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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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December 8, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION S v 2T/ 11TiOL - U. S 4T+' OITT,y Approved For Release 1 E$ - 005 NO. IN FORMAT W REPORT 25X1A2g COUNTRY Spain SUBJECT Don Juan ;Blesignates Repress) tatives in France PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF I r" D` DATE DISTR. 1. Dori Juan, Pretender to the S .anish throne, and the Confederacion de Derechas Monarquicas have designated Jose gUIN01,TS de Tbeon, former Ambassador of Alfonso XIII to France, and Antonio ANS31DO, Spanish Monarchist, jointly to represent them in France. 2. ANSALDO was instructed by ,UIkDNZS de Leon to ask the Basque Government- 25X1A2g in-Exile to join the liaison committee (See I comprising repre- se tines of Mon. rdiists and. Socialists attempting to create a provisional co lition government. 3. Felix VFJARANO, who also was to have attempted to persuade the Basoaea to join the liaison corrrnittee, was to have left Paris in December to go to Estoril, Portugal. 4. Al SALDO asked the Basques to decide upon conditions under which they would join the liaison committee. He spoke only for himself, suggesting vaguely a formula. for La.:-,que autonomy. 5. ANSALDO said. that the matter of asking the datalans to join the liaison committee still is under stuffy. 25X1X6 ANSALDO gave he text of a note which he said. was delivered on 15 November 1948 to the United States, British and French Embassies in Madrid by the same tona.rchists who had previously handed to these sau;,e diplomatic missions copies of the Monarchist-Socialist Agreement. 25X1X6 7. The text of the new note, clearly indicates that, by his yacht meeting with FRANCO, by permitting his son to attend school in Spain and through meetings with FRANCO yet to take place, Don ban is working with FRANCO for the peaceful withdrawal of the latter and the restoration of the Monarchy. 8. In opinion there is no doubt 1(ut that FRA11C0 and Don Juan during the yacht meeting arrived at an agreement under which FRANCO would 25X1X6 eventually put Don Juan in power. From the note of 15 November draw the interpretation that it is clear that Don Juan is ready to go Madrid when FRANCO calls, without awaiting the result of any plebiscite.