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April 24, 2001
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February 16, 1948
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Approved For Release 2R SVICTT'EU'P82-00457R0014009000Q! j71A CIAL INTSIL]Il 'E.. !O! _r ?.~.'" r rnrdl t ' ' 1E3 `A - 1A.': l`ht;'3 Attaoi:raent irieiudr . of tt'a 9"t: 1,s,,rr re; 13 thk r 't' Soviet i. 1, w /18117, iv the e,ai M+~t'I Sc ir.2 of n. T ho S rSormctic n } rr,acn r01 lo-lo ; amp1.itiar) ?tf-. at ;-roa ; c. J ill the vFc: ed' t ~,A r..rxo t a!ri% Cif 3 Forth:en` .r gt~~ilc rt xxcir u-e w~:ti:?itie c :,'~n 3Cb. ii ,ir .n: 1.9~, '. it is ir.ttrara*i.~,^ to ccari'er+x ti:e+ c. cunt cf eovers,:c. ct t.1:_. G k , :,1 C;rrart~;. ' r:1ththatof~' A3t 3 1j IC Fettfilar ' 1rl1+ T11- k x T12, of TH-1.. E P'. 0...2 ~Y,:. ~soc6 2 The general nesting of the del gates aoi ma:rherc of the :io~rlc:+, Ci':;izene A.os,cr:nt'r n wag I;e)A yesterday at 2:30 F.Mv at "tJ:& Soviet ports Club 27 .1, dmlegates o of the total 2S3 were Fre: ae+nt at tho meat i ng Vv. 1., Birbrwler chairman of tho Execu v i Comol.t' o a the Soviet Citizen Association op nc--d the mectirg. Pmt Chernonetyv, v:;Lee- corsul arrd Q.V,,.Kryukov, attache of the kvie E btistrnaiti1li'ties at the ;,oint >recotint:- of both the Lxecutive C+;rr*itteft and the Rc!visicn Cor: iss nn on 27 Juno 1947. All torethor time 1ax:ecutivc Corr^itt ie hM eorduct:sd 32 regular moots nCs. /it t1:y vary 1"Irst me:et'nf: it r:rrw; decidred to }J:v sotto]. utter tT e rsurervi~,34 , of the East ? S.:at it n 4 + Three day:a later, 30 June 191,7, flits v%;mierf'ttl news of the reratr:siatiz-i reached 3heu',ghai. aU on 2 July the Fxecutiv"e Ccu,r:? tte4 ;,ur rnoned by V,v General Co'~ui 4,u; cz:rry out tt:e re x-atri.r-t acn rrorh, decided to rcr?hi ie ty;eir efforts in order to perry c,.:t tn`.: imicrtant job. rerstrtr=ticn de 'artrunt ?.,a:= c>rgani zcd end was head by N, S. Zt+ irev.. Af his riapafrture T was }wt in ct:arr e, with Z.x - OEneetov as my ass.".teer,nt. From then on unt.f;. the des arture of the 5th group of rerratriate + on 30 November 1947, the rvgt ?ar eectiv: t.i:.s of the Aeaoeiaticn were d5eru;ted. Two ,r3rde of the member: of the Executive Car~Tii,t;c, of the Assn iation and over 701 Ott: r z 3ty"v3_et ci; iwens left 5'r:asr~,,hai during ,.hire five rr o tF ~:3 rertC4 As soon as the rcrtatriation ended, th,i Executive Co^-rvittoe ' egan .rcorganixirg the regular activities of the Assocs^ti n. The r:.arer;istratien of all the ;rerrrbers %r;; eanducted with a view towards attracting mor:- :sew membera intw t;ro Aaaoela'.-Cn, At, the first meeting V .T Shin was elected Chairman, TaI. Birbr,:,s;cr, As s: L,an t Chhairean, V,G.. Rudekov, Treasurer Rnd Director of the social $41fare Depar?t ;e~:t. D.:i, Golovetaky, Secretary, 3- I', Ognistov, wit'eactcr of the Health Derrartment and the ):'edtcr.l Organisation, F.14, Kijeenko, Pirec or of the School Le-artrrnent, S.S, P.umyaittlxV. .4r'teto? of the Organisation Department, V.E:- Velin, Director of the Culture Delari,.i.rsc, ? J - Xre:? L-"p- . Director of the Lcorowic and Technical Dereertment, I.L.. Lundstr ee, Chairman of the xeru:-i\- . Conatittee ol" the Soviet Srorts& Club and Oriav, Chairman of the Executive Comrnii.tee ci: 9cac'tet Club on Wayside,, R L 3 T I I C T E D Approved For Release 20 ? CIRK -ED82-00457 R001400900004-7 Approved For Release 204C0IE6f R KPTE082-00457ROO1400900004-7 r-11 I B-1-1 "A. I f teM1`e "`fir dt .r'16tf lr a t`ese~ thatrjar hsad to b.s tiesd : "1rbray*k' t1:4.1.^tor of t ,~ Pt.t ztrtsatib; Dapart nt, ,5 U, rz fit, A~'rsir;tari< t r ondth teaei *sotw to* and r,.;~'cxto orkau;" c) wr!.utip3aer. chs-icaal ''etj;at~t~rrt.: ` gsnlth I1: xr?^ is ~ t ,~?a tev- *!l t~?t:? ;t 3{., L ' A wcvstsayt .er,: nr of then ;.apJtaaru , e{ r ?r?"t 11fii, rrgsnirrzt lan t~eper ~c+se .rt, of t t ti+aatD'Wer.plAnni ? is and the f4hool De= tk s1 ^ t . , V S t i~: r O tt t +t )4* 4 wi o l t icrrurl h.,i . rl, f or }tier i port it 4- wits . _ se Clubs aMsv al ho >it;, zo'ss w ;th :'crake, wi&tratxLicts sad sler I'k z. '111t 4t eairi erh kh has about 7,10) * o r, aeti.atsa ed ptarfet+a. ,wr wet,! t kvv elP a; Caton :: tx-ak aro - ' ;tie neaty- citiXons, j:1 uvideci t. Y r' w t~, '.we as t i trarae' +trat:, gave ttze s irAa l stakies Atdd p* id thee tunerrr.., ex~7.stDxetsas .pct ;.,e.. te?w 0E 4OU14 n6t wtffoD to burl h ^? 4sard, t. J3 ut.t aeD ae ct t;..+n ; is oCIAS iering the j'aL1+; 1a ; pr Cass of el the Sc'jest eA,s,,A%ftsee of Shang33sj t.tsto f:*re* s,`t,C'aaazg roLLar,9,t t:. fat lile f AW'1:5 U sa VP0rt t.O aLl th4 xrcrt a-tat n ,3 017 tti 11 "1 t ho ni+:nit r the 1,0611^4 of 1 heir tread. 1`tldl.2tear 3r.t'd rid 1t- a~ t, y t uwa rc'ia AU t 18*) 0111+ ,axei very. ~ ,xpoztant. #rd se rlouat s sd V. is tree a aD .arvr to .,0;x,.4; c -.Lee 0 - A ilf is u3 t ? of oar a .:ut am abroad, "The let cell. ect i v a ',coup mr'tet p j%* rc:a ci by r t t gtsvav, Secretary ,~f the 1,xt. r stie;~e %ornr~u.i.1: , : I of *yr 04tac1ea"A concl.i.idod ia.l. 13trrbrayer.. MAN~Mft.I nr noted that 3432 m4 b*i 'sf the It a oc is L t had ropat rl ".-d to the ( a{ lc a See lat3 5 of thlo set*..ecYxarent foL.l s swt 11 unions a ' v 1 had twnctioned d ur:tt .{; tie jot et year: t **M' a s~anoc:iattc:,n, ':edica3. tiorker's t t'L'tort, Soviet a e'' /ineers T Snit'..i sett Ur iora,, Z3o'etit't Avcowntaata c nd tk .bhr bra Union, So i et uotat"i9iiLi.,,taa and L.i'tee?us1 - UurkOr's #lnittt, $rage Worker's Union, Laawyer?s Union, 3 omen's L?tti.:.e, Teact,e:s:, [burr arwt itet s 'sr)t-Hotel porker.' a UA,ion; raver', the last, two Unionsh&vet I,ractit~o:l w.y senator fur, ot.imin *a the r,kjortty of the r,- a have been repatriated, real a report or the school situation. In July 1947 there were chore in the school. t s and 16 teicher+s hove tart for the 3o+vvist Union: At prvactit there are: Orly 84 , tpi .es and 16 teachers. atcttm l has eiexaea a very cod oL. For ex a T. Neiman conapitted tht~ ; i'; raga ia- room. Cn he1- arrival ire the rithertuixt :st- a entered the 8th grade, in `:he>'`urlneaky CiddLe : chr, 1. t~ hin report, .tudnkcv cc i nttd on the irttl etadait work wh srctr is bei1q dens by t hio Pareerit" a of Vitt Z ovier-t school. The C his ni ct rtpo-t B.S. Chu .y ntsev rioted that deuptt? the repatriAt.ion and, Corneq t,17, the C etirie o: nearly ?11 the active members, the various organizations and Circles have novetirtheleas started functicti again. The bookstore, the radio circle, they t.t. trical ca.r' tier, he Newu x p0 '" the cbsrsa circle ayd the choir are all active mice again. 2oport rtud b E.I. Kosovs kaya? i .. L , Koa vsk % read a report on the Economic and Teahriical trepartatent.. ?h, & ds. Nor t was cergseti$ed in dune 1947. P .6 . 1Gai ppar was eleeat4r, Chaairma n , and A.1. , Nos . sky aM LL N osovt kayo, minebers. The b c**atic and 'technical d+ parts rat male use of nkU1e:d enginaact and arc:b~.. to ct.a and er,>rgatriiet:sat. a consbrraction aexnc.t exion in order to work out, plans for 4 and to cor trO the cumtrg t iesa aotk to be dare Akilaikib"D Approved For Release 20RBIRIGIEDP82-00457 R001400900004-7 Approved For Release 2(M' 1400900004-7 CfAI. IZfl'~ii.'tG13 AGEi' Deeause Of the repatriation of mtagiAeor sipper and Novitaky, to most active sae robes s, the Ioasonio and Technical. Darpartmemt ware rsorganisexd in 3eptesber l947. At preseemt the staff oeresp eta of the foliow;ia : 1,.2. Kosovsksya, is Chair sawn, It.S. Fila- dsltair and D.I. lb*sradse as nombera. The SQOewle ad ?e+rhnioial Pert>aaart.anet raker charge of the construct2.on and renovation wojic, sepeewt.,s the inventory and omtrols the property or than Lse istiosn, Alter the repatriatiaen the hcn mLc saw ?echnicial Department took an imren tore on sU the stage wigs b&eanging to the 4orker's Union, the books at the boOkstswre and the peopertyr at the Soviet Club on Wayside and the Public Social 1141fare dish-?t~acar. At present the innvestttory of the property of the Cwtt.ral :3ub and - +rrts# Club is btia# contnoted. Part of the property will he liquidated and tho ;rcney ;, cgttired ft *m the sale will be ise4 to renovate tams old WW esquire 80 20 new propert., The Association hopes to fi% up the ae ,3s of the Soviet Sports Club and enlarge the stags.. The, garedon of the Central Soviet club All be made in readiness for the stn or se aswt. A ass will be built to ko the property of the Central .iovlot Club. Contrel heatie will be installed in all the Clubs and the old building of the Central 3oviest Club will be totally renovated. t the Kevision C s eat . majo-kX A.0skolkov The 1911M I" were elected to the itrision Commission in June 19/ t': kala"ss. LA. 'Z.ebov. Z.I. P_ ov, 1g.). Z=arsl:y, s*..1L. Litvintsov, .'tali. Ceiwlko t, G.X. Soie lwv, X.N. Startsev. Alternates : 3.5. ttishunteh, I.F. Chepigovsky and Milt, Shtller. In AuCust the cvesntission lost 4 of its members and by November only half of its owtWs were left. Marc work was plied on the remaining staff, as almost all the paid ellpl such as book.keepers, trese ure a and cashiers left too. eeccaus, of the repatriation, all the three clubs were left without a Revivien CosgeleMELoes. The Rmvizlon Ccaatission of the Association therefore took over the control of the 3 cubs . Dsri'g the post year the Revision Cauission checked the account books on the g0eds, the drI,nks in stook and the inventory records. The. corn fission also followed the "?Masses-p1aea,nlrng" activities of the AsceoclatLan and gave the n+wcessar r advice in these matters. 91 "& M21& IMAM MPARMIC C.P. Ogniatav read a report on the social i+elfare Department. Befeaero the repatriation the Social welfare Department was under t.lae direction of T.O. lbdtkov and was aaaposed of the following coeeaitteec; 'Public food", medical, funeral, loans, housing and investigation y; nmittecs . A Wcrk $SPs -u functioned. It provided the unaVloyeed with temporary or pen cent jobs ., The VaUta-dial" roost distributed about 30 free lunches and suppers daily to the need y_ aitisesss. i sued The loan cumaaittee gave money to the needy citizens aatd? loa:ns, with two m n- bers r Aired as gue swine for the borrower. The investigation ccmmittee took charge of all the sppliastiow acmerning aid to be rivet the ,aee4y< The ssdical ca wtittee arranged to have the needy members receive i dical troat- memt, leemaooalattions, etc., free of charge. The housing comud.ttee, not havinj< a place of its am for the homeless, gave money to the needy citizens so teat they could buy coal, ntc.: During t). repatria ion the Sovial Jeli'ar. I}epa rtsrent clothed 7E9 repatriate::, ]rid/ pies,. CC light and heavy luggage were loaded on the ships free of charges- Bete uc.e nearly all those Soviet citissnsat who had dupanded oar the Public l'ood Coxranitt o had beers repatrided, the Co4ltiittew ceased to function Band the Jewish "Shelter House", am of August 191e?, agreed to distribute lunches to those needy Soviet citisers in a?zghai- E S C Approved For Release 200R1.a&IRICTFtDP82-00457 R001400900004-7 Approved For Release 2cRE5"I(I P82-00457R00140090000zX1A The Saoi .t Welfare Department ball trod that after the r?patri2t aaeoe et be leas work as nearly all the u-seei ecitl.atvow bad left, but it is not. so. The salaries rec ted se eeot keep up th the ormior, p cas and abort and more have to turn loot' a l.1 tea the rotisl. deft sr. Depsrtro-ert o !rt` !A a a ittea writ i ed of t4. tu1looing otx +u ha puselltat J.,. c . oe', Y.(,l. Rud,ukw, I.-u. Lowit1nm, Dr. ;:.$. ShpUberj. Z.A. Verblov- ~-, 1. P . taoos, CO. 51 ler. AL prooet tbo polyclinic is is r then surve3lLwaco of the health deepart ?snt, C osraees OWA*v is d rvol or of the d ?:purtrvPt, ooiosads Levit.ta, assist-nn t eiirtector, or. Ibaks,, dUmeAer of tb* wedici . e?ttiaan sat fava.ds $tresh Asky, secretary. the 6 a 1%7 the doors of U* pp-lyeilhic and Its dirtexwnt sectlms "ore op I' %he P;e i was ppsarwacy, tP i* z)ara.i apilwr,Ytets, a den i-.10. o1jiacc, . The foL dactore gave t terir a rrrisssa to* the peaalyclir-ic: $hpllbs'g, LhOkas ? Zeli.kovaicy, ftote-4411kov.kayt, l.eibusheta, Yatf the chairrn of the ne1e t ng,, read the a cgada, after which YA.I. Birbraayeer read a report, on the ecttvities of the AQeociat,iran free: I May :sj 31 December 1947, Th* report read by Yta,I. iiirbrayer, ah&d.ruan of the eocecutivc car. +?it.3.Ae ; "Me R1exar r authorit'i of this presort a +.ini.etrattoo 1eC .ily ccwmes to an mad on 30 April butbecauae of the repatriation of fcny of our aronbers, it has ben decided to call a hooting before the scheduled ti:no. The repatriation greatly upset t1~e x.orr,,.l routine of the Aesociatfo:a. A repatri- ation department we* organised and headed by t:. a. 4efiro,r? After his d^"'::rture, he was replaced by Ya, 1. Birhr. atyer, with G... Upgstcv as :~f s assi:atant. After the repatriation,t'he As:vn6ciation conducted the re-regiatratlora of al.. its old ambers and the registration of new ones. During this period B sections, 3 clube, 2 or?anizaticw (the Polyclinic and the pharmacy), 11 Unions and 1. school continued their aa.tiviti.s. The Association helped the needy ra+srbers, th?* school are, other cit,:..ens o. thr. Soviet Cotiany. AA of 1 Jul,,: 19la7 thhe% So'i.tet school was plx.n -t llydtr t:'~ Up --r- ii;i.:o ? I .he Association and everything was done to r -nder aesistanc?e to the s ?;hoof, the c c uuator c ,f our younger ;enea ra:: tann Further, Ya .'.. Pirtirayer read a report on the ft.nancial situaticaa ,A . the Ar;sociati.on for the past year. BY 31 Dean-emuer 1947, :25% of all the debts the Association had had on 1 3-ta;y 19h7 had boon 7e d. C'' ' Q80,Ot ,1YX) w s road for than 5tedfur The Executive Cor rtittee %7161',63 to thank all those who helped carry ?n the work of tho .Qeaoe4etton, eatecial?y the repatriation work, It is a roliei to Ape that the Associetlan to reausinr its regular activities and that the Association will continuo to ~ work for the benefit of the entire Soviet colony," The report. read by i.'.S, l.uanya:zat.sev w4.s ac foi:_owa: "This repaatrl.ation of nearl s `10% of the amber of the 1 ecutive Cc,, L t.t?ss greati.f upset the routine of the various oz ani zaat.iona , 1 xtr?a work waive plied up on tho*n who r=ained behind, for it va ; very difficult to find replacements inuaaedlately for those who had loft. it 8'P X I C T t D Approved For Release 2ORIE IRICIDP82-00457ROO1400900004-7 Approved For Release 2RE/MICP82-00457R00140090000 C1 L INTFtLIGStiL'i? AGM It ?sItl1~T1. 2 However, a new group of activists carried vn the work The Soviet ttgatan's Association lost nearly all its members but new me nbers have registered and activities ure being tarried on at full epee+d. This Association helped greatly during the days of the repatriation. The Soviet Yr+dical Worker's Union also lost a great number of its members but it did not stop l%wiatlici is . The Union also did fine work during the repatriation. The Soviet t it eery and Technicianaf lotion is one of the most important organ. l- nations of our Association. It prepares groups of workers for various fields of work. The Members of the Soviet Book-iceepere and Accountants Uniat; also take an active part in the work of the Association. The 3owlet Stage- orkere Union was reorganized durinC the repatriation. it Is takj,ng an active part in the work of the 1-ssoctstion and helps to work out the progralas for all the parties and special meetings. It recently stsCed "Tice bong Sister". 'Toe Soviet Journalists and literary t:orkers Union has lost practically all its umbers, but it has been reorganised and p: orrLises to start publ13hir.e again the magazine "Today" (Sego hya r The Soviet Lmtgere Lion and the Soviet Sea en'a Union contirnses to function. The only Unions that ceased funetionins,; are the Union of Teachers and the Hotel - Restaurant Worker's Union. The clubs play the most. important role in the life of the Soviet colon. The Soviet Sports' Club played an important role in educating the youth of hai. The youth showed their real spirit during the repatriation. Though all the active members of the Soviet 1lub on tiayside have left and all the activities hav*sen discontinued for the ,ast four months, the Club hau now rerrurnecl its duties. Great significative should be attached to the"dclegatesz union". It should be stratgthened and doped, as it aids in the unity of our colony and helps to attract. more aeabexs into the Association. The report read by V.G. Rudakov, director of the "f Hance-p ann i g" department, was as follows: "The debts of the Association are wt very large.. If we examine the books of t.hw hsscciutcn from 1 May up tithe 31 December 3-94?, it appears that the Association has amid off almost all its debts. The Soviet coalmW helped a great deal. It responded to the .-umems of the executive eaamittownd collected .Honey for the needs of the c!lcny. The fund which has been g%thered for these purposes amount, to two and a half billion dollars. Th..s fund enabled the Association to pay off the debts Incurred in building the iovi et Sports' Cl -ab in 1946 and the beginning of 1947. The general budget of the Association consists of two parts: the ""ordi.larv budget", which in concerned with current expenses and the"apeci-al budget", which is con-. ce?ne3 with special expenaea of the Association such as expenses incurred in connection with the repatriation, construction cork, repair work, etc. The membership fees and the profits tmdertWdng from the various sections and organizations of the Association (i- of y. clinic and the pharmacy) are amounted for in customary budget. The total exp'r-see "or the past year amounted to CNC$8,632,000 a000. with the cur: ant. cool anscc -.n CNC$5,552,000,000. The greater part of the "current expenses" was spent on the clubs,. This is natural, as much as most of the activities are conducted at the club. because of the repatriation, the club had a CNM500,000,000 deficit. 14.8 of the z oney was spent on the school. The "finance--planning" cor~au i- seion once proposed to make the school self-supporting, but it, was decided to discuss and solve this problem dnrirag the present meeting. The school can become self -supporting in two ways : 1) Charge tuition fees; 2) Have the "economy" (finannc&) committee of the school raise money by means of special projects. The various departments of the Association also spend a great deal of money, large suers being spent by the social welfare department. A number of measures were taken to reduce the expenses of the Association. The Executive Committee decreased the nwnber of paid employees by 6C%. All the members of the executive cdsaittrrefused to accept any renumeration for their services. The nernbr;r, ship fees altogether equal C14C41,445,000:000. hS T KC T Is D Approved For Release 204L1 2tRtc I 82-00457ROO 1400900004-7 Approved For Release 2CR'EIS I(IP82-00457R00140 CERMAL MW-?JU= A In caoalusion, Radakov made a general review of the financial situation. The report read by G.1 . ggnistov, director of the health department was as follows: Me po clime is aader the control of the health department. A pharmacy, two dental offices and a phy'siotharapy laboratory, comprise the polyclinic , The pharmacy is filled with medicine. During the repatriation period, the polyclinic gave 15,000 inoculations and disinfected the luufgaes of the repatriaat s. The doctors of the Polyclinic exaedned the r apetri mss . 20,328 patients, not includ r the repatriates, visited the polyclinic during the just year. 15?4 patients received free medical treatment. 4,235 patients visited the dental office. The polyclinic shows a profit of CI-C..849,4B3,100 for the east year; belt of it tma made by the pharmacy. The social welfare 4spartrzent did the wet important work during. the reietriation period. It helped about 1,(:QO nerdy repatriates by giving thee clothing Mud indisp4n-- sable articles. This department gives food to the needy, lends :rxoney to tlamo in need, and helps the sick by providing then with free hospitalization. The present high cast of living h us increased the activi.ti a of Lne Departm(nit-11 The election of candidates. The following were elected candidatca aia a result of voting: TA-1. Birbroyer - 195 13. i.. W,ebov ^ 1h4 V., G. Rudaoov - 208 T. Khesln - 140 N.A. ft yantsev - 186 h .l. Chilikina - 3146 I I. Kossovsk aya - 120 T. 7.olviah 75 G.P. ggnestov - 183 A. A. Borodin 152 ?, A.Tikub 146 J.S. Akaakoov -' 98 ti r 3. Filadelfov 173 A.I. Gudzenko - 78 W3. A,. A. Zhukev - 117 1.. L. h amirovsky - 2L 8.V. Patrusheva - 93 R i.5 TH 12 1', D Approved For Release 200RWR1 TF D82-00457 R001400960004-7 Approved For Release 20RESTRK E 82-00457ROO 1400900004-7 25X1A ~Rtfl'811L 11'!iVL E Atli r -2 X A 1) 1jo~lGOVlttai.. 25 F4crns*- 294e TV* Soviet Cl*nb on aside coneiets of a awdfum alas roam, a 3seil officer and a aaodinae siaze* stage. The tans arrn doeorate wit) slorsna aarfd rlaca. !e. 'fter the ra.ratari *tlnn, tJ* ealub *so a ffielute1,y 4rr_ty. Not vVen a wat'*.rar, ;jas tc be tout. At one tire It rw declde l to close uT- th,_, ,el b . Uusi-fC t e ratiartrietior, t:'e urt ire arc1 r:inistrrative staff and the actual members left. The r%**trdnr co hers never laid taken an actlvr< part in the aotivitien of the club, but now it rim ur to tbeo to rocrg-?niz. the clrah, w ttc a]1 the Soviet eolr, y of Datyaide and make the club as co" i'orteblar and clac:?,. Sonatire aft,.r tttt reyetriatior a r*w active prep was organized a-ad was headed by V.,TI, ] dtrov, the only rwainilna- sober of the addnistratica. 4 T.-r+rcrary Cmeittoe was organiabcl, consisting of the f'ollow's;.' byres V.Tc. Petrov, Chaair wa n, A.I. Gudzenko, Assistant Chetirran and Tarvoter of the Ctv itor? De artr'.nt, 0 A. hetonte, Secret ant+ tireeterr at the toooc y Defartar et, Ta.P. ffiolyar*v and LE, Vinkler, rseasber*i of the Adel r..ietrstive Ztaff Before the roFstristion there were 300 members in the club, However three quarters of tte 10t for the Soviet tltric n arei the rertrAining had not rartici f atud i n the Wti,itite oC the club. The re-registration of ell_ the old mowers was corrclueteo tarn at' r.-4 ent then o are 60 anrabers i a t c lab, a now ona s +ra c oont.i naous ly 1 of at rike at note the fiat work dote by 1-1 Gadsenko, Director of the Cu'ture Ce artewnt. Re reorgnised th8 library, i3sucxt a monthly "waall?-rUeeB?'?" rend increaser considerably the cultural work of the Club. !Cmaae nearly all the citizens of 'tiayside uyu not well-off, tht library fees are extranae1ty' 1 co. Rererts on the motherland arc read goer-.- wort. &11. Gcver su cnt t:cslida~,:s and irrcrtant fcctt_vnls an eoiebrated at the Club. 7riond,'y' di'u'cra are hold cat tre Club c:v.?rr Saturc=a:. ni,rht and t} t; htve aac'tuirod `rent i?or.ui rr4ty. A snack-ber f't ct'c.'xa, :td rrices beiri, very low", Ne =at alma noto this .rork :'ore by t3 Soviet t7n'*n's Ar-scci; !ie:i. The rurb rs of tbis *saCci .ticn r:u'ticitoto In all trt urdort a'.ir s of the C:u'., and l:e1r in decorating the Club cr t.eciol occasicr,s. At Fresert they are waking rrt:r.r+ tfcns for the cdlobretion of ?o anla Vic, on 6 -rch? .o had .err, Interview w14 h A, I. 6fte' I.o, Aasistart Chairman, azd A.G. Iatonts, awcr.+ta r. The-. told u:+ at sere of their rians for the future, In the first place, the Ty r; crary Cowr:itteo intendu to call, a general s e?tinC in order to elect a Ferwent Kir.'nistrtivia strff. The Cub will be totally renovetud? The Temporary Committee l also +I t*1n- of origanIt .a a arrall theatrical circle in the near future. The Culture Derartrvat. will arranre for lectures and rt-jortg at leant once a week- The Corsittee also hopes to abcw Soviet file+s it lehnt once a week. This noels be very advantageous for the Soviet color at 'haaya ide, heoause not, many of tt>e3. have '.he o ortuntty of going to the Soviet Sports Cluh to sae the movlee there. To secorT.11sh whathaas been described ebove is a very eiif'ticaalt tisc, because almost all the active s.ebera have been roFatristed. Therefore, the Carrytitt.I F: la atteeptivrw, to have as many new members an res lhle join the Association Approved For Release 20 U 82-00457ROO 1400900004-7 Approved Fop FQWT X-NWWT . 1I R ds S s =1s MaUlk i2 2 27 F*bntary 194N OU HM TO W- '119: mss rn s V - U M - W.G. Ru&,kov, ch -.fni ni cf the Aseoeiat.ioti ynd B.5.Ruvqaiets*v, aaciitant ch:4iriaan have both apprised us lte irrottle as end e*wpo3es of the -%aamiativn. "Before OW 410oing the work to be done by the new cowti-.tee", hetl;ar Ceirnrv4e iattyantaesv, "ate mat sey a few words on the work xc hr-htd by t he former executive cotsaitte*. The 1 offer execuj ve cur wii.teaa cuz;.lctc,i :f ri *,ti, ?n rotary- only. However. they ss sged perfectly tha task or repatriating a couple of thousand of Soviet citisas to their motherltatrd.. The v'or'r: xas dens extremely -? eU . on, The neet- executive committee, continued co Trade Ru akov, "has any important, to :work c+ut. iR> r :.:as.a be ra?_~e1 !.r. order to have the work done in the various sections of the Association. All -Soviet citizens must also be induced to Join the Assooi tt.ion. The activities of the various organizations mu3t. be kept Coin;;, with more oitizeria participating *::Iovittees:,The activities of the culture der- psrtuesnt traest be wei.l organized and th.a school must be put on a fix= financial bas:..; sWr. Soviet childru tit be enrolled tis students. The health department, the disp*nr;ar,,ra /oeial ars2 ?ere department must also stti.and their r. ctivitie- . An inventor? of the pro- perty of the Association aunt 03o be taado. as once with the resolution ps+esed at the de::.egates*moeting a-tl.l me berc =at pay their dent in accordance with the new stamndard+th&t have been set to speciaL camuds.iom vdU determine what percentage of his :5 l ary each member will trove to pal ,% The finances of the lssociation are very izportarrt in so far as the activities, of the i'ssociatton are concerned I do hope that every citizen Ys2.t d. fta,fill his obligations We must rethe'sber that the msembershti due w'UI. help make our crol a well-organfaed one. An Sovij& t mu at 9.3g2 Mffijbgra at every Sour et G tisen should beccade a medeber of the kss oc i:+t for+.. :leery incivs - dual tetto has tak*t a Soviet passport np4st remember that he is a real Soviet citizen and that, as a Soviet eitizen, he must. be 4a riesr r of the Association. We hope that the new executive ecemtttee will manage to is:dace all Soviet ritisers to participate in the activities of the Association. Active workers et be dra lnto-&he As oaiati n: After the repatriation the various ort.anizations of the Association startcd to emu it, their activities very irregui rly. %a _isost i portant probl ! is to induce as many active workers as possible to r .rticipate,~'T a activities of the i .;uociation: The second problem is concerr.-d with starting the planni.n; work in the varioae organizations. Yie must rernotber that our organizations, especially the are the atorges" of Soviet ideology. f'ult a2 activities must be conducted in the various organi',ations of the Associrtion. every Soviet citizen must be f4mili:.r Y+2 h the history and the progress made by his motherland, her Constitution, customs,, etc. Soviet ghild Bust attend he 32yiet School ire educational program of the school is being conducted as usual. The school has bees improved and will exist :.s long as there is a Soviet colony in Shanghai,. How- ever, it is necessary to note that not all. Soviet citizraris are Sending their children to the Soviet school.. It is tatderatzndable that so," p&rentr wish to have their chile ran ac,t?_ire a knowledge of ,foreign lanCuagee. How_ver, -.,That rcwke! thew think that, the aovi.-t Sc!iuc:l cannot educsste their children along these litters' The C omeittee of the Association will. see to it that the Soviet School'-,l% standards will not only be higher than those of 't r e etas foreign schools, but will also bo as high as the students of any Soviet school Mould be. To sooomplieh this we expect the support of the entire soviet colony. All Soviet childrbn must attend the Sovie?:. school and receive a real Soviet education and vp-brinThe At the and 0 our interview a few words were said about the health dope rtnen' , the dispsllsary and the social welfare department It was noted that the work ;.n th.ise ~s was pragr.aei g very well, but that the activities must still be expanded foyer, the success of the polyclinic depends not only on the active workers themselves, bet also an the aooscientiousnesa of every member of the Soviet colony., All Soviet closets ntwt be treated at the polyclinic and must buy all their medicine at the We are wore that the cormittee of the soviet Citizens Association and all the Soviet colony of shanghai will, help us carry out this difficult task and will pay t.ieeir membership dues an time. ~~~lt1Al