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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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November 29, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION cn?;pi rTIAL/ea'JTRGL - Ti. S. 0.c_YGI:4: Sanitized - AppcRad iRMtiJ AQkiRDP82-0Q 1 I FORM NFI NTIAt U COUNTRY Indonesia URJECT Resignation of Datch Officials PLACE k~ ;QUIRF_ I rATEOF I 25X1X6 ~c c~^'v~J rf. ~"2".~5EJ17 av This dz)cement the -*.~_1 r ;. a the t r of the k NAVY RE pURLIC RELEASE Of THJS DOCUMOIL TAT./Cfl!M. -_ OT., .. TT. S. fl1?1 TCTALS o'TT.Y 'k"trle~y C: L in Class. 15w~ -'' fl N- OTICE: N-E[~IT, S73IFIED _NING OF. THIS ?OCU 'r,, - T " WAR C ? ,. E.IrLEASE D G~SE[3tE PUBLIC av CONFI NTIAL A t 25X1A6a CIA LIBRARY 25X1X6 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 29 November 194 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. The following high Dutch officials want to resign as a result of the resignation of Lieutenant Governor General Van Hook: Dr. P. J. Koets Director of Van M_ooks s Cabinet Thio Thiam Tjong Adviser for Chinese affairs Ong Swan Joe Deputy adviser for Chinese affairs K. F. J. Verboeket Secretary to Van Mook J. Ozinga. Chief of Van Mooku s Regeerings Voorlichtingrr,ienst (RVD), Government Public Relations Office, which is always in opposition to General Spoor" s Legor Voorlichtingsdienst or Army Public Relations' Service H. V. q4ispel Deputy head, of the R.Y.D. J. E. van Hoogstraten Adviser general to the Secretary of State for Economic affairs; until recently director o.' the De-aartment of Economic Affairs 2. Van Hoogetraten has been enriching himself through many corrupt transactions. Na.ny of these transactions have been made through Tjiong Pek Som, of the S:.n Tjoen Company, Kali Resar' West Ito. 3, Batavia; Lien Boan Sing & Scar (in which Van Hoogstraten is a silent partner); Lie Oar. Tjeng, of the rice suiply bozrd.; Dr. P. Honig, deputy Secretary of State; A. H. Crevels, bead..of the food? eupvly organization; G. J. Schimmel, head of the commerce division; and others. 3. Altogether it is estimated that about 25 high advisers and officials in InELoneoia will resign as a result of Van Mookes resignation. 4. Colonel Soeria Santoro, who is Chief of Intelligence, Captain Julius Tahlyc' and are also expected to resign sometime soon. Comm . Captain Tahiya is now in the United States to see to the safety of "treasures of Van Mook and his group", which have already been srtigg;lec3, out ~ ,,: . o u Sanitized - Approved For Releas : CIA-RD gar0 7 Q 0~ NO. -OF PAGES