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November 9, 2016
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January 15, 1999
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December 21, 1948
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CLASSIFICATION CoNF . J IAI; Approved For Relea A 0l4 +& 8A 8~R002200 'i6NO. INFORM COUNTRY Chile if , I L. a iTE DISTR. 18 Dan SUBJECT Communists :~..].fminated f'nnm Electoral Registry ACQUIRED O TO CIA LIBRARY NTIAL DATE OF IN 25X1A6a SUPPLEMENT T REPORT NO. 25X1X6 the following background information of the events leading urn to the publication in the Santiago press of names of Communists to be eliminated from the electoral registry. 25X1X6 1. About the middle of December, Gonzalez Videla called the officials of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, as well as various members of the Electoral Tribunal, to La Moneda. The President proposed that publication of the list of persons barred from the electoral registry should be delayed until February. This delay in notification that they had been eliminated would mean that the Communists would not have time nor opportunity to aps, peal the question before the courts. The President displayed copies of the Communist circular which outlined the plans of the Communists to prevent their being barred. cimnent, This circular contained an explantty- tion of the Government's application of the Ley de Defense in eliminating Communist Party members from the electoral registers. There were also in.,' 25X1A6a atructions to the various re;;ional and local committees of the Communist Party on the methods of filing appeals as soon as the names were published. Methods were suggested on concealing electoral registration data by those Party members not known by the Goverment.) The President suggested that a delay in publishing the lists would be the best way to circumvent the Communists. 2? The officials listened to Gonzalez Videla and left La Moneda without clearly expressing their opinions, but they gave the President the impression that they would reject his proposal. Unofficially, the members of the court communiccted with the Director of the Electoral Register and advised that they would be no party to retarding the publication of ,the . lists, They added that they were disposed to hear all appeals and would render decisions within the legal periods. In private comments these court officials stated that they "did not desire to aid the establishment of a dictatorship through the malicious application of a law". Comment. This failure of Gonzalez Videla has been a great shock to a :iing political camps where it aeW 25X1X6 believed that the President could command respect in any situation.) Comment. Thai first list containing names of Communists to be elimina ,aV4 AG.. 1948. Other lists have appeared sn CLASSIFICATION Nor 12"Wr AIR Fat GA~r w s~? ThYPWA CONFI 11 legraded-10- cum~e~n~t is e 0VALLL in accordanc? with the Director of Central Archivist of the United St &F or Re e I I r 1973 from the ence to the NO. OF PAGES 25X1A2g NO. OF ENCLS. (USrED BELOW) NO, CH DEC A-RDP,82-OO457ROO22ApO%. Date : Z d' 'ells- PUBLIC REL MUST 8t 4 X1763 By; V 2