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November 16, 2016
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April 25, 2000
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August 13, 1948
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25X1 A 25X1 X 7T,,A77717a17717-.: Ap roved For Release 20,40i0 OP ,C 7RP827004,TW)sl Ote., 151 cf the Chile. r.; nrm?st. Party 25X1 A CONFIDENTiAL 25X1 A DATE DiSTR. 3.3 kunist 1948 NO, OF PAGES ENC LS. tLCTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 2 It has been reported that the Communistleerte of Chile issued certain in- .,ections for clandestine activity which were to go into effect on 26 1.lay 190. ,'.1cialg them was the order that all Party militants and members who had been. reeteiled or were in dieerace were to be contacted and united against the aneseenneent? i!ew orders:, for -which eenbers were to be alerted, would be sent trollf?-% couriers. The central courier is reported to be Emilio Nlbornoz Cereasco, who will serve as liaison offieer betveen the Party directors and the eo eho conteot the lower echelone. The Political Cometesion of the Cann:mist Party is said to have divided all the eenaenall groups into ievc cateporios of members. One category consists of those !eees who are to carry on illegal activities of an underground nature after c. anni-Comeunist Sill has been eassed. The other eroup is formed of those Celaemists who are to leave the ranks of the Party and infiltrate other political eereiee. The Political ?omission disapproved any laree-scale use of either the Radioal or Liberal Parties. In the provincial cities many Comeunist applied for and secured ner'vrehin in the Conservative Party. Eany of the arsiehborhood cells in Santiago have joined the Partido Secialista Unificado. On 8 Jule the directors of the Santiano Reeional Committee of the Comnunist Party ocenented reeardine the present statue of the Party as follows: The Coennnists hope to coordinate their union strife towards a possible ethrow of the Government. They will take advantage of the present _seal confusion and of the contacts they have with certain factions in Ntee? particularly the garriscns stationed in the capital, which are entrenely dissatisfied with present conditions. The Central Committee has ordered all Communist detainees to attempt an eeeepe and to resane their work at indicated points. The detainees who have boon able to escape from Pisagua have already returned to Santiago and have been assigned new localities in which to work. The Conniesion of the Central Comnittee that the anti-Goneunist law, which will Tron labor unions and felerel and local The Commission is not very disturbed by of the Comeunist Parte expects eliminate thousands of Party nembers positions, will be passed shortly. this, since it feels that seni- laleeal activities will be nore beneficial to the Party. It is expected that a national conerens of the Coemunist Parte will be CLASSIFICATION SECR-Z STATE mmre IF&Ite DISTRIBUTION t;i7A4YRNINXNAdricE: T DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST EXCISED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT, [VE Class. Approved For Release 2000/0 Auth: -RDP82-00451M07d 25X1A e. Approved For Release 2000/06/08.: CIA-RDP82-00457RWM680010-2 SE (JT 25X1A CET Ii7ILLIGC7M3 1GENCY -2" held in Santiaeo in the near future, It rhich time future teaties and ? instructions i be announeed.. Eduardo Aqids, a meelber of the I;ational Directorate of the Coneenist Party, is reportFa to have stated that Comeenists have been (pito sqccessful in otealing erns from the 1ccion Chileria lnticomunista (ACHA), by nenctrating that organization. ;Te stated that on 6 jele 1941 four Tho-pson machine rune and eirhty Cnglish rifles were removed from ACM headquarters.* 4. The Thilean ,:orarzuniot *)art-r ulo meorted ta-cen co-e/cItely by 3urn,.13e by the Tito-Oominform crisis, since it hal never lien officially adnitted through Party channels that a serious rift ha, developed. The 5elretary-Ceneral refeced to commit the Part7 on any erenapaela line until snecific Ulstrections** were ?reeeived. The Political Oommissionof the Party issued inetrultions to all reebers, especiaMerthe lealers, to re'rain from ma):ing any direct el!ueiens to the 0 7119 : *The newspeper,Teellej.J1tieaseticias reported on 10 Jule that e e e gene and rifles had been stolen from 'ACHA headquarters. 7a-esint Gonzalez Videla is renerted to have reprimanded Arturo 01.2yarria, the bead of ACUA for this inciient. **A balletin, entitled :I2Iielia_Prensa .:;ontinental de Navane, is believed to be the source of these instructions. This bulletin, which is sent to all Communist newspapers at their request, contains the onininne of the vnrines Cormunint Parties throughout the world. The l/e Jule- issue refleeteCt maninols sunnort for the Cominform action arainot Tito. SLORa ? CONFOF,Nnr- I Approved For Release 2000/0S EA-RDP82-00457R001700680010-2