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December 14, 2016
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November 28, 2000
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November 10, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION 3 z.F 2bX1A Approved For 2 COUNTRY Chile DATE DISTR. 10 '~ovc~ ber 1 948 SUBJECT Unrest lmonf the Army and a in Chile NO. OF PAGES 25X1 C (1k LIBRARY 25X1X NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. 1. Thera were various unfounded r-rr1ors about rovol,ntionary activities in Chile during mid-Augetst 1948. The police issue-1 an official statement branding as false the rumor which irp'.i cated Senator ?Llfredo Duhalde in a conspiracy -- against the Government. On 28 Au rust the Falange Nacional received a tale gran, from San -,uis, :irgentina, inquiring whether the rumor that President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla was no longer in power had any foundation. La t1oneda and the Bureau of Investigations received anonymous telephone calls on the same day :stating that the Iaturana Regiment and some units from the Canton Province were marching on La t.oneda. Although the Bureau of Investi- gations was mobilized, the report proved to be unfounded. Activities of Jan a Lar in and he Part* o Aerario Labori-ta(PAL). 2. During the latter half of Aur^ast the PAL closed its annual convention with severel meetings. Various retired military men were present at the meetings. R non Vergara T:ontero, former mayor of Santiago and former Commander of the Air Force, who is running for deputy in Santiago, was among them. Jaime Larrain made a speech at one of the meetings which in reality was an appeal to the 'irrsed Forces asking them to participate in politics. Alfonso uintana Burgos, :"insister of the interior, who had been advised of a conspiracy to remove him from office and replace him with Vice-'I`dniral Ilol ger, called this conspiracy to the attention of Larrain, Carlos Ibanez del Campo, a PAL-member, Julio von Mulenbrock Lira, General Secretary of the PAL, and the Party headquarters. Five days later, however, 2uintana Burgos resigned from the Cabinet and Larrain and his friends sent a declaration of loyalty to Ilolger, in which they said that they now could have faith in the Government". This public declaration made it evident that Larrain and his group had participated in activities intended to provoke a disturbance within the Government, which would cause the resi?nation of Burros and the recall of iolger. I,cti~rio of Conraido I3os Gad ardo and Carlos Ibanez d?1 13,amo 3. Rios Gallardo continue,1 to consnire, hold meetings, and put out feelers among 25X1 A his friends in the military clique which was formerly close to Ibanez. C e . These individuals have organize,' conspiracies against every Government in Chile since August 1940, when they trial to overthrow Pedro Aguirre Cerda.) Rios Gallarclo, Jorge Berpino Meneses, Ibanez, riosto Herrera, Vergara, and others participated in those meetings. Miguel Serrano, writer CLASSIFICATION CASE 1AW 3"_"=?"y~""+1 ......, ~~on ~~~ n1CtTRIF1t1TtOP~ r ARMY } A] R .eh, - regraded W App . Director of CentrUni~ed states. ,, - ,, This document IS 11eCO ' the CONFIDENTIAL In a er ~~ t omh the `8- ;fence to the letter of 16 octo er 1 ! ;lrchhVist of the 2008 a e; Keleass- ocun ent PTO. NO w 41,5W, DP82-00457R002000530007-8 25X1A end author of La An rIda nc~ other to hs and articles entitled "Social Christians and Free Masons", was also a member of the group. President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla, who had met Sorrano on a trip to the Antarctic, read one of the articles and congratulated the author on it. The con-- g;ra tulations affected Serrano so much that he withdrew from the co-spiracy and informed the President about the plot. Gonzalez Videla, who was well acquainted with the plotters, decided to take im-ediate action. He called Rios Gallardo on the telephone and cautioned him against continuing his activities. The President then ordered the iureau of Investigations to keep a close watch on Rios Gallardo, Ibanez, Herrera, Vergara, and Larrain, asking that an especially close watch be kept on Be 4eneses because of his 25X1 A frequent trips to Buenos Aire, Argentina. r o Comment. This plot can be considered abandoned, but it is interesting to note that Rios Gallardo has participated in at least twenty plots during his lif etb o, none of which has been successful.) 4. During a convention in October, Rios Gallardo stated that a great deal of unrest existed within the ranks of the Army because so many have been employed as servants and policemen. He added that they were also dissatisfied with their role of controlling the Cotr_unists, since they felt that it was not their job, but that of the police. The removal of General Jorge Carcnona from the High Command had also provoked discontent, according to Rios Galiardo. Acs ies ofd I''.aldonda and the Police 5. The police lieutenants are discontented because a majority of their superior officers do not retire. This is caused by the fact that the Government has had to retain trusted individuals, who thus remain in positions which would normally be filled by lower ranking officers. Retired General Eduardo ?aldonado, a member of the Liberal Party and alderman of the Municipality of c rovidencia, was aware of the dissatisfaction. Maldonado is well thought of by the police, who have little affection for General Reynaldo Espinosa,, the present Director General of Police. Maldonado was named Ambassador to Paraguay because the Government felt that he might cause troible. With his departure, the police lost an able political advisor. 6. Rafael I4ontero, First Lieutenant and Sub-Comr?issar in the Third Commissariat of Santiago, has stated that the lieutenants are asking for a raise in salary or at least an increase in the number of higher ranking officers, because at present the grades are frozen and salaries do not even cover the cost of uniforms. He added that press support would assist in calling the attention of the Government to their problems as well as to those of the rilitary. Ile emphasized that while the police would not make any specific requests of the press, they had reminded the lrinister of Interior of their existence. !Tonfero claimed that the Government did not recognize their problems, in spite of the fact that the police are always in danger and that many have lost their lives. He also cited the fact that no provision was made for the families of policemen who lost their lives on duty. General Jo e. C r-:~ona axad~l r ~C cars 7, Retired General C?armona, former Chief of Staff who was retire-' because of Us political activities, was also believed to be involved in a plot. 11"25X1 X wields considerable influence among may officers and., according to the 25X1A Director of Servicio General Quosada Calvo, he has held many meetings at the Club Iiilitar. ?C ern . Quesada Calve is another individual who has s. great deal of influence among Arrq officers. This is illustrated by the fact that, when he was only a lieutenant colonel,' he was named President of the Club Militar.) General Carmona; s connection G#R0E L Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R002000530007-8 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R002000530007-8 O~~`?~~/~1 5X1 A .?'?~=-~ s f. i,-L Id I'rI. ,IG:.... E AGAWO rti?th the plot has not b eon proved. and the Governr.ient's susDic sta. is blow ed on .7r ., -r'yltty which has, x steel between Horacio Arancibia Lazo end the moral. ' - _ jr% "t?f en(iine as started f3arinf ? ar riea of inci fonts which euL t d es5 th the c entian of Sonia t epan and Josef ina Ca-tro Hu1r_ obro, who were accu:.?d of :.cog ~ cv ot arents while wor'cinr? for the General Staff. .