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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 8, 1948
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CENTRAL INTE IGENC'AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 1999/09/0DP82,r00457R002100530001-3 COUNTRY Italy/Yugoslavia SUBJECT Current Negotiations for a Concordat between the Vatican and Yugoslavia 7FVl Aa- DATE DISTR. 8 December 1948 NO. OF PAGES 2 25X1A2g RED % ?f ot) (LISTED BELOW) DATE OF It ` SUPPLEMENT TO 1. Pope Pius XII personally is directing negotiations currently taking place for a concordat between the Vatican and Yugoslavia. The representative of the Yugoslav Gosrernnt engaged in the negotiations is assisted by a reli- gious adviser. Initial contact was established on the Vatican's initiative, the end of October, 1948, through the Italian 11inistry of Foreign Affairs and the Yugoslav Legation, in Rome. 3. The Vatican is raising "the following points for negotiation: a. Conclusion of a new concordat to replace the one abrogated by the Yugoslavs ; As preliminary, the Vatican insisted on some guarantee of good faith on the part of the Yugoslav Gov?rnmont. As a result, the latter eventually agreed to release all Yugoslav churchmen still in prison an political charges and to offer compensation for damages. The nature of the compensation was left unspecified, but it was agreed that it might take the form of restoration of church property or the extension of certain privileges, before the agree- ment was announced officially, Repeal by the Yugoslavs of all anti-religious laws, pnro ticularly those against the Raman Catholic church, in Yur 'os lavi.a; Equality of the Roman Catholic church,, in Yugoslavia, with all other ch+sr,hes and complete freedom of Catholics to perform religious duties; and 'r4 H - Pq -C0 1,9 -4 _4ks I~ W v2 v A v2 ~ QU d. Recognition by Yugoslavia of the danger of subordinating the Serbian and other orthodox sects, in Yugoslavia, to the Russian grand synod. CLASSIFI STATET) S t x NAVY NsRB ARM! I x AIR r. '!~ L_. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : C D1 2-00l57R0U2T00530001-3 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100530001-3 W Yugoslav Governn*nont has made the following dariands: 25X1A2g ab The ".'atican shall expressly forbid all political acti- vity on the part of tho Roman Catholic church, in Yugoslavia.- b6 The Roman Catholic church shall limit its propaganda to those areas in which the catholics are in the majority; and If the Yugoslav Government agrees to adopt a more favor- able attitude toward religion, the Vatican shall refrain from any public reaction likely to undermine the Govern- ment's authority. 5o The Vatican, it is reported, anticipates the greatest contention to be the question of the return of church property. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100530001-3