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November 9, 2016
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February 8, 1999
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December 3, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION 'irnz. 25X1 A2 Sanitized - Appk9A[EdHflt(p&N&P82-00W&V INFORM y RT CD NO. COUPITRY Chile SUBJECT Activities of the Communist Party f nu4oaA 111 o 'C1a ?Y "oar PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INF :SRR 25X1A6a DATE DISTR. 11 -16n 1949 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED eEtow> SUPPLFMFNT TO 2SAU Ab R 26 1. The Communist Party of Chile PCCh) is reportedly planning to give all its assistance to the Frente National Democratioo (National Democratic Front), which is formed from the fol".awing parties s Partido Socialists, Uni-floado (Unified Socialist Party) otherwise knows as the Partido :ooialista Autentico, the faction which is presided over by Uarm:duke Grove; Partido Demooratioo d.Il Pueblo (People's Democratic Party), pre- aided over by Santiag) Wilson; and Partido Radical Doctrlnario (Radical Doctrinaire Party), formed from the supporters of Senators Gustavo Giron and Rudecindo Ortega. 2. The Electoral Commission o: the Communist Party, claims that the Communist. can contribute about fifty-three to fifty-five thousand votes for the slate of the combined group. T.e Law of Elections permits the Partido Socialists, Unificado to present candidates, so the candidates desired by the Communists will be placed on the liftt of the Socialistas Unificados, 3. This coalition will be r.ble to muster about one hundred and fifty thousand votes, according to the Political Commission of the Communist Party, and could possibly gain tvxnty five seats in Congress. After the formation of the Frente National DhAocratico is complete, the PCCh intends to solicit the aid of the FRAS g.?oup, This group is composed of the Falange National, the Partido Democratio Radical, the Partido Agrario-Iaborista, and the Partido Socialists. 1 If the Communists succeed in securing this support, they would become tie primary electoral force in the country, with approxi- mately three hundred and twenty thousand votes in the elections of march 1949, 25X1X6 4. One of the paid l' aders of the Communist .Party, Eduardo Osorio, has stated that the Party iewell pleased with the recent turn of events, Since the recent revolutictary threat- failed to materializeai the danger that the PCCh might come undo.- a more reactionary government than the present one was averted. On thf other hand, th f recent conspiracy, osorio feee s, has under- mined the conf:dente of the reee'of the political parties in the Government of Gonzalez Vil3la. The period of repression of the Part3r has served the purpose of brir3ing to light-a great number of real militants who have CLASkUFICATION coffq STATE if 13C. I NAVY O IsT ARMY AIR k,NOTICE:- THIS ?DISTR Btr~Qft < ur.~o u ith th9 , CONrRDcN Ti'/','_ S[ DECLAS lac . Aut CONFIDENTIAL Date: Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-OL IS DOCUMENT 02200430007-7 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200430007-7 rn- 25X 1A2 offered their services to the Party. These militants -ijit otherwise have remained unknown or would have been classified as loss loyal. The Party will now be in a position to replace the old leaders who are too well- known by the public. Communists state that the present period of conformity with the Government is superficial and may be compared with "the unrest existing during the ro;;inie of the former president, General Ibanez, which unrest culc-inated ' in the overthrow of that Government. Party organizations are counseled not to prejudice themselves in useless -r sporadic fi,hts, but rather to remain quiet and to bide their time. 6. The following instructions were Liven by the Farty for the month of ovembers a. Conduct individual propa,arada regardi nE; the hunger strike in F'isa?ua, the prison camp where Communists were relegated; b. Propagandize against the film, "Pehind the Iron Curtain"; c. "aintaln the- watchrord, "United States is preparing a Pearl Harbor for the Soviet Union;" d,. Conduct activities discreetly in order not to give any cause for the officials of the Electoral Tezister to bar names from the register. 'these instructions are particularly Strict for the provinces where all the work of propaganda must be roalized by the Youth cadres, to protect the militants of the Party; e. Keep absolutely secret, all inforriation regarding militant Comr-iutists and,the selection of militants so that in the next elections their rrames may be rresented as candidates for deputies or governors. These militants are in a reserved status and will receive instructions only from the secretary of the local coMmittees; f. Carry out a campaign of painting Commmunist slo ,ans on Rs11s and sides of buildings; In each cell meeting, all militants should try to make a "voluntary contribution" in addition to their monthly dues. The sum collected in this manner will be given to the local committee to be used incases of emergency. No aid may be expected from the Central Committee be- cause of the heavy expenses nocessary to support the illegal organiza- tion. h. The militants who have food connections must aid any movement which is against the government of Gonzalez Videla. ,tJ'F7~L CO IAL Sanitized - Approved For Release : -RDP82-00457R002200430007-7