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November 9, 2016
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December 24, 1998
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November 24, 1948
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CLASS'FIUA?'I~g Approved'For Release 1@8 COUNTRY France DATE DISTR. 24 November 1948 SUBJECT Reorganization of the Service d'Ordre in the NO. OF PAGES , Paris Region PLACE ACQUIRED CIA LfBRAYY NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The Service d'e,rdre of the Rassemblement du 1'euple Francais in the Paris Region was recently re-organized upon the personal instructions of General do Gaulle. De Gaulle also ordered that the strength of the units in the Seine-et-Oise be brought up to 14,000 men and in the Seine Department to 11,000. All male members of the R11F between the ages of 21 and 35 who do not exercise any political or social functions within the RPF structure will be recruited if possible for the. Service d'Ordre. 2. In the ro-orguniz,--;d headquarters of the Paris Region Service d'Ordre the following designations have been made: 25X1A2g Delegate for the Protection of the Region - Colonel fomirtquoPonchardier Secretary General of the Paris Region Service d'Ordre - Lt. Claude Dumont Director of Finances, Personnel and Transportation - Lt. Jean Lamoure ")i:rector of Plans and of the Detacherments Anti-Comanunistes - Comnandent Thamys Director of "Discipline" (security) Inspector Pistolle 25X1A6a Director of Administrative Services - Lt. Pierre Demore (previously reported as Destoree) Comment:, It will be noted that in general the personnel of the Paris Regional Command is the same as that reported in 25X1A2g 3. The headquarters of the Paris Regional Conriand were recently transferred from 81 rue Taitbout and 51 rue do la Victoire to 43 rue do Provence,l'aris, 4a The central card files of,the RPF for all of France are reportedly located at 7 rue !Adolphe Yvon and are in the charge of a Commandant Pieart, 5. The Service d'Ordre in the Seine-eta-Oise Department is presently organized as follows: Department Director General - Captain Alex Prat (As a Departmental Director Gnnral, Prat also acts as a deputy to 11onchaardier in the Paris Regional 8 r f?uni zati on) WARN1i'v Auth: Date: CLASSIFICATION l hi[ A1XIAM By: V This document is hereby regraded to TIAL In accordance with the ctober 1978 from the letter of Director Archivist ext; ErCRE =ul.ri a F TH15 DbtUMel1E'. M to -gence to the Approved'For Release 1999/09/08: CIAR DP8 25X1A2g Deputy Director General - Lt. Andre Vannes-Jouves Geor-;raphio Sectors The Department is divided into seven Geographic Sectors: North, Northeast, rust, Southeast, South, Southwest, West. Each Geographic Sector is placed under the command of a Geographic Sector Chief, The Geographic Sector chief acts as an iaspector.-general for the Operational Sectors and as an assistant to the Departmental Director-General. Operational Sectors Each Geographic Sector is divided into two Operational Sectors. The Command of each Operational Sector is staffed as follows: a Sector Chief, an assistant Sector Chief, a dirqotor of transportation, an adminis- trative director and it liaison agent. Each Operational Sector is divided into three cantons staffed as follows: a cantonal leader, an assistant leader, a director of transportation and a liaison agent. Each canton is divided into a varying number of local 6. sections with a local leader, an assistant and a liaison agent, I n the Seine Department two Director-Generals have bean nomed: a Lt, Pierre 7r, Collet for the city of Faris and Lt. Maurice Guillaudot for the remainder of the Department. I Service d'Ordre Directors are presently planning to drop from the ranks of the Service d'Ordre al'. members of. the official French police force. The RPP intends, however, to form a "spe cial brigade" within the police force made up of ex-Service d'Or&re members. and new recruits. It is expected that non-RPF meanbsrs will infiltrate the brigade but their reports- will be limited to accounts of the activities of or:e unit only. 25X1A6a Corment. In iuly 1948 (see -, paragraph id) source 25X1A2g sate ha ?onhardier had arranged with the Prefect of Paris Police and the Surete Plat:?onale that the police who were members of the RPF Service d'Ordre would not be reprimanded by their superiors and would be allowed to retain their membership in these groups. However, Ponohardier agrfed that no more police would be recruited for the Service d'Ordre. The uew policy of dropping from the Service d'Ordre ranks members of thy, French police is a result of the Government's present anti-Gaullis', attitude,) Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100180009-4