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November 17, 2016
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May 26, 2000
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November 29, 1948
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Approved For Release 2000/06/26 CIA-RDP82-00457R0021002800 CLASSIFICATION ;~ VENTRAL INT LIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. COUNTRY Chile/Argentinw SUBJECT Reported Argentine Participation in Recent Chilean Political Unrest PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED 5X1X6 DATE DISTR. 29 November 19148 NO. OF PAGES1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. 42994 1. It has been reported to the official investigators of the recent political crisis in Chile that Roberto Tixa :Massa, Argentine Consul General in Chiles and Luis G. Cervino, former Argentine Consul in Concepcion, have repeatedly urged Army and Carabinero officers to supplant Gonzalez Videla with a Chilean Peron. The accusation against Cervino was made by Colonel Manuel Alvear, Commandant of the Carabineros in the Concepcion zone. The Chilean Government is said to be attempting discreetly to appriAe the rrgentine Ambassador of this situation so that the latter will arrange the recall of Tixa and Cervino, thus obviating the necessity of an official Chilean request. 2. Argentine Senator Alberto Durand conveyed a confidential message to Gonzalez Videla on 18 November from Peron, who offered assurances that he had had no part in the revolutionary plot in Chile. The President was reported to be cool, but pleased with Peron',, protestations of innocence. 3. The police have questioned Ernesto Barros Darpa,.forner Chilean Foreign Minister and officer of (lotion Chileno Argentina,, regarding the financial records and the membership lists of this organization. He maintained that no records existed and that funds-were obtained through voluntary contribu- tions. He claimed that this organization existed only to support the Argentine-Chilean trade treaty, and would probably dissolve since the possi- bility of the adoption of the treaty now seems n, 'zible, An examination of Barros Darpa's bank account was negative Comment. Although the Government strongly suspects Argentine implication in the recent revolutionary plot, it seems to have obtained no concrete evidence. 25X1A6a Document No. h: Aut Date: N3 CONFI L in acco or letter of 16 Director of Contra Arch;vist of the Un;ted KWIC CLASSIFICATION SEiF?ET CHANCE in Class.' DEC=.A`iCTF `, ~ t