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November 9, 2016
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January 5, 1999
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December 31, 1948
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~ Y. Stl li '-'i t~I .... a~: T'i~~~ ). ,. 07 ,T011a, 3 a"-,Y 25X1A2g 25X1A9aSanitized - ApK9M,"LFM'fTeP82-0070 CD NO, 0, l fail?TFs' & ? or/Chi ie/tte y . TE DISTR. 31 Dec 1Y c 3Us ,'EOT Proposed Co m'iercial Treaties with Ecuad X1 A2g NO. OF PAGES 1 25X1A6a E P.~'~ QCUW ED OATE OF IN The =)ornr fission has completed its studies of the nrooosed revision of the Chilean-Ecuadoran Cornnere al Treaty and has turned it over to the Ministry of Foreign Relations, It was anticipated that the Ministry would provide the Chilean Ambassador In Quito with a draft containing the proposed terms of the treaty. The latter inoludei a list of products which Ecuador oen export and import to and from Chile,, a;i quell as a system of proposed compensation for the respective countries. The treaty will be consu> ated after Chile ha.?, indicited its approml of the proposed draft. It has been ascertain.:d that the following action has been taken by the Ecuada:d-an, Ministry of Foreign Ralatiozia with respect to proposed corm-nercial treaties" 1. The Ministry has estah:! i?hed a Special Com rtiasion comnosed of the following individuals to study mid make recbt endations on all proposed o ercial treaties Ramon Veintimilla Gonzalo Apunte Antonio J. Donor Alfredo Blum Flor The :Italian Legation in Quito also has submitted a draft of a ?proposedt cor. aercial treaty between Italy and Ecuak?or to the Ministry in GQuito. This draft has been forwarded to the Special Coe t ssion for study and recorsrendation. ___ Yr v 'Document No. l ert i; t~et~ ~e r~:t1 t?,- h CLASSIFICATION 4AVY nsRa -~-?- AMY DECLASSI~IW 1 In c C1 r!:,tes? 2OO8 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW b TO: .iemo . 4-ipJ. Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200120002-6