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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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December 28, 1948
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COUNTRY Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200320004-2 CLASSIFICATION ~Fn~rF~~Cnx*mpm ** n ~,,,,~ - -y CENTRAL INTEWGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO ONFOR ATION REPORT CD NO. SUBJECT 1. Whereabouts of Republican Officials 2. Military Activity in Indonesia 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1A2g S 1., President Soekarno and other Republican officials are reported, to be interned on Onrust Island in the Bay of Batavia. 2, On the night of 25 December, Tjikampek was attacked by 2,000 guerrillas of the Barisan Setan. The Barisan Satan is affiliated with Tan Malaks's Pa:?tai Moerba. Two soldiers who were wounded in this engagement are now in the military hospital in Batavia. Bridges in the Tjikampek area were damaged and the railway workers Struck, 25X1A6a 2tix1A2n 3. The man behind the Tjikampek attack is have been Tan Ma`laka'a representative in Pest Java, Saeroen. a reported that Saeroen was an assistant to Abdoelrac n oeng ark, hen o We Laajkar Pakoempeo].an Rakjat Djelata, a group of kidnappers, murderers, snipers and bandits in Batavia,) 4. Jogjakarta is seriously terrorized. The Pemoedas there have refused to surrender their arms to the Dutch. The Dutch have designated.3 January as the d,adline for the surrender of arms. The people in Jogjakarta refuse to discuss the locations of Tentera Nasional Indonesia (TNI) units. Guerrilla leaders have left Jogjakarta and other cities. 55. The $oekaboemi area is being terrorized by roaming units of the Tjitadoem Brigade. These units fire at anyone who is working. 6. Upper Bandjermasin, South Borneo, is in open revolt against the Dutch. Martial law has been declared in the town of Bandjermasin and in the outer districts, but is proving difficult to enforce. 7. The Crown Commissioner for Pasoenda has succeeded in persuading Wiranata Koesoema, Prime Minister of Pasoenda, to approve the Dutch military action. His statement is being used by the Dutch for propaganda purpo to,`-4 Daause st go,, NO CRAM to dlase. . WARN" flOr THIS 1"241210 N LISTING MUSZ BE s. cr u";a Tb c T3 5 4 EXCISED 02,F= pUaLIC U VASE tDA fkmQ, 4 Apr 7-7 Of TH U_ ME_NT. 2*_ nnLr. - )7/1'741 STATE #A X NAVY 1i I NSRQ DtSTRtBUT AIR FBI 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 30 December 1948 25X1A2g NO. OF PAGES 1 ?o "-c3' 1.,73 i ?t .lti Pi 045 62"06 0644-'2 tice;_# ' 'ca'c 2