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December 15, 2016
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March 12, 2001
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July 30, 1948
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COUNTRY SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF MO ACQUIRED 1. SZq1:2T COTP:OL U. OFFICIALOI Approved Fr ease -RE),F82-00457RODAMOAW CENTRAL -F Ut. N vv;:j-orii FORMATr hbotiN ' LFORT Poland Dier,osition of Troops and Equirmont in Poland 25X1A 25X1A 2901_0 210 DATE DISTR. July 1948 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LiSTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. since Ilarch 1948 a rarked increase in the number of railway transports carrying Soviet troops and military equipment from the USSR Into Poland- has been observed. 2. The two Polish railway lines being principally used for rrllitary trans- port are reported to be the followings a. The northern route (east to west): Kot .o-P.astetabork (RastenbulT2 R55/k29)-Elblag-Tczew-Pila-Starogard. b., The southern route (east to west): Lwou,-Przem sl-Krakow-Katowice- Tirocley. .3. .The alno-Grodno-Bialystok-7hreaw rail line is beino used for military . purposes only to Bialystok, which is the site of one of the largest Sovlt arsenals in Poland. The most direct BerlireMoscoyline, via Frankfart? ? Poznan, Kutno, 'Jersey, Brzesc (Brest), and Kiev, is not being used for ? military. tranoports, since this line has been set aside for all travel of diplomats and othe); foreigners Toing to or {Yon Rasnia. 'By this roans the Russians hope to create the impression that there is little or no movement of :7oviet military personnel or equipment.. Soviet troop dispositions (by areas) in Poland as of 21-30 Am 1948 were as follows: 0 cc 25X1X *4, 'a. Starogard-Pila-Bialogrod area: approximtely 80,000-100,000 troops, principally of the ground forces; motorized troops, motorized artillery; 70000 nen of the nilitary railway service; 5,000 nen of the Medical Corps; very fellrmna of the airforce or armored troops. b. Poznan vicinity: approximately 80000 troops, principally airforce personnel; 1 infantry regiment; 1 artillery regiment. C, STAIE ARMY "Document No. NO CHANGE 4g) C' 7 1 roughly evenly divided among motorized infantry and artillery, armored troops, and airforce troors. The headquarters are still located at Chudowe (Bad Kutiotia, about 28 kn. 1 of Klodzko/Clatz)..0100080,000 troops, . CLASSIFICATION rVICITs , NSRBI DisTRIBUTION J 1 1 L WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTRiBUTION G?MUST. EXCISED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT. 2001/S RIND8Z457R0h760ii1-1 0i Laded by IA. Approved For Release 2001/11/23: A-RDP82-00457R00170041009MA SESELC? U.S. 0 IALS ONLY CENTRAL INTJLLIG3NCE AGENCY OM* 2 1 VAL 4 da Lomza-Suwalki areas approximately 70,000 troops, regular infantry nnd artillery units. No airforce troops in area. 6. Lublin-Zamosc-Cheln area: approximate3y 513,006.60,0o0 troops, princi- pally motorized infantry and -artillery; many airforcepengineer, and railway service units. f. The Soviet garrinons at Frzemysl and Rzeszow together number about 12,000 troops, principally infantry and antillery plus 1 engineer group.. 25X1A g. The more recent arrivals among the troops in the above areas have been transferred from the Middle and Far Eastern areas. They are of the ynunger classes, and this is their first time in Europe. They are well equipped but in poor physical corraition. Their discipline is not on, a. level with that of the troope previously stationed in these areas. Deser-' tion is very frequent, and the military prisons do not have the facilities for handling all offenders. 11111111111124=4, It will be noted tht the above firm:rag are con,- siderably higher thannose furnished in Warsaw in recent months. 25X1X 5. Soviet -military equipment arsenals in Poland: a. Lodz (area northeast and east of the city): all types of airforce equipment, including great quantities of bombs of all sizes. New barracks are being constructed. b. Forest of Niepolomice (east of Krakow): principally artillery to all types, machine guns, tanks, and name planes, aloo artillery ammunition. Now underground ammunition and bomb dumps are .being built. c. Area between Rozwadow and Przemysi: concentration of artillery pieces, tanks, and planes; great quantities of ammunitions and bombe; underground dump building. d. Bialystok.-Supwasi areal The town of Suprasi, northeast of Bialystok, haa recently been evacuated and is becoMing the Soviets1 largest tank depot in Poland. Already the number of tanks is estimated at 19000. The entire area is one huge arsenal, e. Large stockpiles of military equipment arriving from the interior ofRussia are being laid out in the area immediately -east of the Polish-Russian border. (The Whole area is forbidden to tile Poles.) 1(T CONTROL U.S. 1 IALS ONTY Approved For Release 2001/1SUREIRDP82-00457R001700410001-1