly requisitioned Zno date given. According to rt ml ens .f the advance guard, it is to be tenanted by a motorized rifle (5.53) houses one rifle regiment. ~,,,>rman armored regiment with motor vehicle troops. Another source bE. lie?; ?s that total strength in Nau.amburg is 21,000 . Saxo lalualf. ? received the following during October, transferred f ro>m to -ai un Komendatury of Pegalu and Croitzsch, two villages near ; pvl.. Dq,be1. 1W9) is devoid of troops. i es indicated: Motor vehicle unit, from Delitzsoh (E13) (Dependents of above unit were sent to Frankfurt/OdeY WMA it .. from Dalitzsci7 16. M t weida_ (Y67) has only six Soviet military government off .c s-s,. received a motor vehicle equipment unit from Lcm.' ;;s )lz ' fin) 17.. preggj in m -October. Only thirty men remained at I,cmmatzsch.. s mee h anized brigades, plus artillery. There is a dive bombe- ' ? .nit it the air fie'10. Four 3U-g7Es were seen on the landing atriN. (E$1) holds one armored brigade and two or three motor-1_ Vocicau (E21) air field is occupied by 1,500 men, 80 fighter .'_L d .` om er aircraft. Approximately fifty percent of the planes a,e of German origin. Pole (E4l) air field is occupied by an armored brigade. 21.. C ssernha n (A4l) airfield is occupied by a pursuit unit wi ;h U S Led 44rsn fig- fighters. Approximately 2,000 snldiers are quay terecl in tt town. -doom WIAM"ENTIA Approved For Release 2001/ 9M-RDP82-00457R0012006000 2=4 L (J$9) received "heavy" troop units during October, (ne t c?ml that the city now holds two rifle corps arc (,ne Approved For Release 200 -RDW82-QQ47RQO1 22 i ,e .t p + 8I) holf's an armored brigade rhoce tams are house3 in the aiJ b'ort :vugf. iaL 23 w Ho ? rs r~r f X53) ..r,elters a rai.lraz d trsnspc.rt brigade which c ors f, x ma es trips to Brest-Litovsk. 24. N s (A?92) rece'iv'ed an armored ordnance repair shop at the r 3 of Gctc e.r. 25& Bre.-slat (C-41) has L. total of 300 Soviet troops who are member3 ^f s. transport unite This document contains inrorns Sinn affecting the national defense of the United States within the ineani r,;; of the Espionage Aci58, U.S ?C. 3:i 3nd 2 an amended. s transmtssio:_3 :or the revelation of its contents In any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2001/RDP82-00457 R001200600002-4