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November 16, 2016
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April 18, 2000
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June 28, 1948
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? ,,o4r (.riukult...?;.,,..,(,..,.. Approved Forftv4IntelgiL4ER INFORMATION COUNTRY , Germany (Russian Zone) 25X1A P82-004,FR40119 CONFIEDESTIAINTE DISTR. 20 June 1948 SUBJECT New Expropriations in Saxorry-anhalt NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1A DATE DP 110-0 25X1X 25X1A 1 ? FENSE OF THE UNITED STASIS WITHIN THE NEARING OF THE ESPIONAGE ACT SD U. S. C.. 31 AND 32. AS *NEEDED. ITS TRANSOISSIOSt OR THE REKIATI011 OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY TANNER TO AS UNAUTUDRIZED PERSON 13 PRO. INCITED DT LAW. RIPRObOCTION OF THIS FORD IS PROMS/TED 1101i- ? MN INFORMATION CONTAIN GD IS COOT OF THE nag MAY SE UTILIZED Sj AS ocano NECESSARY BY THE RECEIVING AGENCY. ,n4VEr.cx4Et".V^i*V4.1 WAT:EtT?Trn.Wq' _ SOURCE 25X1X Igina NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION FOR THE RESEARCH USE OF TRAINED INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS 1, SMA Karleherst declared itself dissatisfied with the course of expropriations in Saxony-Anhalt, since a relatively large number of firms had been returned to privae owners rathee, than transferred to Land ownerelp, Dr. Hempel, a member of the Berlin Central Seenestration Commission, who had worked in Halle previously,was also out of favor for his nca italistie" connectione end his sequestrations in Saxony-Anhalt. 2. For these' reasons, sma ordered. .a rapid re-examination of all expropriation and sent to Halle a special ea0mission in. February under one .Walz, Through its branch, offices, it no only collected Materials and investigated restorations .ef property bat also examined in detail many new firms, Of these latter, only. those wnich were prospaping were considered, The commiseion did net hesitate to remove from records any material to the advantage of former owners vhich miaht prevent sequestration,, After a rumor that a thoueEndnew firms would be expropriated, actually eighty-three were soquesterea, in which the riumber of employees and the profitable character of the business were evidently. the determininc factors. These included fonr shoe factories in Weissenfels; the Martick furniture firm, the Bode construction firm, the Dessauer sugAr factory, and the Schubert -bread factory .in Halle; and the Diannhaupt printing firm in Deseau. 3. Sanctioning, of these measures was requeste6. in advance on 3 March 194E1 .from the Land cabinet, where there was an. assured SED majority, ? Minister President nbener succeeded in pre- ventin8 a considerable number of expropriations, bat even he was,handieaPped by not knowing the procedures, to 'co used. 4. Reasons g!.ven for expropriation were of the following type: The Wenzel shoe factory in Weissenfels during the war made Military boots which were tried out by concentration camp prisoners on marches of thirty kilometers or more.. AlthfJugh the owner was clear of party connections, he was accused of crimes against humanity and imprluoned under Order 201, aml his, business was expropriated. A Weissenfeln? browy wan ox.- prepriated beeause it produced beer which was used 1')y l a:!n7 'CLASSIFICATION COM" _201*-1 Document No. ND MAN E Clas A2thg Date: irt-ttt l -91161414jSTING "WIT BE EXCISED BEFORE PUBLIC PPS5Y/Wed to the the 00/06Vg&T-RDP8 40457R00t600420004-8 Approved For Release 2000/06/0L; DP82-00457R00125S02180004-8 CENTRAL INTELLI .TGE AGENCY iONIFIDIE. HUAI. during the par. The Bickel shoe factory in .Weissenfels was checked by the Volkskontrolle and expropriated because a small quantity of unreported stock was found. Factory councils and 4m1lar organizations played a considerable part in such expropriations. Approved For Release 2000/06gcgkTRDP82-00457R001600420004-8