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November 9, 2016
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February 9, 1999
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September 13, 1948
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Approved For ReleeER-i1N92/9K4 plfir,134.1P827.49,.g7R00180O950901-1 'IN FOR MATE. ORT COUNTRY Colombia SUBJECT Dissension! in, Lther2:1 Party RanAz ? 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DATE, OF II 25X1X6 25X1A2g DATE mFR. 13 S6PtombeT 1941 NO. OF RAGES 2 "1000111414,. Th ocument is he:'eby :cg efie3 CONF .:0 -L in ac.:30.dl1ce vv:V) the letter of 16'or 1073 from the Director of Central on to the Archivist of the United h.. NO. OF E:NCLS. (UST ED SUPPLEMENT TO REroM' NO. The leftist faction. of the Colonhian Uheral Party contInds that since a member of h' conservative faction of the Party, Antonio Oronsa 3ehallos, was appointed Domptroller General? Hernan iaaias Iharra, one of their rrou.ps should be elected "TrImer 1),.signado" (Vico President). Althenph the -ajorat7 of the Liberal CenpossionalrepresenVitEres wis1.7. to avoid a wider hm,,acks. within the Party, it is repDrted.to imnrobable thot the c(mervati-ve faction will.prmit. the alection Of an. extreme leftist. suti. as Iharrs, to . this potentially imortant oost.. Dr..nduardo Santm is fervently marshalling his Congressionl adherents imped the election of Ibarra. 2.. Hernando Uriba Cualla, an aJtstanding Conservative? reportedly stated that the?Conservatiye Congressional minority will vote in favor of the rg-lectiou .ot .;s,ntos or any other:moderate Liberal opposing Marra. The reasons bohin this Action wr.'stwe-foldt the Consellativea would naturally opnoso ae 'Lion of aa extreme ,leftist and, secoully, the Connervtives, !laving a minority in. Congress-could not ho'oe to elect ono of their awn.eandidfltes. However, tiey would oast their votes for a moderato Liberal. The Conservatives are hopeful that the election of a mderate Liberal will aaosrtuate the existing:'..ifferehcos in the Party. and., as a cons7,muencs, W.:;rengthen. the Conservative positio3. n. The leaders of the Partido fJoirtunista do GolozAia (POO) renortedly are cr:MCOAc;'e.1 uith.the'abova_state of affirs 1.p2shonsive'of the st-ranthe'Ling of the conservative ?...'action of the Lihersi Party, They view aa orm indication of th:Ls . the removal on.le Trogust 190 of .11ejandro TalIejo co-dLnactor of 1,ibtral.-newpaper J.grtla! ha5 urred the T.J.beral ?arty to contImze the. . leftist nolicies advocated by Jorge Gaitan.- .4nothe brou-Ft to their attontic was the hint given. 1LT ex-President Alfonso topszp e,litor of that it woUld no lon.(7r be Convenient for hi pe to co? tinue .printingyanfla,lel.hmlq, the oMcial orran of t'ao KG; 4. Pablo. .Balcazar, recently apnointed.e671tor of the VE.I.acqn_Aulel P4plaso in nassinr this information along to PCO leaCiers, stressed the imnortance .of . ma's.tng other arrunpenents aa soon as 72osania for the nrinting or the paner, It wasagreed to study ways and .means for raising funds for this vimose end in this resnect to contact Sominin Tiberio.GalveR, who is mesently living' in '..:aracas and allagel.y.in close touch with high Venevielan officials. It ire the desire of the. PCC leaders to have. Tiberio Calves ar-lInge for the sale to .the Venezuelan Goverment e. the recently punished STATE ARMY Th CLASS NWN INSRB ? DISTRIBUTtOM 1 , ? CONIPIDE Doe NO Approved For Release 1999/09/08 . - 2-00457R00 Auth: Date; J .TS! P 805i... 4 Apr 77) ! -Gt,7i/1763 Approved For Release 1999/09/08: CIA-RDP82-00457R001800950001-1 Ca7-27'1.r,..D.ITIIGE7M IV 25X1A2g This book, rit,:,en by thell...lown fellmr?traver qarlos Perez, an?..q? has, been von. .t.eivedby the Commulists leftiryt; 0 r,iberU.s In Qolombin? Since G?iori Government :,estrictions on irnorts prevent .the orintingiesnbsegnent shient to? Voneznoli of copies of this book, iwrang.aments?11111 hwe to b made to. h1.4'e it .printec''. eitr in ..3a,r7.(1As or by 4irztif, Pro o. 3xrItia7o de Chile? N ? Approved For Release 1999/09/0 82-00457R001800950001-1