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December 15, 2016
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August 21, 2001
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February 9, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For J*.'~/ J1 - Y, r00457R0( 1W~0 p INFORMATION REPORT 1 COUNTRY Argentina/!ugoslaviaa/Bulgaria SUBJECT Activities of Yugoslav Coaaamni U i n Rosario PLACE ACQUIRED t)ATE OF IM TE DISTR. 9 February 1948 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (Li9TEO BELOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO, 1. Tugosla:v Cceaunf ets in Rosario are particularly active in the port area and have cautiously laid plans for continued activities in case of possible police intervention. Them new plans were motivated by the Jakasa-Cunja incident in Chile, when it appeared that the Argentine goverrmasnt might follow the Chilean lead in ezpellin Cormunista. 2. One of the ..weans used in coverira Yugoslav Communist activities in Rosario is to have their activities shielded by the local Czechs who have good contacts with the Rosario police. Consequently, recent meetings of Tugoslav Coss a cello in Rosario have been hold at the Casa Checoeslovaaca, Calle Meipu 3137. 3. on 25 December 1947, 7bgoslav C ni sto held a special meeting there which was attended by Franjo Koren and Janko Obranovic, Yugoslav delegates from Buenos Aires. The main topic of discussion in the meeting was the leading role of Yugoslav Communists in the local Slav movement. Koren gave a long re- port dealing with the Ccminform and its ramifications in South America and the stance of tugoslavia In European politics. Koren's thesis,, that "Tito? and not Dimitrov, is organizing the Balkan Federation and is the foremost Communist outside of Russia," considerably approved the Bulgarian Communists in Rosario as they feel that they have been alighted and that the Yugoslavs have assumed to much Importance. $. In spite of tho unity which is supposed to exist between all the groups of the local Slav movement, there Is considerable dissension and jealousy. The Bulgarians are considered as stooges and spies by the Yugoslavs, and the Bulgarianaare jealous of tho prominent role played in Slav activities by the Yugoslavs, 1 en the leaders of the meeting emphasized the importance of the Yugoslav fac- tion in the Slav movement. Maria Sucelj, a young Yugoslav Communist female of` Rosario, stated that at last the Bulgarians will be forced to stop considering themselves as the leading group of the Slav movement. letter C; DiceC )r Approved For-Release,2001/