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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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January 31, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION ; ::.,CI l/CS Approved For FWq J%q INFORM COUNTRY Bolivia P82- 4&W~kV 0 CD NO. SUBJECT Officers Involved in Anti-Goverment Plotting PLAC ACQUIRED ~~-~`~ DATE OF IN NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. CUSTEO B=W) SUPPLEMENT Tiiiii" REPORT NO. 1. Information is supplied on additional officers in the Bolivian Army allegedly involved in plotting against the Hertzog government. These officers and their position toward the government are listed as follows: a. General Eduardo sainz, Chief of Classes of the General Staff. Saine has reportedly pledged his support to certain elements of the General "taff which are interested in staging a coup. General Shins is a strong Rivera-backer and it is believed that "ainz'e influence would mean a great deal in any future coup to place Rivera at the head of the government. Source reports that rains is a "peace-loving man" who would not be influenced by the younger elements. However, if the General Staff were convinced that a change was necessary and it meant Rivera's being pushed into power, thus and only then would ''sins throw his support to the movemento b. Colonel Francisco Arias, Aide to the Minister of National Defense. Arias was observed in various "suspicious reunions" in the Circulo Militar in La Paz on 13, 14, and 15 December, along with General Carlos Soria Galbarro.. Ariaz is believed to be an overly ambitious officer, greatly influenced by Soria. The purpose of these reunions at the Circulo ?Iilitar is not known. c. Lt. Colonel Ignacio !"Aucedo, Chief of the second 'action of the General Staff. He is reported to be very much interested in any coup that would put Rivera in power. rauoedo has, pledged his support to any such movement. d. Lt. Colonel Luis Garcia Mesa,, Cavalry Officer, Commandant of the Regiment "Lanza No. 5", El Palmar. This officer has pledged his support and complete cooperation in case of an attempt to overthrow the government. Garcia is reported as a Ziovimiento Hacionalista Revolucionario (MR) sympathizer who would be an active collaborator with r4NR elements. e. Lt. Colonel Roman Urdinenea, Commandant of the Third Infantry Regiment of -La Paz. Urdinenea is reported to be a mercenary type who is well known for 25X1A2g Approved For Release 1999/09/09,CId?$2 q0 5-8 Approved For Release 1999/ 'CIA RC C ~ 8 0457R002300070005-8 S ~CO[3TRDL - U.S. his desire to get ahead at the expense of his fellow officers. Urdinenea was a member of the Villarroel regime. This officer would throw his support to any movement that would mean the return to power of the =9 f. Major Enrique Albarez, Chief of Services at the Military College. No further information is available on this officer at this time except that he is in- volved in the Soria group and would back that officer in case of an overthrow of the goverment. He is sympathetic to NNR forces, but as yet has not been too active. Major Rafael Deheza, Commandant of the Third Infantry Regiment in the "Andino" command. Deheza is a relative of General Rivera 'and for reasons of personal gain is working fervently in the interior of the coup to gaft support for volutionary movement. Dehese, 25X1 X6 has stated that a movement to overthrow the government, could beet 25X1 XE be effected sometime in the months of January or February. The reason for preferring this particular time is not known at present. h. Major Orlando Gutierrez, Sub-Commandant of the Third Infantry Regiment of La Paz. Gutierrez is a Rivera supporter who has pledged his support to the backers of Rivera. However, Gutierrez is also influenced by General Soria and his followers and it could be expected that Gutierrez would throw his support to whichever of the two camps seemed most likely to be victorious in its plotting. 2. Although General Rivera has been reported as a staunch Hertzog man and an officer who would in no way engage in activity involving the overthrow of Hertsog's administration, it is said that on 19 December 1948 Rivers called a meeting of several high ranking military men and officers who are close friends of his. This reunion took place at the General's home in Irpavi, some eight miles from La Paz. It started early in the afternoon of the 19th and did not terminate until early morning of the 20th. The purpose of this meeting was reportedly to discuss, in a most reserved manner, military plans and possibilities in the event of an attempted coup by MNR sympathizers. Rivera at this meeting agreed to assume command of a military government in such a case, but did not openly attack the present g*overmuent, nor did he agree to support any military revolution or to take a direct- ing part in revolutionary plans. 25X1A6a It is clearly indicated that there are two military groups which might attempt to take over the government. One, headed by General Carlos Soria, is mainly composed of MNR sympathizers and ex-Villarroel supporters who are reportedly collaborating with the MNR at this time in an effort to gain control of the government. The other is probably headed by Colonel David Terrazas, Chief of Staff, who is a General Rivera backer and reportedly anti-MNR. Rivera is re- ported to be cooperating with this second camp only to the extent necessary to prevent the MNR from gaining control of the government.) SEC ql .t Approved For Release 1999/09/09 . CIA-RDP82-00457R002300070005-8