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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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December 8, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For R YI649K AQI W82-004514Bi 'I Q( ; r 25X1A2g 1N F0RMA TjAL~ ~~ COUNTRY Cuba PATE DISTR. g December .948 SUBJECT Possible Creation of Union General Traba jadoras NO. OF PAGES2 by the A ito A QUIRED 25X1 A6a 25X1X6 CIA LIBRARY NO. OF ENCI.S. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The Accion levolucionaria Guiteras (AI:G) is allegedly attempting to take over control of the Cuban labor situation, independently of the Comision Obrera National (00N) and the Comite Obrero National Independiente (f7C)}:I ), _ _ _ _ _ . . _ _ . by creating the Union General Trab., { d oros (UGT) in i blo ab - e , .+ - -r - _ - an a Daily', on 11 November 1948, the Executive Committee of the Sin icato de 'totoristas y Conductores of the Habana Electric agreed to separate from the CTC and form another central syndicate if Angel Cofino's CONI did not give effective aid to Evelio Gil, government interventor of the Habana Electric Co.) Since the AT(G has worked so closely and has accepted aid from Argentina, it is likely that this new organisation will be quite openly "Peronista.? 2. Lorenzo Porcet, Secretary General of the Sindicato de "fotoristas y Conductores, t'arcos Irigoyen, Secretary of Syndical affairs for the ARG, Ramon Taboada, a syndicate official, and Evelio Gil were named on a committee to carry out preparatory organizational work for the UGT, 3. According to Bernardo Gomez., Secretary General of the Federacion vacional Obrera.del Transporte de Cuba, the plan to organize a UOT was acted upon with the cooperation of Trifon Gomez, Secretary of Foreifn Relations of the International Federation of Transport :porkers during the World Con'rees of Transport Workers held in Oslo, Norway, in July 1948, Comment, In 25X1A6a !'arch 1948 the CTC was advised from London that Trifon Gomez, formerly Secretary General of the Spanish UGT and later resident in EnplQnd, was to be sent on an organizational trip through Latin American countries. One of his duties reportedly was to prepare Latin American delegates who were to attend the Oslo Congress. Accordinp to source, Trifon Gomez is a Spanish Socialist leader.) An individual who was present at almost all of the conference between Angel Cofino and Trifon Gomez denies that the conterl-plated UGT has received any assistance from Trifon Gomez or his International Transport porkers Federation. 4. Bernardo Gomez counts on the cooperation of the following syndicates in the formation of the UGT: 25X1A6a a) Sindicato de Wotoristas y Conductores Comment. Source asserts that even this syndicate, which today is a bulwark of the IA.G, is being penetrated by the Union Insurreccional I This dccumert iv ;:c=chv rcgrau= CONFI NTIAL 099/09/0b: CIA-RDP82 147 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CI -R 82-00457R002100540008-5 KQNFITI4L i iik Revolucionaria (UIR) which follows the CONI linen However, Al(G still safely controls this syndicate.) b) Sindicato de Trabajadores de Expresos por Carretera 25X1A6a (_ Cont. This syndicate is controlled by Tielio Batista, an anti-Communist presently affiliated with CrDN, who is opposed to politics in labor. If his syndicate has to take a definite stand, he may aide with CONI. It is most unlikely that he will break away to join a new UOT.) c) Sindicato do Empleados y Obreros de Omnibus Aliados ( 25X1A6a ~ Comment. This organization, accordin stay with Cofino.) g to source, will probably 25X1A6a d) Sindicato Nacional de Choferes del Turismo (M Corment. This syndicate is insignificant since most of the workers of this category still belong to the Communist-controlled Sindicato de Choferes de Alquiler y Similares.) e) Other syndicates nearly all of which fall within the Federacion Nacional Obrera del Transporte. 5. It is doubtful if the AHG will, be able to control as many syndicates as Gomez claims for them. However, their creation of a separate UGT is one of th3 first definite steps taken, as a result of Argentine influence, toward the possible establishment of a "third position" labor movement,, Approved For Release 1999/09/081: CIA-R 82-00457R002100540008-5