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November 9, 2016
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January 15, 1999
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December 17, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For R~L1 9C82-004~~Ip62~? INFORMF%Vl T CD. NO. 25X1A2g U;y'TRY Chile/Aolivie/Argentina 5X1A2g DATE DISTR. 28 Fan 1949 UBJ CT Activities of Jorge Calero in Chile NO. OF PAGES 2: NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1jA68; - S I PPLEMENT TO R ,PORT NO. 25X1 X6 a, Juan Duarte, the private secretary and brother-in-law of President Peron, was the leader of a group conspiring to overthrow the Hertzog Government and to replace it with a military regime; b. Calero himself, Victor Paz 1stenssoro, and other Bolivian refugees in. Buenos Aires were leading members of this conspiratorial group; c. It was the opinion of this group that military gover5-unents should be formed in the different Latin A.orican countries, since such govern- ments could and would collaborate in a program of opposition to Yankee imperialism; d. The financing of such activities would be no problem, since Argentina has an abundance of money; e. The fall of the Peruvian goverment, which was predicted by Calero, would be followed by that of Bolivia; and f. The government of Chile would fall after the Hertzog regime of Bolivia had been overcome. 2. Calero allegedly urged Gaste Pequeno to join this movement which would liberate Latin America from Yankee Imperialism, and said that instructions and news would be forthcoming from Argentina. 3. haste Pequeno stated that, at first, he had awaited instructions from Calero. buts when faced by the fall of the Peruvian government, the discovery of the- plot in Chile, and the accusations of Argentine complicity in the plot, he had decided that his duty as a Chilean was to report the matter. He. therefore decided to tell his old friend Pacheco Sty the story and to ask his advice. CLASSIFICATION CONFII]ENTIAL `L- IAL Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00tggYI Date: NO GE I Class. RDECL IE.D BSS. CT, x 0: TS S C DDA Memo, r 77 Approved For Release 1999 DP82-00457ROO2200560002-8 rHn .: i c , uli% i L7141 25X1A2g Pacheco Sty considered this information to be important and immediately re- norted the natter to Minister of Interior Immanuel 1Jol6er. Holder in turn informed President Gonzalez Videla. The Investigaciones section of the Chilean police supported uaete Pequeno's stlorii that Calero is not now in Chile. Since Gaete Pequeno claimed to be unaware of any other contacts made by Calero in Chile, the authorities are said to have considered that no further action vas possible, 25X1A6a Co ment. Available information concerning Gustavo Gaete Pequeno in :ica es ia# he is ,a Chilean national, 40 years old, married, and is a member of the *,ro-Communist Partido Socialista Autentico. He has been em- ployed for the last several months by the highway Division of the Direction General of Public Works of Chile. During the Chaco "Jar between Bolivia and Paraguay, Gaete Pequeno, according to his own statements, served in the Bolivian arrT until, he was captured by the ParaQ.uayans in 1936. He remained a prisoner until the end of the war in 1937. He claims that during this tine, he met and became very friendly with several Bolivian officers who were also Paraguayan prisoners. Jorge Galero was among this group, Gaete Pequeno stated that after his liberation from the Paraguayan prisoner of war camp, he returned to Chile and had no further contact with any of his former fellow-prisoners until this visit by Calero.) %W 111 1 W 1-91 5 of SW Approved For Release 1999/09/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002200560002-8