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November 9, 2016
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February 3, 1999
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December 4, 1948
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CLASS) IFICATIQI> -_. -SAL 25X1A2 Approved For Ft*W 1 // LCA jVhWP82-004WONFO FO RM R A V%RUM L CD 110 COUNTRY Argentina/Cuba 25X1A2g SUBJECT Argentine Labor Relations with other Lat American Countries PLACE ' 25X1A6a ACQUIRED - . DATE DISTR. 5 J'an 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 DATE OF INF SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 A2 25X1X6 Mathus Hoyos, an ardent Peronista, is related to the Feronista Senator Alejandro Matlhus Hoyos, who is currently in Europe on an official mission for the Argentine Government. REPORT NO. 1. The recent visit Qf Carlos Mathus Hoyos to Cuba was conracted with his as- signment to study trade relations between Argentina and Cuba (cf. 25X1A2g Mathus `Hoyos, who has the diplomatic rank of counsellor-sinister, receives his orders from Argentine Senator Diego Molinari. Officially, his travels in Latin American are concerned with negotiations on trade a&eemente between Argentina and Chile, Cuba, and Venezuela. Unofficially, he serves as an agent to further Argentine economic penetration in other Latin American countries. In this latter mission he cooperates with Argentine labor at- taches abroad in behalf of Peron o s thesis of economic independence for Latin America? 2? He left Santiago, Chile on 12 October 191.i8 for Caracas, Venezuela and Havana,, Cuba. His assignment in Venezuela and Cuba was to ascertain what raw mate- rials they- could export to Argentina. He is scheduled to return to Santiago some time in the future. 4. The Peron Qovernment is not satisfied with the progress made to date In attempting to influence Cuban lab,.->r toward Argentina's "third position",, Argentina considers Jesus Dominguez and Rafael del, who are affiliated- with the Cuban Political group'-'.known as the Union Inrsuurreccional Revolu- cionaria, to be the main enei iiis --tn Cuba of Peron s e :Labor movement., CIA LIBRAR Document No. NO CHANGE in n--R to .. ._r~a _i_i Auth: Date; CLASSIFICA y9IDB L ," NAVY N5RC1 DISTRIBUTION u 114 r l 4GNtAL \7771763 Approved For Release 1999/09/08 :. CIA-RDP82-00457R002200250008-6