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December 15, 2016
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March 28, 2001
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October 5, 1948
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Approved For Release 2001/11/23: CIA-RDP,87.-QO 'R001900450 CLASSIFICATION 'U 3f6 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGEN' REPORT NO. I FORMX ON REPO T 25X1A COUNTRY Chile CON'lv="~"!-L"i' DATE DISTR. 5 October 190 SUC,IECT rarest in Chile NO. OF PAGES 1 25X1 A This document is heet~ corgi f,~, fa Y reg. aQ i to i ftC;. I11RED _ in of 1 acco d- _e w letter o OF ENCLS. Oe ot.er : fir; ; - O :1TFC bate September 194$ ;n q ,; f, O e t eDeJ Lowr Director of ~~'w~ in:. Archivist of the United tile ex' Nt `' cJ Re i eW Dat S PPLE4~i EI~T TO 25X1 X e: ~DCB n nnnr non 1. Conrado Rios Gallardo, former Chilean rlrbassador to Irrentina, Jairme -_o :gain? Agrarian Labor Senator and for mr presidential candidate, and : tired General Carlos Ibanez del ? Campo, -former President of Chile, were vol red in a plot against the present ?Government which was discovered D7,-i r to 18 September 1948. These individuals had sought the support of the t -Tillery regiment of Maturana. ?comrrent: Colonel Mardoqueo Munoz is in charge of this small regiment, which apparently has high norale.) 25X1A 2. Since 1S September 191.`3 the Chilean Government has maintained a lurveil.lance on retired Nationalist Colonel lrmando Gonzalez, the former chief of information for the Chi? can General Staf f, who made several visits ftto the Y.aturana rep, irnent. Gonzalez has contacted General Ibanez snd 25X1X 1;e-I;irad Nationslit G s a J enem . orrye Bergen r~eneses ( sic) . Guillermo Izgaierdo lraya, a Chilean Nationalist who is now in disrepute, Ii also reported to be involved in the lot. He is presently in Cuonos mires, where he has seen Peran. comment: Argentina has spent 25X1A . _i creasing sums of money for propaganda i n Chile. ) `Ihm bad economic situation of the Array has created discontent anti is r4; ?inei nF about a larger and more e e l g n ra noverrent among the milit ary. Corr rent: The Government is planning to raise the pay of the armed z orces apain in October.) The Tacna and Buin regiments are the only two units upon which the Government can rely for support, since the carabineros are also anti-Government. CLASSIFICATION - 4 T 25X1 A S-TATE YWC NAVY ~ PJSRS ( Ar2iriY T~~Altt ---t lopc Approved W NG arc THIS - flUrlON