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November 9, 2016
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February 27, 1999
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November 23, 1948
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CLASSIFIGAIION ""/CO' LnOL - Jr. S. OTTICI'LC r""'7.,Y Approved For RereEWA09V ..1 AGE400957R0021 0107NO. Fsc INFORMATI _JA COUNTRY Italy DATE DISTR. 23 November 1948 SUBJECT Activities of Giovanni Gronohi, within NO. OF PAGES 2 the Partito Demooratioa Cristiano (PDC) PLACE aAV$I NO. OF ENCLS. ACQUIRED CUSTE0 BELOW! DATE OF I SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. SOURCE 1, In a recent diecu;ision, Giovanni Gronohi, President of the Chamber of Duties, rovaalod his point of view on deve1oaments within the partite Demooratica Cris- ty.ano (F'T) with regard to labor union disputes and changes taking place in the high levels of the police. Gronohi, denied recent information from various sources to the effect that he had suffered any rebuff in the Aesooiaaione Cristiana Lavoratori Italians (ACCT) Congress. l stated that, on the contrary, he actually had been re- oeivad very warmly Et the Congress, and that he was satisfied with the out- come which had resulted in the adoption, essentially, of the program that he had suggested. Further, he, indicated that he had been invited to attend a meeting at Bologna, early in October, of IyDC labor leaders to draw up the details of the ACLI ?rograu 3o Gronohi confirmed that there is every intention on his part to bring to a head latent conflicts which have existed within the PDC, chiefly those arising out of the bureaucratic control exercised over the whole Party by present mem. bars of the Executive Committeeo At the National Cona:iitteo meeting, held early in September, at Grottaferrata, Gronohi had not won his point for an early Party congress, but 1,.>.d succeeded in securing approval for the holdingf, of a pre-congress meeting, some time in the early winter, At the pre-congress met- ing, Gronohi.indicati:d that there would be an attempt to change the constitution of the Party, in ordir to break the rigid hold by the Central Party Directorate, 25X1A6a on the rani: and file of the Party. 4. Gronohi confirmed rumors mentioned to hire that he K to publish a daily newspaper, probably by the end of October. Coamyent. In- dependent information indicated the probable title o the newspaper s Lai Liberth, the press as that of Orso, in Rome.) EXCISED l;EFOItE PUB L Cfronahi stated that he expected results within the Party co become apparent by spring tirhen the Party congress would be held, WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTIroBUTION LISTING MUST M IC RELEASE Or- I Y 'i)]'7LT . MENT, ClASSiF CATION SFCR;"T,fC02;TROL - IT. S. 01r-10 This document is hereby regraded to F a. CONi 1DENTIAL in accordance with the NO = letter of 13 October 1978 from the DL Director of Cenirai.In:e! gun a to the lass. Archiv;at of the United Mates. Date; A-P pri lease 1992 ext Review Date: 2008 _ 0457 R~ 2 6 N Jew, E n C a S I I td 0 IV a, 77 77 1763 1978By; SECRET/ONTRt$, = . . F1IT:~ gl~` 25X1A2g 6. Gronahi statedthat the views of Luigi Gedda, Director of the Comi.tati Civics of Azicne Cattolioa were, in many respects, very aloes to those of his awn. Gronohi further added that Gedda had placed his oven organiza- tion at his (Oronchi?s) disposition on all views which both held in common. Gronohi agreed that the implications of this policy within the Party would mean (a) the cutting of its ties with the large industrialist and proprie- tor groups with which it had been associated diving and after the elections, and (b) a consequent reduction in the amount of funds at its disposition, and, further, that politically this would mean that rightist groups which had been ground-out during the last elections would again reappear on the political scene. 7o The PDC, he agreed, probably would decline in number of votes, in the future. He declared, however, that it would not decline in effectiveness, because, as demonstrated by the present situation, even an overwhelming political majority is not a definitive factor in the actual composition of the r-overn ant, which continues to rest upon an alliance with, and par- ticipation in, the govornment by other parties, Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100040007-1 Actually, Gronchi stated, it has gainod the PDG little to have an overwhelm- ing majority when, in praotioe, it is necessary to base the formation of their government upon a coalition policy in which the majority party finds it necessary to place elements of other parties in positions of such impor- tance as the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 9o Gronohi continued that he does not feel personally that the PAC will hold political control for the five-year period contemplated by the constitution, that is, until 1952. He stated that, if the international scene does not break, one can expect serious political developments by the summer or fall of 1949. loo Gronohi stated categorically that the present Communist objective is to bring about an enlargement of the pavernment in which they will participate with the PDC. Gronchi described Abide Do Gasperi as a true Giolittian, He stated that De Gaspers talks as little as possible, that he nevor opposes anyone, and that in cases where three or more of his colleagues are in disagreement, he always avoids a pronouncement and resorts to a delaying technique. 11. In reply to a query, Gronohi stated that following the last talk with source, during which the question of the Ministry of Interior had been reviewed, he personally had.interested himself in the question of the substitution of the chief of police and had backed up Mario Soelba forcefully in this action. Gronchi spoke so firmly that he gave the impression that he actually had played an important part in bringing about Luigi Ferrarri'a substitution, }ronohi added, however, that he was beginning to have a number of doubts with respect to Soelba, who, he feltihad become interested in his work as a policeman, rather than as a Minister, SECR~,T,CQATROL - U. S. OFFICIAIS OILY ;7ECREI- Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100040007-1