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November 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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February 4, 1949
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CLASMCATION Approved For Release COUNTRY Argentina SUBJECT Polish Bank of Argentina PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DATE OF IN THIS DOCRMtuTCOMTAIRIIAPORRATIWIAPVRQTIMGTME^ATIOMALDUZ1 E fan MMIT O sum VIT1U THE mulliRG OP win S POMiOS UT so OP ff6 COITEYTS 0 AMT MMIUO TO an =111111041229 mum 0 MW $/5000 OT LAr. RIPM OOf r or TOIS POIM U PROWYTE*. 25X1A2g CIA L 1. The following data on the, missions and personalities doing business with the Polish Bank in Buenos Aires have been made available to sources a. The account of the local Soviet Embassy now shoos a credit balance of 700, 000 pesos; b. The Rumanian Legation recently received a 65,000 peso credit from the Polish Bank which was deposited to its account; c. The Polish Minister to Argentina, Stefan Szumowski, receives a salary of $2200 a month, while the Pirat Secretary of the Polish Legation receives about 20,000 pesos a month. Salaries of other Legation officials range from 10,000 pesos to 16,000 pesos monthly. d. The Argentine branch of the Polish Red Cross, which was established recently, also keeps an account open with the Polish Bank. 2. Byelorussian and Ukrainian Communist organizations in Argentina, both of which plan to construct their own buildings, have requested loans from the Polish Bank. 3. Ludmila Schostakovslgr de Cortex, daughter of Union Eslava Schostakovsky, is in charge of customer files at the bank. Comment. Sra. de Cortes was previously reported to have to wid in the Polish Bank9s contacts with the Soviet Legation. In her present position she is able to check credit data tinent data on individuals and organizations. Recently Sra. de Cortex is said to have made personal profits on a transaction involv- ing the introduction into Argentina of European books by the firm Distribuidora Rio Platense de Libros Extranjeroso ARMY AIR FBI FICATION SECRET STATE NAW N f T` WARNING NOTICE: Th UTION LISTING MUST bt i7- he-ehy rAn-;. ved For Release 1999/09/09 CIA-RDP 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 4 Feb 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. tuaTD BMW SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1A2g REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION Document No. NO CHANGE in Class.' DECLASSIFI'.5 ass. C IANCED TO., DDA Memo, 4'A