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November 26, 1948
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v CLASSIFICATION CNTOL c U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For RelelT889 - -00457 09 I FO AT1 - ORT SUBJECT The Apparat of KKE PLACE ACQUIRE DATE OF 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 26 November 1948 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. 2 (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1A6a REPORT NO. 25X1X6 1. KKE uses the term "Apparat" in the special sense of an advisory body of experts on various subjects to whom the Party can refer. The members are for the most part intellectuals, many of them having literary, journalistic, academic, scientific or professional qualifications, and in general have a higher standard than the Party leaders. ? 2. This body seems to have no exact parallel in any other Communist Party. The reason for its existence seems to be that intellectuals have exceptionally little share in the leadership of KKE (Miltiades Porphyrogenis, a lawyer with a bourgeois background is one of the few exceptions); this is evidently a deliberate policy, and the leaders seem determined to keep control in "proletarian" hands. However, realizing their weakness, they have established the Apparat to give advice without sharing in the leadership. 3. Apparats have been established on both National and Regional levels. In' addition to the Apparat of the Central Committee, each Regional Committee and also. the Communist organizations of Athens (KOA) and_Piraeus (KOP) (which rank as Regional Committees) have their own Apparatso It. The Apparat never meets or functions as a body. Only a member or members qualified to give advice on a particular subject are consulted on this subject. Vii. There is no fixed number for the membership of an Apparat. Anyone with suitable qualifications can be made a member at any time. Also, not all members of the Apparat belong to the Party; in certain cases they are more useful if they do not do so. Siganos, member of the Central Control Cormriittee ). 6. In addition to its main function, the Apparat is also used to accommodate certain Party members temporarily not holding any position in the more formal hierarchy (e.g. members of the Central Committee who fail to secure re-election, provided they have not been guilty of misconduct). A number of KKEos representatives abroad are also members of the Apparat (e.g. Theodore Doganis in London, Melpo Axioti and Seraphim Maximos?in Paris, Vasilios Georgiou in Warsaw and formerly in Paris). 7. When a member of the Apparat is given a new appointment, he usually ceases to belong to the Apparat. -~here are, however, some exceptions to the rule .(e.g. Lemonitsa Reboutsika, member of the Athens Finance Committee: loannis CLASSIFICATION /CON^ROT. _ Tz_ nVrT(.TAT.CZ nNnv Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : Cl Document No. NO NGE in Class. DE SIFTED Class. C,: ED TO: TS Me 4 Apr 77 Approved For Rele~Me MAVIS= + LLRDP. D45 002100180006-7 CENTRAL ISt4 Qff CE AGENCY 25X1 A2g The Central Finance Committee, the Political Contacts Section and the Regional Committees were chiefly responsible for the recruiting of new members. If one of these bodies discovered an individual potentially suitable for the Apparat of a Regional Committee, his name would be for- warded to the Regional Committee in whose area he lived, and the question of whether or not he would be taken on would be discussed at the next meeting of the Regional Committee concerned. If, on the other hand, the candidate had qualifications which suited him for a position in the Apparat of the Central Committee, his name would be sent direct to the Central Committee or the Politburo. Similarly, if a Regional Committee considered that one of the members of its own Apparat was qualified for the Central Committee, his name was forwarded to the Central Committee or the Politburo. 9. In addition to the above, the senior Satellite organizations in each region (the Regional Committee of EAI, of National Solidarity (E.A.) and of the MAIM Panhellenic Youth Organization(EPON), and the senior Trades Union Committees) might propose the name of suitable candidates. Thereafter the procedure would be the same as when candidates were proposed by the Central Finance Committee, the Political Contacts Section or the KKE Regional Com- mittees. ,CONTROL - U.S, OFFICIALS ONLY vc.~s Approve! For Release 1999/09/08 CIA- 1457R002100180006-7 ~!! ' CoNfROL - U . S a OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100180006-7 CENTRAL . CE AGENCY 25X1A2g p APPENDIX "A" (MARL 948) Members ,of Apparat of Central Committee Constantine Varnalis loannis Kordatos .Dr. loannis Sigano8 Theodore Doganis Seraphim Maximos Constantine GavrielidEs Constantine Despotopoulos Vasilios Georgiou Demetrius Soteriou Demetrios )'.otiades Vasilios Damisianos G. (fnu) Valetas loannis Stogiannis Varkas (fnu) Melpo Axioti L'mi1ios Veakis Rose Imvrioti Nikolaos Kitsikis Christos Kavaafakis Elias Eliou Vasilios Rotas Author. Historian. Doctor of Medicine. Member of Central Control Committee. Journalist. EA representative in London. Journalist. EABM/KIE representative in Paris. Leader of the Agrarian Party of Greece. Fanner lecturer, Athens University. Journalist. EAM/KKEE representative in Warsaw, formerly in Paris. Expert on education. Author. Doctor. UM Panhellenic Youth Organization - Eamike Panellenike Organosis Neolaias (EPON). Former diplomat. Authoress. Greek representative in Paris of World Federation of Women. Actor. Author (arrested 8 July 1917)? President of the Greek-Soviet League. Former Principal of Athens Polytechnic School. Journalist. Lawyer. Author. One of the founders of the Greek- Soviet League. Author of musical comedies? `Author. was reported in July 19117 to be Reser+re President of Central Finance Coin- riittee in case of the arrest of senior members of this committee? Chemist. Member of the Athens Finance Committee. SlilElN ONTROL - U.S. CFFICIATS ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDFW900457R002100180006-7 Approved For RelegjMNW)8iOWW: Z[AER. $ 5a 02100180006-7 CENTRAL JWIWff E AGENCY 25X1A2g George Zoutos Marcos Varvoglis Sophia Delta Lager. Former member of the editorial staff of Rieoa etie,and a party theorist. was re- ported :n early March 1948 to be used as a high-grade courier between the Party in Athens and the Rebel Junta. Composer and male critic. Political Commissar for musicians, Journalist. Former political reporter on Rizospastis. Was reported in January 1948 to have organized a school for diplomats in "Free" Greece. Spyros Karantonie Journalist. Former reporter for Rizospastis and Communist Review. Tbeodore Vochos Journalist (arrested 30 March 1948). APPENDIX "B" (October 1947) Members of Apparat of KCA. Well known author and translator of English literature. One of the founders of Greek Soviet League. Elias F1iou Lawyer, usually employed to defend Party members and officials in Athens. Sophia Mavridi-?apadaki Well known author and writer of poetry. An official of the Pan-Hellenic Women's Federation - a KKE satellite organization. Nikolaos Roussopouloe Professor of the Athens Polytechnic School. Formerly of the Athena Committee for the Campaign for Survival, Demosthenes Miraegetzis Lawyer. Also employed to defend KKE members. T/ CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :..CIA RDT457R002100180006-7