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November 9, 2016
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January 7, 1999
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November 24, 1948
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CLASSIFICA~TIIO~Ng ~g~p 25X1A2g 2 50(lApproved For Rele~~s~V 1 KAL9/fl i EL.Lt P.i,?, 7R0022 REPORT NO. _ INFORMA~I~~t COUNTRY Chile/Argentina T CD NO. q p D~~ 25X1A2g"^'E DISTR. 5 man 1949 SUBJECT statements of Argentine Senator Alberto to President Gonzalez Videla 25X1A6a NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE NO. OF ENCLS. (US= GEUM ACQUIRED 01W k DATE OF IN 5X1 X6 NSUPPLEMENTT 25X1A2g President Gonzalez Videla of Chile and Argentine Senator Alberto Durand had luncheon together an 2l November 19118, at which time Durand again presented Perones assurances that the Argentine participation 25X1A2g in the Chilean revolutionary plot (of. 2. Durand stressed the-'4 all rumors and reports implicating Peron in the plot were lies of the Argentine Conservatives and Communists, who are united in opposition to Per.)n. Durand said that Peron is a man of peace, dedicated to the welfare o ;' the Argentine people, who literally adore their president. Durand, admitted that a dictatorship exists in Argentina, but he claimed that this was 'cased an precepts of social justice which are for the benefit of the great'mass of the people. 3. The Senator stated that Peron is a good friend of President Truman's, who has merely copied Peron9a program of social justice. Durand averred that Argentim would fight alongside the United States in case of a war with the Union. tt. in an'iwer to the President's questions concerning the `.rgentine rearmament prof'-,am., Durand insisted that the only reason that his country has purchased morn arms than any other South American country is that the United States go'r:?ernment would not lend-lease equipeeent to Argentina as it had done to facing a dollar shortage, but he considered that this was unimportant, since, not having signed the Bretton Woods Agreement, his country is able to operate freely in the world market. Durand pointed to the barter.agreements exist- ing, between Argentina and Venezuela, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rania, Yuiotlavia, Italy. and SnAin. Re stressed to Gonzalez Videla the mutual other countries. Argentina had, therefore, to purchase its arms in order is have an efficient army, navy, and air force. The rearmament program was ;'signed for self-defenses Durand illustrated his point by stating that 'Paraguay at one time had planned to seize possession of one of the northern provinces of Argentina. It was explained to the President at this luncheon that no inflation exists in Argentina, that the cost of living has not increased, and that Argentine currency is fully backed by gold reserves. He admitted that Argentina is This document Is hereh CON 1DE_NTiA,L in Y regra tr:" of . ~im C-ua's0 o . CFk'KlG DDA k"c o, - 7 c , 5 Date: 1 0 MAY 1W7 r E;f anent No 1~~ in Class. ~ i Approved For Release 1.999/0 ! ?ft 00457R002200190007-4 25X1A2g .;L , benefits to be elrtaine8 by A~al Ur w e nt .beta Ar At Chile. He explained that recent Ttrbenc res c ors on e e a ion of cattle to Chile rcre necessary because ofa cattle shortage in Argentina. 7-urand went on tr stress that ''resident Pee in ardently believes in and stronbly supports. inter-i.:aeri{pan unity and cooperation, G~ ".'ith respect to the proposed charge of clip Prbentine Constitution, Durand- told the Chilean President that. this ' oul.1 ho approved during the coning; year. Ile claimed that one of the chaneeE would be that of prohibiting the election of con,,ressmen belonbin to. political parties directed from abroad. The Co'-munist Party would not be declarec` illegal but certai:i measures would be ' akcn to prevent fomi6;n penetrc.tion in i.roentine. Q ^k W1 1: 11 Am IE ~1 1 11 T 64 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200190007-4