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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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January 31, 1949
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FORM NO.51.4A SEPT.1948 s3k~W Saniti CENTRAL 25X1A2g CIA-RDP82-00457RO02 E AGENCY REPORT NO. TELLIGET N COUNTRY El Salvador DATE DISTR. 31 Tan 1949 SUBJECT Resignation of Col. Manuel Cordova NO. OF PAGES 1 25X1 A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS INFORMATION AFFECTING THE NATIONAL DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF.THE ESPIONAGE ACT 50 25X1X6 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1X6 PORT CD NO. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 4ccording to a report from El Salvador;--newe-pape.r aocounts__of the re ignation of Lt. Col. Manuel Cordova from the governing Junta of El Salvador were fabrications put out to conceal the personal rivalry between Cordova and Major Oscar Osorio, which source believes to be the true cause of Cordova's resignation. The newspaper stories conveyed the impression that Cordova had sacrificed his position in order to achieve a balance in the Junta between civilian and military members. 2. kccording to source, Cordova had incurred the enmity of associates by his high-handed, dictatorial methods. He was mainly responsible for the appointment to government positions of leftist elements which wer causing the most serious criticism that the new government had to face. ,Student leaders of Communist and anarchist tendencies could. easily obtain favors from him. They and Cordova were reportedly engineering a crisis which might have involved a general labor strike. 3. The ?artido de Orientation Revoluaionaria (POR) had prepared a list of demands to present to the governing Council and had asked for an audience on 5 January. VThis is believed to have been one of the causes which precipitated the removal of Cordova., A vote on the demands would have divided the Council, with Cordova and the two civilian members against Osorio and Major Oscar Bolanos, 4. It was recently predicted that Osorio would soon be elected president of El Salvador through a series of quick political maneuvers. It is known that he was scheduled to meet with a group of capitalists on 6 January who were reportedly worried about the present "illegal" basis of the government. 5. Julio F'austo Fernandez, Secretary General of the Communist Party, and Rodolfo been arrested si~oe t dl e y Jimenez Barrios, prominent Communist, have repor s 11 h th e em d wit Cordova is removal. Cordova is known to have associat Document No. NO CHANGE in ;1~ tq T9"?.~.~@:; E+: 7 w ,~ ~,,~ DECI:ASSIF1 t 1i ~r.~8 ~k.~e 3'.a:d ~~3 Ibu3se iJ MUST 1~:~9y' Vass. C-1,