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November 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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November 1, 1948
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INFORM Approved For ReIease COWRY Czeaboalankia SUBJECT work on the rr ,dmity Pass at the Technical Inetii%1 A6a 11 11 - PUCE ACQUIRED DATE.OF IN 25X1X6 L. In (November 1946 the Czechoslovak Arsy Teolntical Institute (M 9o5ensky Technick, Uatav) in Pod wkly (Zlectophyaios Depsrtrent) received two units of the tuoximity fuse fron GerrarW. One projectile had a reen and the other a pink point. The fuses more disaesss bled in the laboratory and, their parts carted. The firm Tenla in Prague was giiien the task of duplicatia the fuses. It in believed that the firm Daimon got the order to raw.itaeture a short-tfr.-e battery. So far, this order has not been carried out, hoverer. 2. The nroxinity fuse, so far, has been constructed only in the laboratory. German riniature tubes rade during the war, Arsrioaq tubes, and tubes sup- plied by Teala were us, 3d in the rr6cevs. The laboratory testes wore not suo- ceesful, since the sensitiveness of the American-made proximity flies was not reached. The greatest difficulty as caused by the short-tines battery. 3. Research uork tats carried out by Ing. Tiandrick, a German specialist, who is in charge of the laboratory. C 4. the, new bu4 lding. till ;:arch 19412, as electrical equipment and arpsra -bo _3aatalled in About August 1947, InR. Rraan Golicke, a Russian national, probably of 0ermsn ori'in, who me eixployed at the Array Technical Institute, not a furlough in order to be able to visit his . parents in or near *Munich. On this occasion he got In contact with a Oeroan engineer from Bavaria vho sold him all the blueprints necessary for the production of short-time batteries for the sum of 250,000 !4. These blueprints wsre handed over to the Czechs at the Wi3denau customs station near As in October or TJoveribsr 1947 in the presence of an offi- cer of the Czech intelli enco service. 5. The work on this project was held up for about six months when the Podnok]y Branch of the A=7 Technical Institute (9YU - uo jensl - Technicky U stay) moved to Praha-Nebanice, Jenerellca 54 (the building of the forrar Invalidoyna). The !ovircg was completed in February 194g. The ?x)rk in the laboratory vas delsyed NSRB FB! NO CHA.NG'L 1x? Class. (] 3 7'7 : T 5'-` S C [' r.1" N 1'T o ATE n1ST 31 .1 NO. OF E Ls. 'X>( XXas= aftm UU - ? 'm No, 2 // l V ~ 5,.,': ~' ~ !~-z~., w.., rte, s? LF P a. ,~ ~n ,>ao 4 -App fas0 (,999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002300170007-5 3X IM - U. s. OF IA 5 ONLY Approved For Release 1999 09 : CIA-RDP8 045780023001 . Ing. Handrick is also - orkinc~ on the Donau, Berlin and Anebaoh radar equip- -a ;t. An Installation of the Berlin type bas been erected and tested, bcit It t r