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December 15, 2016
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March 13, 2001
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July 29, 1948
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S;~_a1F v"25X'1 A Approved For Release tQ14~1 I F I A COUNTRY Rumania SUBJECT Training Schools of the Rumanian Workers Party 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRE DATE OF INFO: 25X1 C WARNING wvrn,,,c: . --- NO 15 DO V Q EXCISED dE i?PCI ILIC RELEASE rOr.tH 11 CONFIDENTIAL in acco:chnce with the letter of 16 October 1973 from the Director of Central lnteii;ct:nce to the A ~c' s4Ft'~ F e`~'ease *1/04/12 Next Review Date: 2008 t1 25X1X DATE DISTR 29 July 1918 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Information on training schools given below covers the period before and immediately after the fusion of the Social-Democratic Party (Rad ceanu faction) with the Rumanian Communist Party to form the Rumanian workers Party. It is not believed that the training program has been materially altered by this change in the Partygs name. 1. Cadre schools have been established in cities, important industrial centers, or are located so as to serve specific regions of the country. There are four cadre schools in Bucharest, one for each administrative area of the city. Party cells recommend students for these schools. The course of study lasts from three to four months, the students attending classes from two to four hours daily. Students may work .chile attending school,, securing leave of absence from their places of employment when necessary. The course of study includes work in the history of the CPSU (b), principles of Marxism, Communist Party structure and organization, and the duties of party members. 2. Special schools are organized to train party members for specific tasks, such as the execution of the agrarian reform or participation in electoral cam- paigns. The course of study lasts about ten days. Party cells each send one to three students. Usually from forty to fifty students are enrolled at one time in a special school. I 3. The Stefan Gheorghiu Communist University, which trains Party leaders and xnctionaries, is located in the old building of the Ministry of anterior at the corner of Calea Victories and Strada General Marna in Bucharest. The course of study lasts one year. Candidates are chosen by the Cadre Section of the Party on recommendation of Party cells and the cadre schools, who nominate their best students. Other students are selected from among individuals active in higher organs of the Party who have shown the attributes of leadership. Between two and three hundred students attend the University yearly. Most of the students are from Bucharest and reside at home while pursuing their studies; students from the provinces are given board and lodging at the University building. Students who were previously employed are paid their regular salaries by their old employers while attending school. Party functionaries likewise continue to receive their Party stipends. The Director of the University is Barbu Lazarearcu. Courses and lectures are given by members of the Secretariat DECLAS S IF ass. ~..., DDA Mtti _ 2-00457MOO47 ? P1700210 1 RT NO. ` Ra CHA?EE 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/04/12 : CIA_ of the Party, the editors of Scanteia, selected professors from the University of Bucharest, and such CoLmist ir,Gellectuals as Mircea Bala.nescu and Barbu Zaharescu. A'course in problems of the Party is taught by Nicola. Gold- berger. one Rain, whose true name is Uigenstein, deliver?s a series of lectures on the Oanti-#mperialist struggle". Gheorghe Ghorghiu-Dej lectures on economics; Teoharie Georgescu, Minister of Interior, discusses state or- ganization and administration; and Emil Bodn araq, Minister of National Defense, talks on military strategy and tactics. L&. The Institute of Universal Culture, a secret training school,, is located in the building formerly occupigd by the Japanese Legation, on Boulevard facia in Bucharest. This Institute trains its students for a diplomatic career. Students, who are selected by the Cadre Section of the Party and paid wrhi.l attending school, ,are veteran Communists who have proved their faithfulness to the Party. The course of study lasts six months, classes being held from six to ten hours daily; thestudent body numbers eighty. Among the faculty are Emil Bodnaraa, Teoharie Georgescu and Ana Pauker. SEC T CIA-RD 8 2 Approved For Release 2001/04/12 : SE -00457RO01700210015-8 CRE T