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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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November 15, 1949
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.CLASSIFICATION x .;T 25X1A2g Approved For Rg y l ff, Q CLCJ W82-004?? 2A@ 4 N FO R A V C1T1"IL a Ca NO. COUNTRY Peru/Colombia SUBJECT Dr.. Salvador Rosenthal, Alleged Representative PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO Government of Israel 25X1A6a CIA Lis 1,, Dr. Salvador Rosenthal,. Colombian national, announced upon his arrival in Peru on 30 September 1948 that the purpose of his visit was to pre- pare for the recognition of the government of Israel by Peru. Rosenthal, who gives his title as "Oficial de Enlace del Gobierno Provisional de Israel" (Official Liaison of Us Provisional Government of Israel)., states that he attended the Inter-American Jewish Conference in Balti,moreQ Maryland, in 1941 and a similar conference in Washington in 1945, and that he represented the Jewish Agency at the recent inauguration of the President of Venezuela. In May 1948, he states that he 'completed a trip to Central America on behalf of that agency, and since that time.has traveled to Ecuador and Panama on similar missions.. He is now on a tour of the South American countries to make preparations for the recognition of Israel. 25X1X6 2. He last visited Peru in 1925 as a student, according to his statement, and has been a resident of Bogota for ten years, where. among other activities, he edits the magazine Atid (Future). 3. Although previously reported to have had little formal education, a Lima publication indicates that Rosenthal, who lists his profession as dentist, obtained his foul education at the Spanish Universities of Santiago de Compostela, Madrid, and San Carlos, receiving a degree from the last-named,, So far nothing has been'reported concerning Rosenthal, since his arrival in Peru., to confirm or contradict his alleged Communist beliefs. His principal contact in Lima has been Isaac Wecselman, Zionist leader in the city, who., like Rosenthal, was born in Besarabia, and was at one time de-? to l e is hereby regrac " Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200110002-7 25X1A2g d Pr 77 Date:, e1 r J St C: ' d .s ,.ties. j text Ficvicw D .' nounced as a Communist, J n,i_ to .ccv Ca ace 2OJg (ONEDUfful Document No. NO CHANGE innC.ass. DECLASSjFYrb. Class,:- 613A EDP S S C DISTR. 3 Jan 1949 of A0. Of PAGES-