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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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March 26, 1948
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C~7 25X1 A Approved For Release 2000/O1J6y DP8 60 4 ~0 CENTt.7IT_ 0n'I:IGENCE AGENCY 17Z97 -2-a. Ent arnen~tef the E? er eat, Ipatcument,vjso, of Goetz 5. The electrical instrument division, directed by Engineer Herbert Gartler, ..::: recently been expanded and strengthened and is the object of special atts tii c;,- from the plant management, New technical workers have been hired from the rival Vienna electrical firm of Norma Fabrik Elektrischer Messgerae+.e Crin b 1 25X1 A Comer ems: 6 Soviet campaign against Norma was previously reporte4. 25X1 A in Laborers and technical workers of the electrical division artc, better paid but work overtime at night and on Saturdays and Sundays in crc ;~? to Meet production sehedulc . Increased activity of this division, at the oxpenre of the optical departments, is said to be due to the critical Weer ,. electrical instruments in the ti sk and to bovie uesir.e Lo conixo- _ti;s outs ~.E> in this indiustry throughout Austria. 6. The production schedule of the electrical division called for 150 voltmo "-'; _9d. 150 microscopes (Drehbankmikroskopen) to be completed by 1 January 1948., Af; 3 January 1945, this schedule had almost been meto Goers W=on 7. Schedule for 1948: tem Eyeglass lenses Amoun+ t i ro, duc d ~> ark 30,000 per month compared Not a -'sto,d with previous schedule of 20,000 25X1 A Co n'ent: Rudolf Lang, director of Goerz machine shops, knows-that with present equipment it will be impossible to turn out this number of lenses, but he has been threatened with re-- moval by the Soviet management if the new schedule is not meta) Dioptometers (Scheiteibrech- 200 per month for first 3 months of 19/.8 100 per month Not Wta sed 3300 c c:Iii -_.:R_Y wertmes ser ) Glass-cutting machines 100 per month 1000Ia."_:n Cameras (types similar to the Leica) 40 before July 1948 4000 In Surveyor's levels Coustrictiou engineers levels with mounts 50 per month 200 per month 25X1A omrant: the. construction engineerts levels are presumably intended for shipment to the USSR, since this instrument is not swivel-mounted and therefore can be used only in flat areas.) icroscopes (Verkzeug- 150 for the year mikroskopen ) 25X1 A 9_n,&: it is believed that this quota cannot be met becau.s of the shortage of essential materi also ) CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 20001O W6 T-IA-RDP82-00457 R001400060006-8 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/0 RDP82-00457R001400060 CENTRAL 99-E AGENCY .175397 r3.-r go Items to btu discontinued: CONFIDENT ,.. v Be L1m &0-_SM.rl y _on _land S .~i t1 P ti X11_ i" .mC"E; Railroad track gauges 25 for Austrian Federal 1400 :chillirg (Glei.alelZren} Railways (planned sei.i%nr-a prioe) 20 for Soviet railways, 4000 3chilhirg larger width. (actual sel ir& price) Variometers (Variorneter) 1000 Laryngoscopes (Relaskopen) 1000 Not stated 6000 schiiii^ags 25X1 A mm-m: the latter two items were destined for ;gale in the USSR. There is not a large demand for them in Austria.) L 1croscopes (Drehbanks, 150 mikroskopen) Infantry rangefinders 1300 : chillincs None on hand. All available supplies were sent to the USSR by plane several months ago. . ~' t_1~r~rna.n?~t~atiar_. a,~d Pe?^sa nA1 Chan~~s _ 9. The number of Goers employees has Increased from 500 to 700. The personnel director, Stueckler, tries to hire only Communist ?arty members, In spite of the increased number of Communist employees, however, the shop council alcctlon resulted in victory for the Socialists 2530A 10. Engineer Anton Trachter (reported i as Trachta) former rorma empioyeo,, -was recently appointed director of p nning for the optical division a as wel~-,. FN for, the electrical division, despite objections from the shop comnr,ittee. Tra.c.r),t:Ea. 1.s not considered qualified for the job. 11. Appeals by the shop committee for higher wages net with negative response frorc th S i t e ov e .management., 12. The number of building guards has been :ncreased,and only Communists are emp._- in t is ca it Th h pac y. ere guards was no apparent reason for increasing the number of dd.5tionaal jp-f?_o?pma on about C,oer _Rersonn~l 13. The following men are considered experts in their respective field& and as such are indispensib7e to plant operations. Some tine ago, :ll vere required to f:1 out personal history questionnaires to be used in considering their possible employment in the USSR. All of the experts,, however, stated they would not " ea: rf : Vienna, None is believed to be Communist. S ve!"art J1.3k' p 25X1 A eport+ in Porn 26 may 1002 in Vienna. 31ng nesr Ignat pscaan Formerly employed by the Goerz plant in nz-rlit P?chan iz a t1.r ill d :r'zur, abort, 641, yeexf; old, with an excellent knowledge of optical instruments. He is now employed in thzo scientific division. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457 R001400060006-8 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/0 RDP82-00457RO014000600 CENT Mai-iu AGGMFIDENTIAL 17 397 a4- Walter Krtmnmeiah 25X1A Klaus Brand d 25X 1 A Specialist in etching scales, marks, and angles on telescope lenses. Since Werner vG an active NSDAP member, the Soviet management has tried to find a replacement for hire, brt i!cithout success. Werner is said to utilizF ,' own secret process, Although employed as a common laborer in the etching section, he actually directs the work of the department,? AA osional mathematician, reported in In Janrarv, Krummeich left fog- t}jo Saar with his wife and child. and ?.t is bctitieved that he does not wish to return iu Vienna. He was born 3. January 1910 in Engera (Rhineland), Germany. Reported in As a German citizeii ,-cl foxier NSDAP member,, Brandt was at one time sohoduled for repatriation to Germany., but because of his technical knowledge the Soviet management allowed him to stay at Goerz. ;r ,r. wife and child live in the American zone of Austr`,a, and he has applied for Austrian ship. He was born 28 December 1896 in Berlin, I uinricu Tischenberger 25X1A Reported in- Vienna, Born 8 June 1912. in 14. Other Goerz personnel of interest: Avetissov 25X1 A Reported in Said to be a skilled, technician from the Caucasus who studied at Leningrad. Formerly head of a division of USIA,, Vienna, :a: Trattr 3rhof, Recently,. Lomartov appeared at Goerz as a supervisor, but his duties are r-.- Joseph Trinkl Grindel 25X1 A 25X1 A knownz Reported InNJ has as, a buyer for Goers. Ha been removed from this position and tuna ferre, . to USIA. Reported in~ Although appointed by the Goerz management to act, as assistant to En.:.-, :, Ludvicljekr the latter refused to work with Engineer Fraenk7. 25X1 A Reported in Former Norms entploye3 M hired by Goerz ore electrical laborator, , FraenU has studied In Leningrad. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/05/1-6 : CIA-RDP82-00457 R001400060006-8