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November 9, 2016
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February 5, 1999
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December 3, 1948
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%.1ASSIFICAi1ON S CO' INTRY Approved For Relea,Q949E 8 F R AT6 Yugoslavia/Bulgaria/Greece /r, , ' ii, :s. 'IClAL: ONLY A~WJZ0021 SUBJECT Macedonia and the Tito-Conform Dispute 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF I NI ~?dlS R. s December 1348 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCIS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. The conflict between Tito and the Cominform is becoming more acute; the Soviets., having an "indispensable necessity" for a corridor between Bulgaria and Albania are making preparations to insure its realization. Thus Macedonia is the focal point and both sides are undertaking different measures and preparations. 2. The Soviets., for their part, have taken advantage of the traditional differences between the Serbs and the Bulgars and in their widespread propaganda are supporting the Bulgarian thesis for detaching Macedonia from Yugoslavia in favor of establishing a separate Macedonian republic. This republic would be either independent or joined to Bulgaria. In any event, Macedonia would follow the Cominform policy and the Soviet Union would have gn arantead for itself direct contact with Albania and with the Greek Rebel Army. 3. In Rumania the Soviets have placed larger contingents f Russian troops on the Yugoslav-Rumanian border and more units are arriving in Rumania pre-- sumably to exert greater pressure on Tito. 4. in Bulgaria, the Soviets have caused recent Bulgarian troop movements towards the Yugoslav? border. Larger artillery units 15 kilometers south of Gornja Dzumaja (Slmitli) have been observed and one artillery regiment was transferred from Dupnice to the south. Near Krusa (12 kilometers northeast of Dragomani) new troops have been noted which were not pre- viously there, and two battalions of tanks have arrived in the Struiniea Valley. One artillery regiment is stationed in Slivnica. The Soviets have sent 40 carloads (between 10 to 15 tons per car) of "Katyushas" to Patric via Sofia. 5. Tito's preparations, on the other hand, include counter-measures for pre- serving Yugoslav prestige and strength in Macedonia. An epuration was carried out in the . acedoniav. government and in the administration (executive branch) of all pro-Cominform and pro-Bulgarian persons. Epurations or transfers took place in Army units located in Macedonia. The undesirable units were transferred to the north and replaced by regiments composed of Serbs and Slovenes. Border troops and guards on the Yugoslav Bulgarian border have been reinforced in line with overall security precautions. CLASSIFICATION SEC /CONTROL -- U.S. OF TS ONLY Min Class. DECLASSIFIED Sys . . CHA:D TO: TS < TS C DDA 4 Air 77 Auth: PDI' 77 e 7 ^._, 2-00457RB$?42114 , pas By: Approved For Release 004-4 CENTRAL thh,MO WCE AGENCY 6e There is also a rumor to the effect that Tito has renewed contact with General Uarkos and that the Yugoslav motorized units located near the Greek border will give more support to the Markos guerrillas This aid would time assure biarkos, inclination toward Tito in the event of difficulty over Macedonia. `/CONTRX - U . S . 0 '!AZ ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-fft457R002100400004-4 i