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December 14, 2016
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December 11, 2000
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July 19, 1948
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SUBJECT uq 25X1A COUNTRY Argentina/Latin Mnerica C. --- LDATE DISTR. July 3918 Moviiniento pro Union Republicana Latina de America NO. OF PAGES PLACE 75X1 C ACQUIRED nATF OF I L J? Z), r u:1 u r u i `t ~ .. , Approved For RebofItO(,-f1}AA ?2-00457~T ffif w i w IN FORMA NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) a SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X The Movimiento pro Union Hepublicana Latina de America held its first con- ference in Montevideo in April 19).5. Present at the conference were high officials of the Uruguayan Goverment as well as representatives of maxi American and some European countries. Henry 1I.Allace was among those indiv- iduals who sent statements of their agreement with the movement, 20 Discussed at the meeting was the subject of world peace, which, the confer- ees agreed,, must be based on democratic regimes and the safeguard of the rights of man. Pan-Americanism was defended as a continental organization, but it too must be grounded on democratic regimes. The Franco regime of Spain was condemned. 3. An organizing commission, created at the conference, was composed of the foll.ovin, individuals: Nicolas Ci 1.1 I Augusto Darcia Paulino Noguei.ra Junto Prieto Fernando Araneda Paul Bernichou Curio Chiaraviglio Vicente Grucci Jose P. Gardozo Carlos Sanchez Viatnonte Susana Larguia - Argentina, Secretary General. Spain w Brazil Paraguay Chile France ., I?. y1? ... Uruguay -- Uruguay - Argentina Argentina 14. Since this conference the group has displayed little activity. Ideologically it affirms liberal and leftist sentiments, and has had no contact with Com- munists. The movement has no relationship with the Union Continental Ihero- Americana and the ,Action Chilena-Argentina 25X1 A STATE ARMY Document No. NO CHANGE In C g A DECLASSIFIEt Class. CHANGED DDA Memo, 4 A r 77 Auth: D Go fob' Release 2001/0 Dater ~ ,..7-2 By: D33 7i~ e ocurent Is hereby regraded 'to CON' ;"'IU`NTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1973 from the Director of Ce- ra1 lnteHl;g3nce to the Archivist of the United Saes. RDI~82 0O457?RQQl 7Q06000