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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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February 3, 1949
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CATION Co1VAtfri&L Approved For R HFoE IMW82-004dMH COUNTRY Ar@Md&At- SLI&W Ant3re iblioe Gostroi of Chsroh SeaUoes PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 1R. The Archbishop of Tda Plata, Ibneignor Toms So3,ari, reosntly ooarsnsd a spec aeeting attended by appro:3sate3y thirtT pry" at the viOlhi tyi duri:ag vhioh he referred to a confidential oiroah3Ar that had been delivered to s11 police e,ssiooers in the Province of Buenas Aires. oiroular instructed the eoawiseiaa r1 to report each ~to the Chief of Pbli+os on the o+~ of the preceding daprts serao:+s. Archbishop adaaoriehsd the private to 4X*""* estrear prndenos in their sesiaons and to refrain groat asking MW ooareents which might be directly or indirectly of a pc - littoal nstars. so added that he had alrs*4 s+dadtted a complaint on the arat%ear, but that be was obliged to me that of ~~t~er fr" his jarisdictioah issued WW Pati 2. Although the priests declined to oomment the Archbishop's instru the they have eoosroiaed c eution in all their public political field. 3. lather Joss Anon Banabal, parish priest of General Rasa, Buenos Aires Province, recently received s visit from the Buenos Aires police ocenie-~ silt r, Vho bu-mvsd his that the police had received orders to report on the contents of ,ernons delivered by priests in that vicinity. The coau- vissioner stated that a woman. WOW Of the the o Peradish Party tad that the leaved to report on his *===- t control of priests t Clow is indict about such obvious gcverthtaea ment may that the gone t a l e r es activities, and that some religious circ is the future. t s daand to pass an the appointment of all pries This do? C3"l i 3'r.t D reC 0r c ~f31~ At eh Vest or the Next it ,ev euW CD NO. DATE DISTR. 3 Feb 1949 110. OF PISS I NO. OF ENCL3. aim =01", SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Document No. 0 CHANGE in Cla ECLASSIFI 1 ss. CHANG DD W I BEFORE PUBLIC-R"' CONFII Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : C env is hereby rear::. L in accord ;nco W ctouFr 197#3 i i:l j, f+' n c ENTIAL A-RDP82-00457R002300070008-5 01