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August 31, 1948
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ULJ?rn,fu RJ Approved For ReGVH069- ,i,-/ I AI FORMAT! COUNTRY Peru. 2:0-04511004t665 PORT CON DasITIAL SUBJECT Activities of Communist Party of Peru during Ally 1948 PLACE 25X1A ACQUIRED DATF OF T 25X1X 25X1A DATE DISTR. 31 August 1948 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. General Siteation of Communist Par tv of Peru (PCY1 1. The PCP began the month of July 1948 with its meager strength further weakened by a division into two opposing camps: the recognized PCP and the group recently expelled from the Party by the Party Control Commission, centering around Juan P. Luna Salazar and his associates. -During Jay, there was an Important trial of strength between the two groups, neither of which scored a decisive victory, and neither of which showed signs of abandoning Its position. The energy of both groups, therefore, was largely devoted to an inter?group struggle, thus virtually removing the Party from the national and international scene as a political force. 2. In the course of this struggle, several facts concerning Party affairs were brought to light. For exaeple?.the extent to which the Prado Government supported- and subsidized Communist leaders for its own purposes was revealed. It is also noted that the Party admits that it has been unable to recover even one third of the position which it once held within organized labor. A picture of financial and organizational chaos was brought out during the discussions of the VII Plenary Session of the Central Committee. 3. Although on 5 July Lima was paced under State of Sleep, the teres of which forbade political meetings of any ort, the VII Plenary Session of the Central Committee held its meetings at Party headquarters from 30 jene through 13 Jay, Without at any time being disturbed by the authorities. .VTI-P4144T7 -$9AgAon .of 'qle.:ColtutaSSIVatotf39 clrethe_PcP 4 The VII Plenary Session of the Central Conmittee of the Comnunist Party of Peru was inaugurated on 30 June 1948 at -9 p.m. at PCP headquarters, Colmena 669, Lima. 5. Speeches were made at. the inaugural session by Jorge del Prado, Secretary General of the PCP, and Manuel Uearte Saldana, member of the Departmental Committee of Junin,. underlining the importance of the forthcoming plenary session changed with doing preliminary work for the III Dational Congreas of the Party scheduled for 22 August 1948. 6. The VII Plenary Session he d its first meeting the morning of 1 July and elected its "Preesidium" ollows, to preside over the session of the 25 ? CLASSIFICATION STATE 2LLIII[ri NAVY AIR NSRB 'PION n? 1 r RA o!!ment is hereby regraded to '7.7:NTIAL in accordance with the of 16 October 1978 from tho tor of Central Intelligence to the of the United States. Lext Review Date: 2008 NO CH g_DE Class. DD Auth: DDA 20(10/05/16 : CIA-RDPEgatiiiP4 Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : CI 0457R001800540014-2 CZ' MIL 1::2-31, G 21;03 IG-117CY COPFIDENTIAL 25X1 A members of the Central Comeittee: Jorro del Prado (Lima) Sergio Caller (Deputy for Cuzco) joce raced? nendoza (Duty for Carabaya) Manuel Ucarte Sal-lana (Huancayo) Abelardo Cabrejos nunaz (La ::erced) Augusto Chavez 13edoya (Arequipa) aloe? Garcia The following Coneittee meebers were also nresent at thic 'eetinr: Diego Farias (Lia) Alfredo rattheuc (ima) Edmund? Carranza (Lima) Alipio Orbegoso (Lima) Carlos Carearm (Tana) Juan Lopez (Lima) Carlos Arbulu :!'iranda (Chiclayo) jose rarcos (Lima) Teofilo Sosa (Lima) .bent ne-bers of the Central Coemittee were: Toro :L'costa Jean Barrio Claudio Paytampona Omar ?Albert Cesar Calderon Abelardo Salazar Onr/oe Guadaluee Sinon Herrera Farfan Celia Flores 7. Of the "sonlentes" or alto-nate noebers of the 3entra1 Committee, only aeilia Camas attended tho sessions0 dith the singlo m:cention of Carlon Arbulu :aranda, no representatives from the north of Peru were present. 0. An innediebe antagonise appeared to develop between the Lima nombers and those comng fro' outside the caeital. Manuel Ugnrte rialdana led the lat ,er eroup and ooened his attac': by nointing out that in Una, the nerve center of the country, where above all there ohoeld be organioation and a high sense of reseonsibility, thjnr uere in a connlote state of demoralization: the cells did no work; those few individuals who did moot lacked their "carnets" ?end, seldom paid their dues; and many atende" meetings only when they had some labor complaint for uhich they wished the baciring of the Party. 9. Regarding organization, Ugarte stated that he thought comrade Farias, National Secretary for Oreanization, ought to be severely censueod, for there were frequent ?aces in which members had cone to Lima from outside the canital and been enable to see the !'ational neeretary, either becauce he Tree out of town or simply not at or 10. Regarding nresc and oropaganda matters, Ugarte stated that Alroedo atthows, Secretary of Prose and Propaganda, mean intellectual, nothing nore," and that the negligent way in which he was carrying out his duties une causing the Party great harm and prejadice. That the Party newspaper Labor had beon allowed to lapse and not appear for several weeks, said Ucarte, caeoed eneeies of the Party to point out uith sone reason that the Party was "en eiena decadencia". co 41,474. 4r7y ?r1 _e-SE Approved ForFor Release 20 /05/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : Cl 2-00457R001800540014-2 . NFIDENTiAL T.TTLT, AGMICY 25X1 A 11. Jith reference to the incileets that led to the exollsion of the Luna creep, -UrEnrte stated that the whole ratter should have been studied -ore ce-efully and the proper propananda lino erepared. This would have nut a ston to street noesip now cirlulating to the effect that the whole affair was nerely a nersonal matter and a queotion of jealousy and the coeflictinc ambitions of one .n'our) against another, rather than a basic conflict e "octrine. 12. On the labor front, Ugarte stated that it was clear that all effort had been abandoned. 7e made the statement that the Party had not yet been able to recover oven one third of the nooitions of control that the- once hold in labor 'miens, even taking advantege of the strong anti-lprista attitude recently assumed by the Covernment. On the contrary, he pointed out, the Bus Drivers' Union, under Luna as Secretary of Organization, had succeeded in being hoard by the flovernment,and the drivers' salaries stood a good chance of being raised. Even the reactionary eress, such as La Prensa, opens its columns to Luna's reports and claims,because of the feet that within the union ther-J is organ- ization and there are fighting elements, he said, who are nnlihe some members of the nrecent Central Committee. 13. aith refs-once to the nolitical line of the Party, the nrovincial croup accused dol Prado, Juan "3arrio? Farias, and Garcia of foreerle havin- acte" openly in favor of the Prado Government, In this connection an "anonynous" letter, obviously drafted by Luna, was received in the midst of the oessions. The letter seg-ested that Vgarte ask certain members of the Centre? Committee who nail for del Predole frequent trips to Arequipa during the :anuel Prado alrinistratIon and that del Prado be squarely faced with the fact that he had received suns of money from the ex-Prest'ent for this purpose., 14. The accused members of the -Central Comeittee answered these attacks by admitting that they had collaborated with Prado. They argued, ho 'ever, tat the collabor- ation was only "in part" and that, furthermore, it was the Prado Government that had finally recognized the Communist Party as a legal eolitical eltity, tires enabling then to place four Communist deputies in Congress. 2urthernore, they ronlie-' that the Party line "as laid down by Lenin and Stalin" permitted collaboration with any Government that wonni aid the Connunist Party and defend it from the attacks of "the fascists, the reactionaries, and the inperialisto". 15. After much fruitless discussion on the above point, it was agreed that the III 2lational Congress should be charged with judging the acts of the present Central Committee and that the matter shoeld be presented to the Congress in detail. It was agreed, however, that all Party officers should be "on duty" at all time, and that absence from one's post, particularly at this time, would be heavily censured. 16. At the request of Communist .Deputy Sergio Geller, the attitude of the four Communist nennties toward the sessions of Congress was eubritted to the VII Plenary Sesoion, and fully aenrovol. A statement was issued, dated 3 J ly, on the President's speech and printed in Lzbor for 5 Ally. 17. On flonlay, 5 July, Abelardo Salazar arrived in Lira from Cuzco and attended the remainder of the seosions of the Central Committee. Salazar, ex-Secretary of the Denartmental Committee of Cuzco and now editor of the Communist Party organ in that city, reeorte" that the atmosphere in Cuzco was very tense and that he expected trouble shortly. 11. Ilene of the outbreak or the Llose rrvolution was r- dived in Una the same day, and, the VII Plenary Cession guided by Salazar, i'me lately cl ei"e(-: that the eb/vie, beAtt? 1/1 toT Er- Approved For Release 2000M: CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : P82-00457R001800540014-2 25X1A 1677CY CONFir% luENTL41, Party line should be full sepnort of the Covornment. ialazar telephoned that night to Roses Ranee in luzeo to convey the lino and to give instructions that all nossible aid and assistance should be given the aetheritles in case trouble sinilar to Pune and Juliaca uoro to brea': out in Oueeo. The Central Comnittee iesuel a policy stntement to this effect on 5 July which uan nresented and distributed in leaflet Porn. 19. Resuning their discissions, the VII Plenary Session of the "3eltral Conetttee not too!: up the finances and admisietretion of the Part7 noe-naner, 'tabor. On this point Jose Reccio, the adnieistretor of Labor, orenared an' distributed to the members a balance sheet of the napor as of 1 January 1948 to illustrate his difficulties. Ne nointed out that if all the Doparteental Coeeittees were to pay their debts to Ialvr? it wooled have no trouble apnearing regularly. Starting with only a few soles cash on hand in January, said Reeeio? he had been obliged to run directly into debt. Part of the deficit he had recovere' from sales of the paper, but most of it was still outstandine as debts, owed to him in turn by the Departmental Committee, and obliging him to borrow further or cease publication. Pointing out that an eclitlen of four thousand conies cost coven hundred soles to print, Receio suggested that two Party -meters bo sent to the north and south to collect these back deb5s and to rot ?additional funds ? from the nrovinces to ensure the regular appearance of the naper. The Central Correittee agreed, and Reecio was instructed to leave for the south during the first week in August for this purpose. 20. Turning to straight Party finanees? anart from 1:abor, the Coneittee exaoined the Party books and again found that theafpartnentel ,ortiittoes owed substantial debts to the Party. For emanolo? it was pointed out that the Denartnenteel lonnittee for luzeol which nride itself on ',eine the nu-orice.1 center of Communist strength in Peru, was not only in debt to fE for five hundred soles but also to the National Comnission for 7;conoey for "carnets" and "estanpillas" to the extent of twelve hundred soles. Abelardo Salazar answered those fienres by rointine out that the fault lay with the nrovincial eoerittees, which In turn owedthese sups to the Cuzco Donartmental Comeittee? and he agreed that, energetic measures should be tahen to coreeet this serious situation. It was found that the provinces now owe four thousand soles in al', and it was determined to take immediate stern to rectifr natters. 21. At the close of the sessions there was sharp discussion concerning a notion of Ihnuel Ugarte that the Central Committee of the Comeuniet Party ohood be eaeo no in the future entirely of "obreroo" (workers) ane that the Stetet-es of the Party ohaeld be amended to that effect, thus nroventing the majority of the nresont Central Committee from succeeding thenselves. Strong oppocition came from the Connhniot deputies and other incumbent meebeee of the Central Committee, who argued that both "intellectuals" and "obroros" shoold sit on the Coneittee. The notion was not carried, but eosteened for final decision by the III Kational Concress. 22, Tho VII Plenary Session terminated on 13 July with the approval of a series of conclusions and resoletions, including three decisions of some ienortanee: a. It was doter-lined that the III National Congress should he held in ittes, rather than Cuzco os originally nlanned, on 22 August 1948; b. 17enbershin on the Central Committee was reduce' to 19, rather than 25 renbers? as at present, oending the anproval of the //I Notional Congress; and c. The Political Conelssion of the Party was 7.0(1:V.d.Or1 to ineede only the following 9 members to servo until the III Notional Coneeess: tbiveot Lae iEC Approved For Release 2000icr /16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 Approved For Release 2000/05/ 2-00457R001800540014-2 25X1A CII7TRAL MaleomEmE aOmoy Jorge del Prod() Eliceo Garcia Diego_Farias Juan Lopez Jose 1:arcos $ergio Caller Jose liacedo lendoza Alfredo :7attheus Carlos Arbulu tiranda ? la Thum,?Caros Carcann and Alioio Orbegoso were dropped from the cal Connission for their collaboration with Juan P. Luna, Polillc21 23. It the beginning of the ronth, the four Coo_unist deputies took the nooition that they wool,' attend the session of Congroso, which they hopoll wo ld reef, in regular oesoion for 1948, and the four forne/, part of the group that agreed to neat for the nrenaratory sessions on 15 July. 24, Gustavo Gorriti, Coo:mist Denoty for Canana, infornol the "olitThol Con insion of the POP on the evening of 20 July that a group of the Inslooendent otioos had asroed to attend 3ongroos on 27 July to elect the "I'eca 'IirectIvan for the leoiolative ceoolon of 194', anr' to preoent a slate of candidates for the Governing 7,oard. 25. Gorritti added that every vote woo innertant and that it was essential that Joon Jacinto Palm, Conounint Deouty for La Convencion, then in Cuzco, attend. Corritti telephoned Paiva in Cuzco to be cure to be in Lira the day before the vote and Paiva roturne- to Tiro on. 21 July, via Faucott Flight No, 50, 26. On 26 July Paiva reoortod to the Party that a group of the In'onerCent dooutios, including the four Conou'ists, had cent an ultinatun to the Oolula Parlo- nentaria Aprista, oxpiring at 6:30 p.n., 26 July, in which they agreed to attend Congress on the condition that the ::eso Directiva of the Chanber of Denuties be entirely co-posed of nindependientesn. Paivn state' that the Apristas ha...3 accepted all their othet terns, but, as was expected, there was no accontance of this condition. 27. At the height of the crisis, an inportant meting was hold at the house of Oastavo Gorritti, Jiron Tonas Guido, during the afternoon and evening of 27 Joly. This meeting included Jorge del Prado, Secretary amoral of the PCP, as well as the Comuniot and other Independent deputies, and a ranifesto stating their ?position was drawn un and signed by the four Comounist deputies. The manifesto was forwarded to the Lina press the following day, but no new, paper accented it for publication. 271. It was brought out at this rooting that a group of the Independents, in return for Conlimist support on the congressional issue, had armed to support in Congress oeveral points to be advocated by the Conounists; nanely, a renewal of diplonatic relations with the USSR, breaTdng relations with Franco Snain? and censure of the Governnent for oending a Peruvian Anbaooador to Soain in the face of the roconrondotions of the United -ations. XIV To 'iro, Donartnental, Cpjacy,ops 29. The XIV Lima Denartmental Con.rress, originally called foe 1 All'"Elt 19/A4 was later set for 15 August to enable lelegates to attend Lae III 2stiona1 Congress irreiately afterward. c7JoET Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 Approved For Release 2000/05 16 ? C 82-00457R001800540014-2 25X1 A 011::72TAL I-7-t?IU:O: =ICY -6- III "nttonal Conroc or the PCP IN4O-ipt riAL 30. In -to-xedaneo with the decision of the VII Plenary Seocion of the Oentral Oonoittse to hold the III national Congoeoo of the Party in Li 'a on 22 Aumst, olano nor? otare to receive anr' house tho dal000too and to find a citable neetinn place for the wee: the conoreoo oonoctod to laot. Mout fifty 'ol000too were exnactod ;'ron thr000hout the Roonblic, an, it -roc ho)ed that the oojority cold be lodoo' uith Porty roobers and frionlo to avoid the oxoenoo of hotel acconnodations. ".31 Tuo rnotin lacoo wore aloo beioo sought, flost a theatre or novie houoe to hold the inauoural session of the conoross, and, second, a soitable oLace, n000scarily :ini-rer than Party headorarteosi to hold the ,7ally sernoiono. 32. On 23 jUly a nenornndun was sent to tho Prefecture of the Deoartoont of Limon over the signature of tho Secretary Genoral, requeoting pernission to hold tho congress. 33. On 26 July a typowritten 'otter was. sent by Diego Farias G., Secretary of Organization, to all Party organizations, announcing plans for the congress, baoeo for the selection of delegates, etc. Political Connission 34. The Political Connission of the POP hold a oneciol neetinf on 23 July to tae reasures in vieu of the fact that within the Deoaotnent of Lila the largest orouo of me-bors olodging thanselves to :tam wan reported to be in Hnaral, Chancy, and Huacho. The Political Coordoolon out into action a resolution which stated that the oaooaign of slandor in which the Luna nroun uao indulging should be fought evarywhero it was discovered. It wao theoeforo a-rood that Jose 2:arcos and Julian 'Foamy should go to Huaral, Ohancay, and Huacho the following day, 24 July, to hold conferDnces with nenbors in those places an to exoiain to thon the basic reasons underlying the expulsion of Luna and, his followers. Trnec/on Ttotvoroitorla 35. Tho 'iv7sion in the Pnitn hetuoon tho oothol= gr000 and the n000ciates of Jtrn P. Lona ronohoo doun into tho Uoi-forsity stu'?ent oronnination, where Luna ho made a spectacolar "catch" in oet'soadino Jose Carloo 1:ariategui Ohiapoe, the on oe the founder of tho Peruvian Cornunist Party, to onihere to his group. 36. To conbat thio trend, tho ootho':'ox Fraccion Univeroitaria calla' an innortant -ooting on 15 July, at which tine they dftw un and isouod a bulletin- Ottned for the Comae Reorganizador do la Fraccion Conuniota Univorsita-ia by four University otudents, the bullotin reviews Luna Is atteroto to solit the Fraccion Univoroltaria and reit,rates their dotoroination to combat thio Trots'oTite attempt to sow confusion and destroy 'oho true Party. There are no further reports concorning the prooroso of eithor grouo anong the Uoiveroity stu(ents. llovemont of Prominent Connunist Personalties 37. Durinc the early part of the month, noot oroninont Comounlot Party I/cores were held in Lioa by the nnotingo of the VII Plenary Session of the Contral Oonnittee of the Far. 38. On 21 July, Communist Deouty Juan Jacinto Palva arrivod in, Lion via Faucett frau Onzco. Juan 3arrio was expecte' to arrive before 1 Aurust, returning from hio trip to the Departments of the south and center., uherc he has visited Cuzco, Pune), Huancavelica, Huancayo, and La Oroya. 12:72 jEC-REr--- Approved For Release 2000/ 16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 Approved For Release 2000/05 2-0,0,457R001800540014-2 25X1A C:SI:MAL IITTIlre.IC-HITC:2, A Ca.1CY 39. On 24 July, Jorge del Prado traveled to Tiolio to ra7:e a speech at the head- quarters of the Sindicato do "lineroc y :nnleados, and to con'er with Party nenbers of the syndicate. The occasion for the noetinc was the first anniversary of the foundation or the Sindicato on 22 July. 40. Also on 24 July, Carlos lrbnlu :Ara left Li-a at 7:00 1)7 a bus of the Innrosac Transnortes 0/no, traveling to the north at the or("irs of the Centrol Connittee, Sand carrying instrnotiona for Party renbere in Chiclayo0 aura, Trujillo, Talara? and Cajanarca. Ho was expected to be away for about two ueem, returning to Lina to un4ortake hie new nosition in the Secretariat of :conamy. In Cajanarca? Arbelu was to aten' the Denartnento2 Con-rocs, held 'Ghe early nart of August. He had been instructe' to influence the delegates- to the congress to name anti-Luna delegates to the III Hational Congress, He was to do the sane in other places visited in the north. 41. Juan Lopez, a menber of the Central Corr-Atte?, loft early in the norning of 28 July for Ticlio, for a meeting with Fabian :sender? reea-ding the naming of Oelecntes to the Denartmental Congress. He returner' 30 July and left i--edi- ately for Chincha for the cane nurp000. gprr2sponde12ce and Contacts with ForeippCorriunist Elements. a. p,hannej,g Cor,numizeltion. Correspondence has ar-ived in July at PCP headquarters Iron the Col':Iuniot Parties of ::exico and Venezuela, addressed to :liceo Carcial Soorotario Sindical Faci-nal of the PCP. Part', officials are now receiving rail Iron abroad through Lima Post Off iso Dome :es. 29230 held in the nano of Julian Huanoy, and 1043, held in the name of Rosa Trurwits, 2. The channel from Chile via Arica still anpeTrE to be open, letter was received in J 17 Iron Dr. Ovillermo Caceres in Arica regretting his inability to attend the III KaUonal Congress of the Party. This letter was reportedly carried from A,,ica, Chile, to Tacna, Peru, by a truck driver or chauffeur bound for irequipa, where the correspondence was forwarded by Chavez Bodoya by ordinary nail. This routing is supnosedly designed to avoid Peruvian controls in Tacna, where the Communists believe an efficient Covernment censorship has been established, b. Federcion_Sinr:lica/Tundial The ru received durinz July a communication from the 2e'eraoion announcine a series of meetings to be held this your under the auspices of the FS/I. It is said not the meetings will be attender' by non-Cormunists0 as well as by Communist, leaders. The list is as follows: Concreeo de la Juventud Obrero - 1 Aupllot 1948, Jareaw, Poland, (actual date: 8 to 15 lucent 1948). Concroso de Intelectuales del 1:Undo - 201-22 !lueust 1948, (Uarsaw?), (actual date 25 to 28 (t,ueust 1948). Concreso de Juventudos Democraticas - 22 October 1948, Poland, Concreeo Pro-Paz de la America Lenina - date and nlace as yet undetermined. Concresc de Obreroe Potroleros 20-26.Sente!-1)er 1941, Tam7ico: 77exioo. 37P Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2 t Approved For Release 2000/05/) 6 :N . P82-00457R001800540014-2 ' 25X1A C-13.7TTR. lezarra A / , 44- I la Federacion Sindical Septe-ber- December 1941, Paris, Prance. Conese de las Juvontudes Davocraticas del Sur - Sopte-bor 1948, lontovideo, Uruolay. C . Ca,inform 1, ca-rmicati-n fron the Caqnfor. ins receive' at 2arty head- quarters 'Ittrinn the early days of July, setttnr forth the case of "ucoslavia. The coil-u'ication arrived 1-tring the VII Plenary Session of the Central Connittee, which nromptly drew up its own "Declaration on Yuposlavia", date' 5 Jul- 1941'), suPPorttnC the action of the Cmlinform. 2, This Declaration, alnnc 'rit?, those of sixtson other Cot?mist Parties threnchout the worl', has been .1.--eocral'iec" by the edit Drs of Labor and place' on sale at Party headquarters and at the Party bookstore. The nineorranhed nannhlet is ('ato 16 July 194. d. gmin 1. :meet? Rojas received a connunication from Dolores Ibarruri (1,1 Pasionaria) remindinc hin that Au'ust 194'_! is the Tenth Annive:-Jary of the Proclaation of :ational Union na-'n by the Snanish 3071111- niot Party of Snail, and askin:- that the date be -properly obserred by the Catariu-list Party of Peru. As a result, aojaa has placed an s)ocial sale at the Party bookstore a pamphlet entitled "Jose Dial, ejer,nlo de diricente obrero y popular do la enoca Staliniina," written by Viet:xi? Cty_lovilla of the Arcentina :3?--unict Party, and nrintod by D.I.A.P., :one'a 702, Santiago, dated 1942. 0. 2. The comiunication from La Pasionaria was received by Rojas at tie Party bookstore, ITerreiros, 568, but it is not known by what route it arrived. Unite" States 1. A letter was also ,-eceived by the POP from the 3on-unist arty-If the United Staes? sired in the nar:-.22n by llilllam Z. Fester, President, and aicene V. Dennis, Secretary General, and dated :1)11 York 10 July 1941. It is not 'mown whether this letter contain3d the "Six-noint Pro ra- for the Anerican People in the -,lectoral Cannaign," which was nublished in Lalm on 26 July 1c)48. er. rtrl. 14.41 Approved For Release 2000/05/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R001800540014-2