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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 8, 1948
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OL~~AT~MN Approved For Releas 9/ -=NFOR. AJ COUNTRY SUBJECT Ar UIRED Greece SK-ELD and the Guerrilla Movement0 25X1A6a^ DATE OF INFO Document No. a a PG ? ,7 00210053 QQ T NO. ttrr `TON REPORT CHANGE in Class. ,f-IFIED kTS S C CC ;A'-ED TO: D-A it,:-720, 4 Apr 77 25X1A2g DATE b17R. 8 De-em`ber 19'8 NO. OF PAGES 2 IMPELEMEUI REP=- NO The congress of SK-ELD has been postponed because the most serious topic for disoussion would be the position of the party regarding the guerrilla movement. The idea of denouncing Markos and the guerrilla movement had grown, and the majority had $a-'wed such a denunciation during the operations on Grammos, etc. When, however, in spite of these operations there were no o'orcrete results, opinions changed, and with Elias Tsirimokos at their head the majority favored the position which the party has maintained up to the present. In order to make sure of the opinion of the Central Committee of SKEELD on this question, T-sirimokos called its members to a conference and presented the question of the denunciation of Markos and the guerrilla movement. 4. Tsirimokos stated the reasons why he believed that& while KKE was merely a riTal political party, the Rightists were an enemy. Consequently it was no's to the interest of SK-ELD to denounce KKL, because this would mean alignment with Tsaldaris, and SK*ELD would lose its Socialist character. 6. After this explanation Tsirimokos put the question: "Who.disagrees?" All the Central Committee, except Demetrios Stratis, agree*(' Stratis maintained that the denunciation should be made. 6. When Stratis expressed his opinion, Tsirimokos asked, tdirat~rhs0u to the members of the party who do not want the denunciation to be made, when this question is discussed at the congress of the party?" Tsirimokos answered his own questions "The members who favor this denunciation have nothing to fear from the present situation; those, however, who oppose this denunciation will be called Communists and will suffer Security? Therefore I propose to postpone the congress, and we shall try to be present at the congress of the KOMISKO (sic) in London, where we shall clarify many questions'". 7. Following this, all agreed to postpone the congress and not to make any decision regarding the denunciation of the guerrilla movement, but to maintain the position of SK-ELD asjtt has been up to the present. en, will assume the responsibility for betraying his comrades to the fe iliar consequences from the monarcho-fascist regime. Who, STATE - NAVY- ' -' NSRB -- ARMY AIR a , i 44 -r Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-004578002100530007-7 Y 25X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY A draft of a denunciation has been prepared and has been communicated to fie members of SK-ELD. They are permitted by the party to sign this de i' oiation if they are arrested by the Security or if their work re" es it in accordance with the law. They may sign tA -kMbnt that they never were Communists, that they have no connection with thq guerrilla moveme , with._.,. or with Markos, that they do not approve of arson, s aughter, and barbarities committed by anyone whatsoever (if such are committed), and other ambiguous provisions. Regarding a straight and clear question regarding the guerrilla mo~1`ennt they should avoid giving any answer or should give an indefinite 04,wef'. Such an answer, for example, would be: "This subject is o .tical. I am not a politician, and so cannot judge". In spite of the fact that Stratis was opposed to the above, he finally agreed. He does not play any serious role in SK-ELD, but is busy with organizing a "free labor movement". 10. "SK ELI! (according to Informant) insists upon appeasement and reconciliation, bec:aupe we see no other way out, unless we are to become followers df Tsaldaris. What man with any self-respect can denounce Markos and agree with Tsaldaris?" Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIAADP82-00457R002100530007-7