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November 9, 2016
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December 21, 1998
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November 29, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION ~? " .~L 25X1 A2 Approved For l Se~Mj8M:A~A ,DP82-0 0 INFORM COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Confederaeion General de Trabeja 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. The Confederation General de Trabajadoreg (COT), which has its headquarters at Calls, San Francisco 864, Santiago, Chile, is of a deoidedly anarchistic tendency and opposes the Communist as well as all other political parties Though adopting a more lenient attitude toward the present than toward previous governments, there is reason to believe that this has been due to COT approval of the repressive-measures taken against the Communist Party of Chile. There is also evidence that the COT leaders believe that the breaking of Cozaaunist control of mazy labor unions will eventually rebound to the benefit of the COT. 2. The COT, which is active only in the Santiago and Valparaiso districts, is calculated to have a membership of 5,800 laborers. The membership break- down is approximately as follows: Federation del Cuero y Calzado (Federation of Federation de la Construccion (Federation of Con-. struction Workers) . . . . . . ? . ? ? ? . o ? . ? Leather and Shoe Workers) . . . . . . ? . ? ? ? 0 4,200 Federacion de.Obreros Oraficos (Federation of Print Shop Workers) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1, 200 The National Council of the COT is as follows: Secretary General Sub-Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Secretary of Sports and Culture Technical Adviser CLASSI1 CAATION f.'f'[ff N IAL Alberto Lspinosa S. Luis Vasquez Ordenes Ernesto Miranda Rivas Abraham Dias T. Hernan Cubillos Cubilloe; Santiago Jeldres Luis Heredia Menaces STATE # RS DISTRIBUTION NAW ARMY AIR This document is hereby regreded CONFIDENTIAL in oco:c'ra cep / !otter or 6 MA Tn t ~TQ CHAP=1G in Class- 13 ENT ?c DE'CLA SSI IL'D C LD TO"- TS Cla.:a? 4 Ap, 77 NWHAL DDA Memo, ru, G. 77 1.703 /09/08: CIA-RDP82-00~k -.1 4Z~ _ Date : tie m , Approved For Release I 999qu ' '' A-RDP82-00457R002200110008-1 j AL Although provision is made in the by-laws of the COT for the formation of councils on the provincial and city level, it is reported that the only other actively functioning; CGT council is that of :antiaoo Province. This council is composed df the followings. ecretary General Fecordiny Secretary Treasurer becretary of Correspdndence Press Secretary Public relations secretary #.ecretary of Farr ,:orker Or4anization 5. (fnu) Vasquez Ordeno Antonio Valdes Juan Tupper Carlos Lopez Luciano ',Torgada' fassaez Hernan Castro Olivares Jose Chaves :laureira; anuel A?uilera A uilera Outstandinc, :'ACT labor as;iti tors are: Podro 'olasco i rratia Urrutia, a printini, shop laborer Pedro Huiquinir }edro Ortuzar Julio Zamorano 6. The majority of the inembers of the Federation of Leather and Shoe workers and of the Federation of "rint ,hop '"orkers have reportedly joined these COT affiliates becau.e they work for firms employing less laborers than the twenty-five required to form a le;#lly recoGnized union. However, some of the members of these COT affiliates are known to be employed by' larLe firms in which unions affiliated to the Confederation de Trobajadores de Chile (Confederation of Laborers of Chile CTCH) are active. 7. Thouih c;GT influence in the field of organized. Chilean labor is small be- cause of its comparatively low membership, which it; mainly`concdntrated in non-vital industries,"nevertheless, it is significant that the unusually good discipline of CGT members has reportedly enabled this organization to win every strike which it has undertaken, Although violently opposed to Communism per se and criticizing as inept and insufficient the labor activities of both the Communist and Socialist CTCH factions, the CGT has frequently cooperated r?ith the CTCH on purely labor matters. Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :.CIA-RDP82-00457R002200110008-1