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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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November 22, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For W. 19. INFORMATIO COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) RT SUBJECT Soviet t?:ilitary Activities in the Zos`ses -`? o 25X1 A6a Wbnedorf Area PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF,I 25X1X6 25X1A2g P82-00$WQ0 CD NO. DATE DISTR. 5 Jan 1949 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. 8E L.S. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. Kum noredorif (V12) The following tire stationed in the former research plant at the Kun>mersdorf Artillery Flanges a tank regiment with J'S-1 tanks; an artillery unit with 107-Ica AA gums; an air force unit. with three P0..2 aircraft; and a services com pansy. Vehicle sheds contained fifty T-34/85, fifteen JS?l, and twelve 1O7-m guns. -According to a Weil-placed informant, these units origi belonged to a division in Luekenwalde (Z70) which I. now in Wtsdorf (Z91). Part of the barracks, dismantled a few months ago, are being repaired at high speed. Vehicles on the ranges C8.. 4-28 to 754"'+4,.24-39 to 71, and others in the t' 4-25 and r 4-43 series. 20 ft&o (Z91). a. The former Wehrmacht bakery currently bakes bread daily for 18,000 mm of the Wihnsdorf.Zoseen garrisons. F b. W nsdorf installations are guarded by a 14P cow and a 14VD unit; the latter being responsible for the area WSwdorf-Zoseen-Rehaaen-Sperenberg- Kuxtejeredorf-Rangsdorf. The MVD men are housed in the Sportschule and at Reiohestrasse 96. A branch t1VD office is located in Zossen at Z1ittenwalder- strasse 19. 3. Zce (z91) STATE ARMY as The fuel dump near the Zossen Bahnhof contains 200,000 liters of gasoline in underground tanks and 200-300 barrels of Diesel oil (each 200 liter capacity). The dump guard detachment consists of one officer, one 2NCO, and nine 34. b. The former post office, with amplifier station, is occupied tV a camaunica-. tions battalion headquarters affiliated with amplifier units at Solisen and Treuenbrietzen 45o) and subordinate to a regimental headquarters in Biesdorf (Z95), APO 52873. a. A large telephone central is being erected behind the Zossen transformer station. According to another well-placed informant, non engaged in this work are under direct orders from Karlehorst and are not permitted to App roved For Release , _'' - _j slid document is hereby regraded to NTIAL in accordance with t3o a^{