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September 1, 1948
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FORM NO. 51-4A SEPT.1948 -eftftT 25X1A2g Sanitized -AFpNTRALdIN?~LLI1"AGGNCY_DP82- 8TF9R INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Reichsbahn Operational Rebortryf9r September 1948 PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DATE OF I 25X1 X6 5X1A2g DISTR. 5 Jan 1949 OF PAGES 7 . OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO __._REPORT NO. During September 1948, the various Reichsbahndirektionen were seriously handicapped in their operations by a shortage of cars which made it impossible for them to take care of all the traffic. As a result of the good potato and grain harvest, an unusually high number of cars was required during this month. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the return of cars from the western zones had come almost to a standstill and that the return of empty cars in general was slow. Magdeburg, for instance, reported that over fifty percent of cars from Berlin were overdue. At times, even shipments for Derutra and the occupation forces suffered delay for lack of available cars. With the exception of RBD gip, no Interzonal exchange of goods was reported. Reichsbahndirektion Magdeburg 2. Derutra Jhipments during September 1948: Article Amount Origin Destination in tons Footgear 19 Burg Wi smar Building materials (wood) 51 Burg Frankfurt/Oder PR ties 25 Burg Guben 92 Arendsee Guben 76 Kloetze Rave Rt ell ra 201 Haldensleben Poland 7?8 Moeckern Rava Rugba a 158 Beetzendorf Denmark 2 52 Gardelegen Poland Containers (iron) 41 Koethen Stettin 51 Thale Rostock Crane parts 67 Koethen Stettin Machine parts (iron) 120 Magdeburg-Buckau Rossow X13 Magdeburg-Harbor Rossow Schoenebeck Brest-Litovsk 36 Aschersleben Berlin-Osthafen Egeln Stettin 760 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 -smakrix CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY . r?cle Amount Origin in tons Centrifugal pumps Wooden houses Parts for prefabricated houses 8 247 155 83 152 75 45 266 Saccharine 13 Salt 1,687 15,168 7953 Rock salt 1,441 490 2,835 2,005 6,043 '1'heelIchaira, rubber goods 60 Paraffin 558 320 Chinaware 42 78 Bathtubs 24 Paper goods 28 Chloride of lime 292 Non-ferrous metals 162 Cememt 2,700 4,000 6,100 Boats 10 Soda 210 Roofing paper 230 Goods exported during September 1948: Article Ambunt in tons Scrap iron 11 503 Fiber 330 4. Goods imported during September 1948: Article Amount Lime 150 Timber 287 Coke and coal dust 1,054 25X1A2g Destination Magdeburg?Harbor Rossow Magdeburg-Nord Brest-Litovsk Gommern Brest-Litovsk Bernburg Frankfurt/Oder Gernrode Frankfurt/Oder Gernrode Brest-Litovsk Magdeburg-Sudenberg Cottbus Magdeburg-Sudenberg Grambow Magdeburg-Suedost Frankfurt/Oder Marienborn Barby Marienborn Schoenebeck Marienborn Schoena Baalberge Barby Baalberge Berlin-Osthafen Bernburg Barby Stassfurt Schoena Stassfurt Schoenebeck Schoenebeck Wismar WW-eissandt-Boelzau Rostock Weissandt-Goelzeu Czechoslovakia Gardelegen Brest-Litovsk Thale Thale Aschersleben Egeln Hettstedt Nienburg Nienburg Nienburg Nienburg Stassfurt Stassfurt Origin Poland Poland Poland Reichsbahndirektion Cottbus Goods exported during September 1948: Destination No. of Cars Article Czechoslovakia 24 Glass 8 t e &W rdaron 27 Lignite tar unspecified Reparations (1 train) 2,303 Wismar Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder Rostock Fuerstenberg Insterburg Rostock Brest-Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder Frankfurt/Oder Destination Poland Russia Russia goods Sanitized - Approved For Relea '-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1A2g Origin No. of Cars Arti l c e Poland (vi? Horka) 1,054 Hard coal and coke (via Forst) 4,527 Hard coal and coke (via Guben) 467 Hard coal 7. During the same petdod, six trains with 321 cars arrived from Poland with German resettlers. Reichsbahndirektion Dresden Imports during the month of September 1948 consisted of important amounts of-hard coal from Poland, a few carloads of crude iron and steel bars from Russia, and shipments of pyrites from Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. During the same period important quantities of scrap iron were exported to Russia and Poland, in addition to timber and agricultural machines. Reichsbahndirektion Erfurt 9. Reparations shipments during September 1948: Article Amount D ti es nation in tons Potash 54,055 Wismar 22,628 Stralsund 2,886 Stettin 15,96 3 Fuerstenberg 2,906 Insterburg Glauberbsalt 3,216 Brest-Litovsk Timber 7,339 Wismar 327 Wismar 576 Rava Ruskke Cement 2,545 Warnemuende 180 Wismar Berl in-Tel tow 6,151 Rostock 2, 535 Fuerstenberg 7,285 lnsterburg 345 Brest-Litovsk Furniture 20 Wismar 50 Insterburg Chi 140 - BrestLitovsk naware & glassware 10 Wismar Earthenware 166 Warnemuende Bicycles Brest-Litovsk 60 Rostock 104 56 Insterburg Motorcycles 46 Brest-Litovsk Brest-Litovsk Typewriters 15 6 Stettin 1 Rostock Electrical goods 5 Rostock Scrap iron 49 Magdeburg 195 Berlin-Osthafen 951 Stettin 2,007 Bre s t-L . tovsk Fruit 786 Rava Ru9kkpt~re Machines Berlin-Osthafen 825 Stettin RR ties 358 Brest-Litovsk 96 Rava Ruskaya Sanitized - Approved N RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 25X1A2g CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY le i Ar Amount Destination c t in tons Automobiles 259 Stettin 30 Ravaa Ru skkra k 275 Brest-Litovs Coal 1,920 Stettin Sanitary equipment 188 Stettin Gear wheels 15 Stettin Spar 45 7 Ins6erburg Brest-L tov sk s Slate 15 kkra Rava Ru Bricks 2,772 Brest-Litovsk Cars for narrow-gauge railroads 1,267 Brest-Litovsk Wooden houses 1749 Brest-Litovsk Bridge parts 155 Brest-Litovsk Textiles 35 Brest-Litovsk Spirits 120 Brest-Litovsk Msceilaneous goods 849 Brest-Litovsk 10. Goods exported during September 1948: 17smeti nati on Amount Czechoslovakia 3,645 Plaster 30 Salt 55 China and glassware 3,371 Potash Poland 7,814 Potash /,. ,,, ; , ?,: ; 3,078 Scrap iron gamnt"d 19 Glass 18 Sulphate 3,645 Plaster Switzerland 225 China and glassware Denmark 10 Glassware Norway 10 Typewriters Austria 5 Household goods Yugoslavia 468 Potash 11. During the same month, 494 cars were received from the western zones namely 484 by way of Gerstungen/Hoenebach, and 10 cars via Probstzella/Ludwigstadt, while 245 cars left for the western zones, i.e. 170 cars via Gerstungen and 75 cars via Probstzella. In addition, 10,384 men, released from prisonevfof war camps in Russia, travelled to the western zones, while 6,642 released prisoners of war from the west returned to the eastern zone. Poland Switzerland Reichsbahndirektion Greifswald Goods exported during September 1948: Destination No. of Cars. Hungary Czechoslovakia Austria Italy d - Approved 193 103 16 148 45 Article Scrap iron and timber for mines Refrigerators, timber, iron, waste paper, benzol, wire, and miscellaneous goods Cellulose, rags, and miscellaneous goods Cellulose, fish oil iron, machines, rags, fish, egg powder Sulphite lye, rags, iron bars, chemicals, and miscellaneous goods Iron and steel goods goodc~s 0220,230009-7 s Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Destination Sweden No. of Cars 3A7 3,261 1.3. Goods imported during September Origin Poland Sweden Russia Czechoslovakia Hungary Austria Italy Reichsbahndirektion 265 Hard coal and coke herring, and goods for the Leipzig Fair Unspecified Crude iron Textiles, earthenware, miscellane- ous goods Chemicals, wire, pipes, sheet iron, iron goods, glass and chinaware, machines and machine parts, earthenware, and misc, goods Machines and machine parts, yarns, and glassware Iron pipes, mineral residues Magnesite, shaped iron Yarns, rubber goods 14. Reparations shipments during September 1948: Transshiament Point Rostock No. of Cars Article riot No. of Cars Article 16 GrhWing maci1 657 Cement 266 136 Paraffin 95 69 Wall tiles 53 48 Buna 38 60 Barrels 25 23 Rubber goods 22 21 Corundum ,21 18 Fittings 15 166 Miscaff. goods ery 6 8 Potash 4,3 268 Misc. goods 310 Cement 31 Machines 21 Corundum 76 Bicycles 268 Miscr.. goods 25X1A2g Article Miscellaneous goods Vehicles, RR ties, roofing tiles, lumber, wooden houses, requisitioned goods,,,,fittingsp cables, pipes, $, scrap iron. (Troop movements also included.) Derutra shipments,*, made up of machine parts, gasoline, tar oil, 1948: salt, potash, cement, lumber, scrap iron, and miscellaneous goods Article 150 94 40 45 37 Machines Automobiles Cable Wool yarn Textiles --I., -Elect Bicycles Soda Boards Sugar Wall tiles Electti cal goods Textiles Automobiles Sanitized - Approved Fore iCIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AG :NCY 15. Other goods exported during September 1948: Destination No. of Trains Russia Denmark 480 7 3 3 2 16. Goods imported during September 1948: Transshipment Amount Article Point in tons 10,792 617 350 600 Wismar 1 1240 WVarnemuende 400 53 179 Iron Butter Cellulose Chemicals Fertilizer Copper Cellulose Crude rubber Amount Article in tons 59980 Pyritts 19280 Herring 178 Sheep .wool 19264 Miscue goods Interzonal traffic during September 1948 via British Zone: Exports a. via Herrnburg 2 trains with goods for Denmark b. via Schwanheide 4 trains with goods from Czechoslovakia 33 cars with coal from Upper Silesia Imports a. via Herrnburg 9 trains with Poles being repatriated b. via Schwanheide 1 train (22 cars)' goods in transit for Czechoslovakia 18. Goods shipped by boat during September 1948: Destination No. of Ships Article Russia a. via Rostock 7 steamers Reparations goods 1 sailboat Reparations goods b. Via Wismar 3 steamers 1 steamer c. via T'W'arnemuende 2 steamers 1 sailboat Scandinavian countries via Wismar 65 sailboats 24 steamers 2 steamers 10 sailboats 4 sailboats Sanitized - Approved F Sugar Miscellaneous goods Reparations goods Reparations goods Potash Potash Glauber salt Glaubeftsalt Plaster RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 25X1A2g Article Scrap iron Cement Prefabricated wooden houses Wall tiles Dismantled machines and equipment Lumber Raper Miscellaneous goods Seeds Goods from Czechoslovakia Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200230009-7 T CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1A2g Reichsbahndirektion Halle 19. Goods exported during September 1948: Destination No. of Cars Art` No. of Car Arm Russia 6 Grain 40 Lumber 452 Construction material 159 Chemicals 189 Metals 1,566 Scrap iron 189 Mise r goods 861 Militaryent Czechoslovakia 13 Chemicals 34 Mi sc%j,,. goods Italy 4 Chemicals Yugoslavia 1 Metals Switzerland 1 Metals I Misc. goods Poland 736 Coal 3 Wood 358 Gasoline 30 Chemicals 876 Scrap iron 3 Metals 85 Misc. goods Norway 2 Metals' Austria 5 Misci1. goods Various countries 6 Construction via Stettin 396 Coal material 506 Scrap 257 Metals iron 131 Chemicals Reichsbahndirektion Beriin 20. Shipments to Russia and Poland during September 1948 by way of Frankfurt/Oder: a. Occupation traffic 4,481 cars 53,V, 7U nE(corAWrL nt pe~c~% b. Ordinary traffic 6,234 cars 74,808 tons (contents unspecified; Imports from Russia and Poland during September 1948: a. Via Kuestrin Ordinary traffic 191 cars 2,251 tons b. ]Border point unspecified Ordinary traffic 2,519 cars 43,224 inns (contents unspecified; Occupation traffic 989 cars 9,396 tons (contents unspecified, Sanitized - Approved F 82-00457 R002200230009-7 CTROL