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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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December 8, 1948
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e[AS:Slrli:AI [ON 1,41IM-171 Approved For Releasd09T8fQ9/ CIEk W B CR00210054OUDO?I ' NO. I FOR AT1 45i. a : T"i "P T 4Y4 T PLACE ACQUIRED Activities of Soviet officials in Lebanon 25X1A2g _,- i 1 1r MATE DISTR. 8 December 1948 P, IN 100 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) c `TF OF It SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. to Yevgeni Podvigin 2nd Secretary of the Soviet Legation in Beirut, was reported in early Hoverfoer 19118 to have been in the Soviet Union for about a month and a half. This Soviet 'official is said to be treated with deference even by Viktor Khangulova now Charge d'Affaires at the 25X1A6a Beirut Legation. Convent. It nay be significant that the 25X1X6 trip of Podvigin to the USSR coincided with that of Ifinister Daniel So'lod. 2. V1.adirnir Ivanov is definitely considered-as Press Attache at the Soviet Legation in Beirut. According to source, Ivanov directs the Soviet Hers Bulletin which is edited by Ra-if Khuri, I'.Mustafa 'Ari.s, and T?Qa L 3. Fyodot Pissarenko and Aleksandr Sergeyyev,, Soviet Attaches, are very much interested in the current internal dispute in the Greek'Catholic Church. At Serrgoyev' a request, Dikran Tosbath of the Beirut, daily newspapers, Le Sair,, and Tawfiq rlahbah of Dunya collect information on this subject,, 25X1A6a C~oraent4 The interest a iese Soviet officials in this dispute may have some connection with Archbishop Ilya Karam's attempt to exploit the discontent. of the Greek Catholics and perhaps to win cone of then back to the Orthodox fold. Karam sent Archinandrite Jammal, who was formerly a Greek Catholic, to make ovorra to two of the leading malcontents, 25X1X6 Afif Sawaya and Yusuf Ilyas Riyashi,) 6 Zayn-al-Din Hasanov, who acts as liaison between the Soviet Legation and Communist groups in Lebanon,, returned to Lebanon in mid-G ctob - 3948 on a ship bringing pfgrins from Mecca, where he had gone, via Egypt. Ilasanov left quarantine under an assumed namo, as a Turk from. Malatiyar. He was accompanied by Zilfakanli Ahmad, a notorious Turk who worked as an intelligence agent for the Germans during World VIOr II, and who is-now employed by the Soviet Intelligence Service. The Lebanese Surete, source states, did not realize the real iditities of Hasenov and Ahead until a day or two after they had left quarantine Th;s docu , ep is h4 YOU' 9.'1 c^=^.t J,, loved For Re< s ?1 9/09/08: CIA- E~._ 203 r f ')he ' 1 ` 1 fro q ti ~~. V1 3 i i t 'O th Document No. NO CHANGE in DECLASSIF ass. CIA rn