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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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December 9, 1948
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ASSU 1CAT1Q1\ CM,"!' .t_ 25X1A9a M Sanitized - ApprgVR&FQr Ala P82-004517RW200 )NTRY Uruguay/j.rgentina 25X1A6a I't =lEC T Political Plans of fUerrerista Tarty NO. OF PAGES CE ;CQUiRED 25X1X6 25X1A6a 25X1A2 o rmunist vote with the vote of another faction in order to gain more s.;ci.ral :iuatice for the laboring classes ) mrrnist Party leaders recently revealed their intention of coil'so i ioat:i ng 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 9 December 1{: NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED? BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. t~omment.,: ,-eported that the senate invoetij;at.rag f?om . m ~; i.ee which was appointed to look into the alleged torture methods us o he police against the Uommunista involved in the assault on the i3.vocadero theater, reported to the Senate in early November that there was t.< sibly some foundation to the accusations made against the police., j now states that Cusano, the Herrerista Senator on the committee, _ n .;:.uuated to the press that some basis possibly existed for the accusations, iowever.. the results of a more thorough investigation later conducted by zaT e coruci i:tee, which tended to exonerate the police, were presented to the ?: =:na.te on It', November,. Communist Senator Julia Arevalo de Roche and the Herrerista Senators disapproved of this report. The Herreristas have a def:ini to purpose in defending, the Communists in t ft-s_ > matter., a purpose rich constitutes part of their general plan to con_-- of ,?' the ,-;overnment by both democratic and undemocratic means, T. ar 25X1X6 :ctow making a definite play for the Communist vote,, (- too went ' a"a) , The lierr erista plan also includes an attempt to gain Argentine fir-atricloU 33-ort for the forthcoming elections in Uruguay. In this connection.: ator Victor Haado and other fie.rrerista representatives frequently _3uenos Aires to visit heron and prcinent members of his cabinet., it i.r Document No. NU CHANGE in DECLASS.IF TTTE ARMY i T _t ni;ine aid A ")s l.ieved that very substantial financial aid will be supplied, bar ?'eron the Urn uavan elect:ionsi., Some is already being, supplied for propag;and; purposes,, EAithough support from Franco is also being sought by the UIorreristas, this support is not considered to be as decisive a factor n s CONFIDENTIAL Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002100540001-2