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November 9, 2016
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December 15, 1998
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December 3, 1948
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CLASSlFICATiCI~ C.O'1rYD... ItiL~Cfli?'i~Q1I ? Vo Js Lll',P~~.+1_?.~J.7 V~IS~Y Approved For Rele~~~'~~gi~`~Gi~4 -00457R1~pO~Qp iN~o~~ ~ p ~. ~_ 25X1X6 25X1A2g D~~~ 01STR. 3 December 1948 couNrRY Indonesia SUBJECT Dtissis~ Indonesian Bspabllc 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1A6a ? A.II. 002 ND. OF PA(3E3 NwOg~OF , SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N?. .^t;?? !~c Ftt~~at ras been, ms3a +..o raGOiscile t3~e incansister~ies "3rn tIxi ir~aarnat3gri precen~r~d be].a~. Ta all eases when the full na>ie is knonan it 3s ~;ivdn. j ~ , 1. The following pe.s~engere were carried by the Indonesian Rermblic~s plane R.I. ~- A.U, 002 (8epublic of Indonesia - Ang~sa.tan Udsra No. 002), which Antares (Indonssiaa news agency) reporttd had been missing since i October 194$. On this date, the plane left the airfield at Tan$Joeng-Kairan~; (Iamnatt~;, Southern Sumatra) at 2 p.m. enroute to Benlanelent B, Freeberg {an American), Pilot 5oemadi, sa officer in the Antagtan Oedara Repoeblik Indonesia (AORI) ~ Bambang 3zptoadJi, an officer in the AORi Santoso, a sergeant in the AORI ~Soeryatrran, sergeant-telegraphist of dORI Sanaoen 8akrim Assistant Resident Commissioner of the Residency of Rant~e.r~. 2. It is believed that the plane encountered hear winds and crashed in the mountains between Batoerad3a and kr. Demno (about 3,170 mr.ters above aPa level). 3? Sa~aoen Rt~kx?i naci iex't isantam secretxy, crossed the Sunda Str~.it at Tartd~oen~ 25X1 X6 Itarang, and was intesnding to go from there to Auk~~ ~ing~;i. '?'ht! Zn3onQS3aZ ~:enu'6lic -cit~ae R.I. -~ A.D. 002, t~hich according to Ra:-rntblic sources is nissir-~; between TandJoeag-8arang and Benlo#e'fen, was carrying 14 bones. treic~hi?ng 35 kilograr~s each, containing silver and. ~;d`id;~~the following Document No. ~~ Pilot R.^reeber~; Co--Pi~,a t Santo sa Crew Bambant Saeriatno .E'assengers Soenadi Sssaaoenl; 4~' (Samaven) Plakri, b.saistant Resident of Atntam Th cement Es hetek~y ~~t, aecl ~ CO~vi-i !AL Pn sAc~?~~el~ ;-,1? ~,~itt~ t'~ CONFI N~'IAL ~ ~rv~~?r r` ~~~ v~.. F .. ,,,., ~,s o~ t~,o Un~tse~ Approved For Release 1999/09/0 :CIA-RDP8~~?~~,I?ea0~l~~it NO HANGE in C,less. DECLASSIFIED Tea. ?.. - y. ~_ 7'_ Date o hiHY )g~.~_: ~:~ o --~~~.__ Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : 'CIA-RDP82-004578002100330004-2 ~~FFICLLIS OBLT Siaswits A#aad,~a, hss~ o! tLe Partai Palitiet Ee~s~tlataa mat (PPffit) Yaeraiasastra, ooordipatos far ~aomio dttlsire nsa~e aot 6tien# Co~endaat of the airbase a# t'~orea. S? Datch iatelligenae aliegsa the-t this Indonesisa Bep~ablio plane 8.i. - l.II. Oat vac oarryiag loos caeca conta3aias gold bass obtaiaed t'rom the old mine at 3'~itoto~c soatthern Bantam. 6. this Dacota Ras not bom~d for ?3enltoelen, where there is rxo airfield (aee pare- graph lj, b'at for aome foreiga aistieid. Its dea.~:tadtioa m~q base bees either Bax~balc or ae~- Delhi. ?? Source ham bad n~o reports of a plane crash is the area where it vas soppoeed to ~e been lost, and no 8epnbllcan planes bare landed either at Taiaadbetoetoe, Pal+enbaaa, or as0* other place 3n that area betwser~ 1 and ].~ October 1948. ~ ' CONFI EN~'IAL l'~ Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :CIA-RDP82-004578002100330004-2